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Silver Certificates Series 1923

The series of 1923 only has two notes, the $1.00 and the $5.00. This is the last of the large sized silver Certificates.
After this the next series was the small sized 1928.

1923 $1.00 Silver Certificate. 1923 $1.00 Cogwheel Silver Certificate
Known as the Cogwheel, it is the most common large note found today.
There are at least 15,000 of these known to exist. This is a huge number in a hobby that considers 200 known common.
A worn example can be had for as little as $10.00 while a full blown perfect example might make 500 or so.
If you are looking to collect large sized currency by type this is a nice place to get your feet wet.

1923 $5.00 Silver Certificate. Nicknamed "The Porthole" 1923 $5.00 Silver Certificate Porthole
This note along with the 1923 Legal tender pokerchip represent the 1920's in fine fashion.
Both notes are considered rare notes of the 20th century and both notes are quite beautiful
The back of the Porthole features a dignified eagle and seal with a radiating starburst sort of pattern.
Like the Pokerchip these notes are very popular and command a nice premium in very fine condition.
Whats it worth? A nice mid-grade note will run from $750 to $1000.
A flawless example can easily exceed $10,000.