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New-jersey National Bank Paper Money

There are 393 National Bank charters in New-jersey that issued paper money. Below is a list of every bank in New-jersey to issue national currency. Click on the name of the bank to learn what bills they issued including the types and general rarity. Use the filters on the right to narrow your search down. If you have any questions about New-jersey national currency please let me know.

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Charter Bank Name City State Charter Year
52 First National Bank of NewarkNewarkNew Jersey1863
208 First National Bank of New BrunswickNew BrunswickNew Jersey1864
281 First National Bank of TrentonTrentonNew Jersey1864
288 First National Bank of JamesburgJamesburgNew Jersey1864
329 First National Bank of PatersonPatersonNew Jersey1864
362 Second National Bank of NewarkNewarkNew Jersey1864
370 First National Bank of VincentownVincentownNew Jersey1864
374 First National Bank of Jersey CityJersey CityNew Jersey1864
395 First National Bank of SomervilleSomervilleNew Jersey1864
399 First National Bank of WoodstownWoodstownNew Jersey1864
431 First National Bank of CamdenCamdenNew Jersey1864
445 First National Bank of Red BankRed BankNew Jersey1864
447 First National Bank of PlainfieldPlainfieldNew Jersey1864
452 First National Bank of FreeholdFreeholdNew Jersey1864
487 First National Bank of ElizabethElizabethNew Jersey1864
587 National Bank of New Jersey, New BrunswickNew BrunswickNew Jersey1864
695 Second National Bank of Jersey CityJersey CityNew Jersey1865
810 Passaic County National Bank of PatersonPatersonNew Jersey1865
860 First National Bank of WashingtonWashingtonNew Jersey1865
876 Merchants National Bank of NewtonNewtonNew Jersey1865
881 Union National Bank of RahwayRahwayNew Jersey1865
892 Hunterdon County National Bank of FlemingtonFlemingtonNew Jersey1865
896 National Bank of RahwayRahwayNew Jersey1865
925 Sussex National Bank of NewtonNewtonNew Jersey1865
951 Freehold National Banking Company, FreeholdFreeholdNew Jersey1865
1096 Belvidere National Bank, BelvidereBelvidereNew Jersey1865
1113 National Iron Bank of MorristownMorristownNew Jersey1865
1114 Clinton National Bank, ClintonClintonNew Jersey1865
1168 Farmers National Bank of New Jersey at Mount HollyMount HollyNew Jersey1865
1182 Hudson County National Bank of Jersey CityJersey CityNew Jersey1865
1188 First National Bank of MorristownMorristownNew Jersey1865
1191 Burlington County National Bank of MedfordMedfordNew Jersey1865
1199 First National Bank of WoodburyWoodburyNew Jersey1865
1209 National State Bank of CamdenCamdenNew Jersey1865
1217 Essex County National Bank of NewarkNewarkNew Jersey1865
1220 Newark City National Bank, NewarkNewarkNew Jersey1865
1221 Farmers National Bank of DeckertownDeckertownNew Jersey1865
1222 Mechanics National Bank of BurlingtonBurlingtonNew Jersey1865
1239 Phillipsburg National Bank, PhillipsburgPhillipsburgNew Jersey1865
1251 Mechanics National Bank of NewarkNewarkNew Jersey1865
1259 Hackettstown National Bank, HackettstownHackettstownNew Jersey1865
1270 Millville National Bank, MillvilleMillvilleNew Jersey1865
1272 Lambertville National Bank, LambertvilleLambertvilleNew Jersey1865
1316 National Newark Banking Co., NewarkNewarkNew Jersey1865
1317 Orange National Bank, OrangeOrangeNew Jersey1865
1326 Salem National Banking Co., SalemSalemNew Jersey1865
1327 Mechanics National Bank of TrentonTrentonNew Jersey1865
1346 Cumberland National Bank of BridgetonBridgetonNew Jersey1865
1356 Mount Holly National Bank, Mount HollyMount HollyNew Jersey1865
1400 Ocean County National Bank of Toms RiverToms RiverNew Jersey1865
1436 National State Bank of ElizabethElizabethNew Jersey1865
1444 First National Bank of HobokenHobokenNew Jersey1865
1452 National State Bank of NewarkNewarkNew Jersey1865
1459 Union National Bank of FrenchtownFrenchtownNew Jersey1865
1681 Princeton National Bank, PrincetonPrincetonNew Jersey1868
1737 First National Bank of HightstownHightstownNew Jersey1870
1759 Central National Bank of HightstownHightstownNew Jersey1870
1818 Merchants National Bank of NewarkNewarkNew Jersey1871
1905 First National Bank of HackensackHackensackNew Jersey1871
2040 Manufacturers National Bank of NewarkNewarkNew Jersey1872
2045 German National Bank of The City of NewarkNewarkNew Jersey1872
2076 National Union Bank of DoverDoverNew Jersey1873
2083 North Ward National Bank of NewarkNewarkNew Jersey1873
2243 City National Bank of PlainfieldPlainfieldNew Jersey1875
2246 First National Bank of ClintonClintonNew Jersey1875
2257 Second National Bank of Red BankRed BankNew Jersey1875
2271 Bloomsbury National Bank, BloomsburyBloomsburyNew Jersey1875
2331 Flemington National Bank, FlemingtonFlemingtonNew Jersey1876
2339 Amwell National Bank of LambertvilleLambertvilleNew Jersey1876
2343 Union National Bank at Mount HollyMount HollyNew Jersey1876
2399 Vineland National Bank, VinelandVinelandNew Jersey1878
2509 First National Bank of Toms RiverToms RiverNew Jersey1881
2527 Atlantic City National Bank, Atlantic CityAtlantic CityNew Jersey1881
2551 First National Bank of MadisonMadisonNew Jersey1881
2918 Vineland National Bank, VinelandVinelandNew Jersey1883
2923 Swedesboro National Bank, SwedesboroSwedesboroNew Jersey1883
2999 Bridgeton National Bank, BridgetonBridgetonNew Jersey1883
3040 First National Bank of ManasquanManasquanNew Jersey1884
3164 First National Bank of Key PortKey PortNew Jersey1884
3168 First National Bank of CranburyCranburyNew Jersey1884
3372 Camden National Bank, CamdenCamdenNew Jersey1885
3387 Moorestown National Bank, MoorestownMoorestownNew Jersey1885
3451 First National Bank of Asbury ParkAsbury ParkNew Jersey1886
3501 Farmers National Bank of AllentownAllentownNew Jersey1886
3572 Passaic National Bank, PassaicPassaicNew Jersey1886
3621 Second National Bank of Atlantic CityAtlantic CityNew Jersey1887
3680 Third National Bank of Jersey CityJersey CityNew Jersey1887
3697 Peoples National Bank of New BrunswickNew BrunswickNew Jersey1887
3709 Broad Street National Bank of TrentonTrentonNew Jersey1887
3716 Farmers and Mechanics National Bank of WoodburyWoodburyNew Jersey1887
3744 Second National Bank of HobokenHobokenNew Jersey1887
3792 Asbury Park National Bank, Asbury ParkAsbury ParkNew Jersey1887
3843 First National Bank of GlassboroughGlassboroughNew Jersey1888
3866 First National Bank of Bound BrookBound BrookNew Jersey1888
3878 First National Bank of South AmboySouth AmboyNew Jersey1888
3922 City National Bank of SalemSalemNew Jersey1888
3936 Gloucester City National Bank, Gloucester CityGloucester CityNew Jersey1888
3996 Haddonfield National Bank, HaddonfieldHaddonfieldNew Jersey1889
4056 Bloomfield National Bank, BloomfieldBloomfieldNew Jersey1889
4072 Paterson National Bank, PatersonPatersonNew Jersey1889
4119 Atlantic Highlands National Bank, Atlantic HighlandsAtlantic HighlandsNew Jersey1889
4138 First National Bank of Long BranchLong BranchNew Jersey1889
4147 Peoples National Bank of KeyportKeyportNew Jersey1889
4182 Central National Bank of FreeholdFreeholdNew Jersey1889
4254 Hopewell National Bank, HopewellHopewellNew Jersey1890
4274 Boonton National Bank, BoontonBoontonNew Jersey1890
4365 Citizens National Bank of EnglewoodEnglewoodNew Jersey1890
4420 Union National Bank of Atlantic CityAtlantic CityNew Jersey1890
4535 Navesink National Bank of Red BankRed BankNew Jersey1891
4719 First National Bank of WestfieldWestfieldNew Jersey1892
4724 Second National Bank of OrangeOrangeNew Jersey1892
4766 East Orange National Bank, East OrangeEast OrangeNew Jersey1892
4872 First National Bank of PrincetonPrincetonNew Jersey1893
4942 Second National Bank of SomervilleSomervilleNew Jersey1894
4980 Warren County National Bank of BelvidereBelvidereNew Jersey1894
5005 Rutherford National Bank, RutherfordRutherfordNew Jersey1895
5061 First National Bank of SummitSummitNew Jersey1897
5121 Washington National Bank, WashingtonWashingtonNew Jersey1898
5136 Peoples National Bank of DoverDoverNew Jersey1898
5205 First National Bank of RidgewoodRidgewoodNew Jersey1899
5208 Mechanics National Bank of MillvilleMillvilleNew Jersey1899
5215 First National Bank of Perth AmboyPerth AmboyNew Jersey1899
5232 First National Bank of LakewoodLakewoodNew Jersey1899
5260 Rahway National Bank, RahwayRahwayNew Jersey1900
5333 First National Bank of High BridgeHigh BridgeNew Jersey1900
5363 First National Bank of BelmarBelmarNew Jersey1900
5387 Penns Grove National BankPenn's GroveNew Jersey1900
5403 Ocean Grove National Bank, Ocean GroveOcean GroveNew Jersey1900
5416 Carlstadt National Bank, CarlstadtCarlstadtNew Jersey1900
5556 Second National Bank of PhillipsburgPhillipsburgNew Jersey1900
5621 First National Bank of BlairstownBlairstownNew Jersey1900
5712 Ocean County National Bank of Point Pleasant BeachPoint Pleasant BeachNew Jersey1901
5718 First National Bank of PenningtonPenningtonNew Jersey1901
5730 First National Bank of Spring LakeSpring LakeNew Jersey1901
5839 First National Bank of Cape MayCape MayNew Jersey1901
5884 Chelsea National Bank of Atlantic CityAtlantic CityNew Jersey1901
5921 Hackensack National Bank, HackensackHackensackNew Jersey1901
5926 First National Bank of SeabrightSeabrightNew Jersey1901
5981 First National Bank of PaulsboroPaulsboroNew Jersey1901
6038 Citizens National Bank of Long BranchLong BranchNew Jersey1901
6060 First National Bank of Ocean CityOcean CityNew Jersey1901
6179 First National Bank of South RiverSouth RiverNew Jersey1902
6278 Marine National Bank of WildwoodWildwoodNew Jersey1902
6440 Farmers and Merchants National Bank of MatawanMatawanNew Jersey1902
6508 First National Bank of PleasantvillePleasantvilleNew Jersey1902
6673 Seacoast National Bank of Asbury ParkAsbury ParkNew Jersey1903
6692 Citizens National Bank of NetcongNetcongNew Jersey1903
6707 First National Bank of ElmerElmerNew Jersey1903
6728 Farmers National Bank of Mullica HillMullica HillNew Jersey1903
6823 Riverside National Bank, RiversideRiversideNew Jersey1903
6912 First National Bank of ButlerButlerNew Jersey1903
6960 Bernardsville National Bank, BernardsvilleBernardsvilleNew Jersey1903
7131 Caldwell National Bank, CaldwellCaldwellNew Jersey1904
7171 Cranford National Bank, CranfordCranfordNew Jersey1904
7223 First National Bank of EnglishtownEnglishtownNew Jersey1904
7265 First National Bank of WilliamstownWilliamstownNew Jersey1904
7291 Peoples National Bank of LakewoodLakewoodNew Jersey1904
7364 First National Bank of BranchvilleBranchvilleNew Jersey1904
7436 National Freehold Banking Company, FreeholdFreeholdNew Jersey1904
7754 Metuchen National Bank, MetuchenMetuchenNew Jersey1905
7799 Peoples National Bank of HackensackHackensackNew Jersey1905
7945 First National Bank of Cape May Court HouseCape May Court HouseNew Jersey1905
7981 Irvington National Bank, IrvingtonIrvingtonNew Jersey1905
7983 Collingswood National Bank, CollingswoodCollingswoodNew Jersey1905
8007 First National Bank of PedericktownPedericktownNew Jersey1905
8129 Peoples National Bank of PembertonPembertonNew Jersey1906
8227 Hardyston National Bank of HamburgHamburgNew Jersey1906
8254 First National Bank of New EgyptNew EgyptNew Jersey1906
8267 Peoples National Bank of HackettstownHackettstownNew Jersey1906
8299 First National Bank of WoodbridgeWoodbridgeNew Jersey1906
8323 First National Bank of MerchantvilleMerchantvilleNew Jersey1906
8382 First National Bank of BellevilleBellevilleNew Jersey1906
8390 First National Bank of GuttenbergGuttenbergNew Jersey1906
8394 Closter National Bank, ClosterClosterNew Jersey1906
8401 First National Bank of EdgewaterEdgewaterNew Jersey1906
8437 First National Bank of RooseveltRooseveltNew Jersey1906
8454 First National Bank of BayonneBayonneNew Jersey1906
8462 First National Bank of GarfieldGarfieldNew Jersey1906
8483 First National Bank of RoselleRoselleNew Jersey1906
8484 Cinnaminson National Bank of RivertonRivertonNew Jersey1906
8497 First National Bank of BarnegatBarnegatNew Jersey1907
8500 Pitman National Bank, PitmanPitmanNew Jersey1907
8501 First National Bank of DunellenDunellenNew Jersey1907
8512 Bound Brook National Bank, Bound BrookBound BrookNew Jersey1907
8566 First National Bank of RockawayRockawayNew Jersey1907
8582 First National Bank of Mays LandingMays LandingNew Jersey1907
8614 First National Bank of TenaflyTenaflyNew Jersey1907
8623 Peoples National Bank of WestfieldWestfieldNew Jersey1907
8627 First National Bank of ArlingtonArlingtonNew Jersey1907
8661 First National Bank of MillburnMillburnNew Jersey1907
8681 Tuckahoe National Bank, TuckahoeTuckahoeNew Jersey1907
8704 First National Bank of BeverlyBeverlyNew Jersey1907
8777 First National Bank of WestwoodWestwoodNew Jersey1907
8779 First National Bank of MilfordMilfordNew Jersey1907
8800 Boardwalk National Bank of Atlantic CityAtlantic CityNew Jersey1907
8829 Little Falls National Bank, Little FallsLittle FallsNew Jersey1907
8874 First National Bank of Fort LeeFort LeeNew Jersey1907
9061 First National Bank of White House StationWhite House StationNew Jersey1908
9213 Manasquan National Bank, ManasquanManasquanNew Jersey1908
9229 Merchants National Bank of Jersey CityJersey CityNew Jersey1908
9260 Califon National Bank, CalifonCalifonNew Jersey1908
9268 First National Bank of BordentownBordentownNew Jersey1908
9285 Merchants National Bank of Cape MayCape MayNew Jersey1908
9339 First National Bank of MontclairMontclairNew Jersey1909
9367 First National Bank of RamseyRamseyNew Jersey1909
9380 First National Bank of SecaucusSecaucusNew Jersey1909
9391 Borough National Bank of North PlainfieldNorth PlainfieldNew Jersey1909
9413 Haddon Heights National Bank, Haddon HeightsHaddon HeightsNew Jersey1909
9420 First National Bank of LodiLodiNew Jersey1909
9498 Farmers and Merchants National Bank of BridgetonBridgetonNew Jersey1909
9542 First National Bank of West OrangeWest OrangeNew Jersey1909
9544 First National Bank of Town of UnionUnionNew Jersey1909
9577 Essex National Bank of MontclairMontclairNew Jersey1909
9597 First National Bank of BlackwoodBlackwoodNew Jersey1909
9605 American National Bank of NewarkNewarkNew Jersey1909
9612 Citizens National Bank of CaldwellCaldwellNew Jersey1909
9661 First National Bank of East NewarkEast NewarkNew Jersey1910
9779 Berlin National Bank, BerlinBerlinNew Jersey1910
9780 First National Bank of Ridgefield ParkRidgefield ParkNew Jersey1910
9833 Peoples National Bank of BlairstownBlairstownNew Jersey1910
9867 National Bank of North Hudson at West HobokenWest HobokenNew Jersey1910
9912 Broad and Market National Bank of NewarkNewarkNew Jersey1910
10036 First National Bank of Port NorrisPort NorrisNew Jersey1911
10110 First National Bank of EatontownEatontownNew Jersey1911
10118 First National Bank of HopeHopeNew Jersey1911
10142 National Bank of WestfieldWestfieldNew Jersey1912
10224 First National Bank of Bradley BeachBradley BeachNew Jersey1912
10248 Ventnor City National Bank, Ventnor CityVentnor CityNew Jersey1912
10376 Keansburg National Bank, KeansburgKeansburgNew Jersey1913
10417 First National Bank of LyndhurstLyndhurstNew Jersey1913
10430 First National Bank of WestvilleWestvilleNew Jersey1913
10440 First National Bank of MinotolaMinotolaNew Jersey1913
10471 Clayton National Bank, ClaytonClaytonNew Jersey1913
10712 Citizens National Bank of BloomsburyBloomsburyNew Jersey1915
10823 First National Bank of AbseconAbseconNew Jersey1916
10935 First National Bank of MilltownMilltownNew Jersey1917
11351 City National Bank of Perth AmboyPerth AmboyNew Jersey1919
11361 Dumont National Bank, DumontDumontNew Jersey1919
11368 Bergenfield National Bank, BergenfieldBergenfieldNew Jersey1919
11409 First National Bank of NutleyNutleyNew Jersey1919
11428 Fords National Bank, FordsFordsNew Jersey1919
11543 Bogota National Bank, BogotaBogotaNew Jersey1919
11545 Linden National Bank, LindenLindenNew Jersey1919
11553 Broad Street National Bank of Red BankRed BankNew Jersey1919
11618 Cliffside Park National Bank, Cliffside ParkCliffside ParkNew Jersey1920
11620 First National Bank of RoeblingRoeblingNew Jersey1920
11658 Beach Haven National Bank and Trust Company, Beach HavenBeach HavenNew Jersey1920
11727 Hillside National Bank, HillsideHillsideNew Jersey1920
11734 Woodstown National Bank, WoodstownWoodstownNew Jersey1920
11744 Peoples National Bank of ElizabethElizabethNew Jersey1920
11759 Citizens National Bank of RidgewoodRidgewoodNew Jersey1920
11793 Palmyra National Bank, PalmyraPalmyraNew Jersey1920
11847 First National Bank of South PlainfieldSouth PlainfieldNew Jersey1920
11909 Palisades Park National Bank, Palisades ParkPalisades ParkNew Jersey1921
11950 First National Bank of LeoniaLeoniaNew Jersey1921
11983 First National Bank of CliftonCliftonNew Jersey1921
12002 Peapack-Gladstone National BankPeapack-GladstoneNew Jersey1921
12014 City National Bank of HackensackHackensackNew Jersey1921
12019 Peoples National Bank and Trust Company of BellevilleBellevilleNew Jersey1921
12022 Laurel Springs National Bank, Laurel SpringsLaurel SpringsNew Jersey1921
12033 North Arlington National Bank, North ArlingtonNorth ArlingtonNew Jersey1921
12064 First National Bank of West New YorkWest New YorkNew Jersey1921
12205 Passaic National Bank and Trust Company, PassaicPassaicNew Jersey1922
12255 Bergen National Bank of Jersey CityJersey CityNew Jersey1922
12263 First National Bank of CranfordCranfordNew Jersey1922
12268 Montclair National Bank, MontclairMontclairNew Jersey1922
12272 First National Bank of WyckoffWyckoffNew Jersey1922
12279 First National Bank of Sea Isle CitySea Isle CityNew Jersey1922
12378 Little Ferry National Bank, Little FerryLittle FerryNew Jersey1923
12383 National Bank of America in PatersonPatersonNew Jersey1923
12397 Franklin National Bank of Jersey CityJersey CityNew Jersey1923
12402 West Englewood National Bank, West EnglewoodWest EnglewoodNew Jersey1923
12465 First National Bank of FairviewFairviewNew Jersey1923
12497 Palisade National Bank of Fort LeeFort LeeNew Jersey1924
12510 Pleasantville National Bank, PleasantvillePleasantvilleNew Jersey1924
12521 Ocean City National Bank, Ocean CityOcean CityNew Jersey1924
12524 Perth Amboy National Bank, Perth AmboyPerth AmboyNew Jersey1924
12559 First National Bank of Somers PointSomers PointNew Jersey1924
12560 Labor Co-operative National Bank of PatersonPatersonNew Jersey1924
12570 Lincoln National Bank of NewarkNewarkNew Jersey1924
12571 First National Bank of LakehurstLakehurstNew Jersey1924
12598 First National Bank of Highland ParkHighland ParkNew Jersey1924
12604 Forest Hill National Bank of NewarkNewarkNew Jersey1924
12606 Yardville National Bank, YardvilleYardvilleNew Jersey1924
12609 Glen Rock National Bank, Glen RockGlen RockNew Jersey1924
12621 Oaklyn National Bank, OaklynOaklynNew Jersey1925
12646 First National Bank of Hamilton SquareHamilton SquareNew Jersey1925
12663 First National Bank of HawthorneHawthorneNew Jersey1925
12675 Peoples National Bank of MontclairMontclairNew Jersey1925
12690 Clifton National Bank, CliftonCliftonNew Jersey1925
12706 First National Bank of AllendaleAllendaleNew Jersey1925
12726 Broadway National Bank of PatersonPatersonNew Jersey1925
12732 First National Bank of North BergenNorth BergenNew Jersey1925
12750 Franklin National Bank of NutleyNutleyNew Jersey1925
12771 Labor National Bank of NewarkNewarkNew Jersey1925
12806 Liberty National Bank of GuttenbergGuttenbergNew Jersey1925
12823 Alpha National BankAlphaNew Jersey1925
12828 Citizens National Bank of RahwayRahwayNew Jersey1925
12829 Hamilton National Bank of WeehawkenWeehawkenNew Jersey1925
12834 American National Bank of PassaicPassaicNew Jersey1925
12848 Westside National Bank of West PatersonWest PatersonNew Jersey1925
12854 Haledon National Bank, HaledonHaledonNew Jersey1925
12861 Prospect Park National Bank, Prospect ParkProspect ParkNew Jersey1925
12891 Allenhurst National Bank and Trust CompanyAllenhurstNew Jersey1926
12902 Hillsdale National Bank, HillsdaleHillsdaleNew Jersey1926
12903 Pennsauken Township National Bank of North MerchantvilleNorth MerchantvilleNew Jersey1926
12939 Labor National Bank of Jersey CityJersey CityNew Jersey1926
12949 Prospect National Bank of TrentonTrentonNew Jersey1926
12977 Woodbine National Bank, WoodbineWoodbineNew Jersey1926
12984 First National Bank of RiversideRiversideNew Jersey1926
13034 Harrison National Bank, HarrisonHarrisonNew Jersey1927
13039 Security National Bank of TrentonTrentonNew Jersey1927
13047 First National Bank of WhartonWhartonNew Jersey1927
13120 American National Bank of CamdenCamdenNew Jersey1927
13123 Lincoln National Bank of PassaicPassaicNew Jersey1927
13129 Livingston National Bank, LivingstonLivingstonNew Jersey1927
13136 First National Bank of Cedar GroveCedar GroveNew Jersey1927
13174 Plainfield National Bank, PlainfieldPlainfieldNew Jersey1928
13203 Third National Bank and Trust Company of CamdenCamdenNew Jersey1928
13215 Point Pleasant Beach National Bank and Trust Company, Point Pleasant BeachPoint Pleasant BeachNew Jersey1928
13363 Asbury Park National Bank and Trust Company, Asbury ParkAsbury ParkNew Jersey1929
13364 Bergen County National Bank of HackensackHackensackNew Jersey1929
13530 First National Bank of Haddon HeightsHaddon HeightsNew Jersey1931
13537 Kearny National Bank, KearnyKearnyNew Jersey1931
13540 Linden National Bank, LindenLindenNew Jersey1931
13628 First National Bank of BelvidereBelvidereNew Jersey1932
13629 First National Bank of PlainfieldPlainfieldNew Jersey1932
13848 Belmar National Bank, BelmarBelmarNew Jersey1933
13855 Branchville National Bank, BranchvilleBranchvilleNew Jersey1933
13893 Edgewater National Bank, EdgewaterEdgewaterNew Jersey1933
13910 First National Bank in New EgyptNew EgyptNew Jersey1933
13916 Metuchen National Bank, MetuchenMetuchenNew Jersey1933
13946 First National Bank in GarfieldGarfieldNew Jersey1934
13969 Citizens National Bank of CollingswoodCollingswoodNew Jersey1934
14006 National Bank of ClementonClementonNew Jersey1934
14014 Liberty National Bank in GuttenbergGuttenbergNew Jersey1934
14088 National Bank of Palisades ParkPalisades ParkNew Jersey1934
14153 First National Bank in CarteretCarteretNew Jersey1934
14162 United National Bank of Cliffside ParkCliffside ParkNew Jersey1934
14177 Sea Bright National Bank, Sea BrightSea BrightNew Jersey1934
14189 First National Bank of TuckahoeTuckahoeNew Jersey1934
14305 National Bank of West New YorkWest New YorkNew Jersey1934
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  • 342 banks shown