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1920 Five Dollar Bill Value and Information

1920 Five Dollar Bill Blue Seal
1920 Five Dollar Bill National Currency Blue Seal Note
The 1920 five dollar bill national currency note was issued between 1908 and 1928.
If your 1920 five dollar note shows the month and date as 1920 then it's the charter date.
That means that the National bank listed in the title was given their Federal charter on that date.
The value of your 1920 five dollar bill is based on the bank that issued the note.
Notes from common banks can be found for a couple hundred dollars.
Notes from scarce banks or desirable states can be worth more than you might think.
Below I have listed all banks that issued 1920 five dollar bills.
If you have a five dollar bill from 1920 and want to know more about it please send me an email
and I will be happy to let you know what you have. If you are interested selling your note I will
give you an honest appraisal and make a serious offer.
Click on the name of a bank to learn more about it. Select a State to Filter on:
Charter National Bank Name Note Image
11820 Albertville National Bank, Alabama
11753 Commercial National Bank of Anniston, Alabama
11870 National Bank of Boaz, Alabama
11766 Fairfield American National Bank, Fairfield, Alabama
11635 National Bank of Opelika, Alabama
11846 First National Bank of Russellville, Alabama
11748 First National Bank of Hartford, Arkansas
11830 Farmers and Miners National Bank of Hartford, Arkansas
11825 First National Bank of Lincoln, Arkansas
11572 Growers National Bank of Campbell, California
11743 First National Bank of Centerville, California
11732 First National Bank of Culver City, California
11827 First National Bank of La Habra, California
11616 First National Bank of Orange Cove, California
11867 Citizens National Bank of Rialto, California
11875 Merchants National Bank of Sacramento, California
11716 First National Bank of Lake Worth, Florida
11833 Liberty National Bank of Cedartown, Georgia
11695 First National Bank of Hartwell, Georgia
11735 Farmers National Bank, Rake, Iowa National Currency
11588 Farmers National Bank of Shenandoah, Iowa
11662 First National Bank of Cicero, Illinois
11882 First National Bank of Homer, Illinois
11845 First National Bank of Livingston, Illinois
11754 First National Bank of Okawville, Illinois
11675 First National Bank of Waddams Grove, Illinois
11876 First National Bank of Wood River, Illinois
11774 First National Bank of Woodlawn, Illinois
11671 First National Bank of Converse, Indiana
11782 First National Bank of Milroy, Indiana
11775 Exchange National Bank of Clyde, Kansas
11781 Commercial National Bank and Trust Company of Emporia, Kansas
11707 Farmers National Bank of Great Bend, Kansas
11860 First National Bank of Kanorado, Kansas
11576 First National Bank of Oswego, Kansas
11887 Randall National Bank, Randall, Kansas
11728 First National Bank of Richmond, Kansas
11816 First National Bank of Valley Falls, Kansas
11890 First National Bank of Stone, Kentucky
11638 Commercial National Bank of Homer, Louisiana
11795 First National Bank of Ruston, Louisiana National Currency
11868 Arlington National Bank, Arlington, Massachusetts
11903 Boston National Bank, Boston, Massachusetts
11852 City National Bank of Battle Creek, Michigan
11813 First National Bank of Blissfield, Michigan
11843 Greenville National Bank, Greenville, Michigan National Currency
11586 First National Bank of Howell, Michigan
11611 First National Bank of Big Lake, Minnesota National Currency
11810 Minnesota National Bank, Duluth, Minnesota
11687 First National Bank, Farmington, Minnesota
11608 First National Bank of Marble, Minnesota
11740 First National Bank, Menahga, Minnesota
11778 Minneapolis National Bank, Minneapolis, Minnesota
11861 Marquette National Bank of Minneapolis, Minnesota
11579 American National Bank of Nashwauk, Minnesota
11776 First National Bank of Rosemount, Minnesota
11818 American National Bank of Saint Cloud, Minnesota
11741 Twin Cities National Bank of Saint Paul, Minnesota
11898 Commercial National Bank and Trust Company of Laurel, Mississippi
11697 First National Bank of Mebane, North Carolina National Currency
11767 First National Bank of Warsaw, North Carolina
11599 First National Bank, Thompson, North Dakota
11712 First National Bank, Wilton, North Dakota
11893 Public National Bank of Rochester, New Hampshire
11658 Beach Haven National Bank and Trust Company, Beach Haven, New Jersey
11618 Cliffside Park National Bank, Cliffside Park, New Jersey
11744 Peoples National Bank of Elizabeth, New Jersey
11727 Hillside National Bank, Hillside, New Jersey
11793 Palmyra National Bank, Palmyra, New Jersey National Currency
11759 Citizens National Bank of Ridgewood, New Jersey
11620 First National Bank of Roebling, New Jersey
11734 Woodstown National Bank, Woodstown, New Jersey National Currency
11900 National Bank of Gallup, New Mexico
11784 Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Eureka, Nevada National Currency
11768 Community National Bank of Buffalo, New York
11836 Merchants National Bank of Buffalo, New York
11883 Amherst National Bank of Buffalo, New York
11854 Peninsula National Bank of Cedarhurst, New York
11755 National Bank of Long Beach, New York
11603 Peoples National Bank of Lynbrook, New York
11897 Citizens National Bank of Malone, New York
11655 Richmond Hill National Bank of New York, New York National Currency
11844 Progress National Bank of New York, New York
11742 Port Leyden National Bank, Port Leyden, New York
11739 Romulus National Bank, Romulus, New York
11708 Scarsdale National Bank, Scarsdale, New York National Currency
11809 South Fallsburg National Bank, South Fallsburg, New York
11881 Valley Stream National Bank, Valley Stream, New York
11730 Wheatley Hills National Bank of Westbury, New York
11573 Citizens National Bank of Bluffton, Ohio
11714 First National Bank in Carrollton, Ohio
11862 Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers Co-operative National Bank of Cleveland, Ohio
11598 First National Bank of Kansas, Ohio
11772 First National Bank of Lynchburg, Ohio
11831 National City Bank and Trust Company of Marion, Ohio
11593 Allenwood National Bank, Pennsylvania
11902 Burnside National Bank, Burnside, Pennsylvania
11692 County National Bank of Lock Haven, Pennsylvania
11643 Picture Rocks National Bank, Picture Rocks, Pennsylvania
11865 Liberty National Bank of Pittston, Pennsylvania
11789 Rebersburg National Bank, Rebersburg, Pennsylvania
11899 First National Bank of Seward, Pennsylvania
11834 First National Bank of Volant, Pennsylvania
11812 Security National Bank of Emery, South Dakota
11689 Farmers National Bank of Estelline, South Dakota
11749 Dallas National Bank, Dallas, Texas National Currency
11700 First National Bank of Fabens, Texas
11642 Granger National Bank, Granger, Texas
11879 First National Bank of Mercedes, Texas
11799 First National Bank of Port Neches, Texas
11702 First National Bank of Myton, Utah
11901 First National Bank of Stuart, Virginia
11615 Richford National Bank, Richford, Vermont
11751 Aberdeen National Bank, Washington National Currency
11693 Security National Bank of Everett, Washington
11667 First National Bank of Ferndale, Washington
11783 Burlington National Bank, Burlington, Wisconsin
11577 First National Bank of Deerfield, Wisconsin
11594 Hurley National Bank, Hurley, Wisconsin
11826 Pioneer National Bank of Ladysmith, Wisconsin

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