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Vermont National Bank Paper Money

There are 88 National Bank charters in Vermont that issued paper money. Below is a list of every bank in Vermont to issue national currency. Click on the name of the bank to learn what bills they issued including the types and general rarity. Use the filters on the right to narrow your search down. If you have any questions about Vermont national currency please let me know.

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Charter Bank Name City State Charter Year
122 First National Bank of SpringfieldSpringfieldVermont1863
130 First National Bank of BenningtonBenningtonVermont1863
194 First National Bank of North BenningtonNorth BenningtonVermont1864
228 First National Bank of OrwellOrwellVermont1864
269 First National Bank of Saint AlbansSaint AlbansVermont1864
278 First National Bank of BrandonBrandonVermont1864
344 First National Bank of FairhavenFairhavenVermont1864
404 Brandon National BankBrandonVermont1864
470 First National Bank of BrattleboroBrattleboroVermont1864
489 First National Bank of Saint JohnsburySaint JohnsburyVermont1864
748 First National Bank of MontpelierMontpelierVermont1865
816 Ascutney National Bank of WindsorWindsorVermont1865
820 Rutland County National Bank, RutlandRutlandVermont1865
857 Montpelier National Bank, MontpelierMontpelierVermont1865
861 First National Bank of BurlingtonBurlingtonVermont1865
962 National White River Bank of BethelBethelVermont1865
1004 Orange County National Bank of ChelseaChelseaVermont1865
1133 Woodstock National Bank, WoodstockWoodstockVermont1865
1140 National Bank of LyndonLyndonVermont1865
1163 Lamoille County National Bank of Hyde ParkHyde ParkVermont1865
1195 National Bank of MiddleburyMiddleburyVermont1865
1197 Merchants National Bank of BurlingtonBurlingtonVermont1865
1200 National Bank of PoultneyPoultneyVermont1865
1364 National Bank of VergennesVergennesVermont1865
1368 National Bank of Derby LineDerby LineVermont1865
1383 National Black River Bank of ProctorsvilleProctorsvilleVermont1865
1406 National Bank of Newbury, Wells RiverWells RiverVermont1865
1430 Vermont National Bank of BrattleboroBrattleboroVermont1865
1450 National Bank of RutlandRutlandVermont1865
1462 Waterbury National Bank, WaterburyWaterburyVermont1865
1488 Battenkill National Bank of ManchesterManchesterVermont1865
1541 Irasburg National Bank of Orleans at IrasburgIrasburgVermont1865
1564 West River National Bank of JamaicaJamaicaVermont1865
1576 Caledonia National Bank of DanvilleDanvilleVermont1865
1583 Vermont National Bank of Saint AlbansSaint AlbansVermont1865
1598 Castleton National Bank, CastletonCastletonVermont1865
1634 National Union Bank of SwantonSwantonVermont1866
1638 Northfield National Bank, NorthfieldNorthfieldVermont1866
1653 National Bank of Bellows FallsBellows FallsVermont1866
1673 National Bank of RoyaltonRoyaltonVermont1867
1698 Howard National Bank of BurlingtonBurlingtonVermont1870
1700 Baxter National Bank of RutlandRutlandVermont1870
2109 National Bank of BarreBarreVermont1873
2120 First National Bank of ChelseaChelseaVermont1873
2263 National Bank of NewportNewportVermont1875
2274 Randolph National Bank of West RandolphWest RandolphVermont1875
2290 Barton National Bank, BartonBartonVermont1875
2295 Merchants National Bank of Saint JohnsburySaint JohnsburyVermont1875
2305 Peoples National Bank of BrattleboroBrattleboroVermont1875
2395 Bennington County National Bank of BenningtonBenningtonVermont1878
2422 Allen National Bank of Fair HavenFair HavenVermont1879
2475 Farmers National Bank of VergennesVergennesVermont1880
2545 First National Bank of PoultneyPoultneyVermont1881
2905 Killington National Bank of RutlandRutlandVermont1883
2950 Clement National Bank of RutlandRutlandVermont1883
3080 Factory Point National Bank, Factory PointFactory PointVermont1884
3150 Gray National Bank of Middletown SpringsMiddletown SpringsVermont1884
3158 Lyndonville National Bank, LyndonvilleLyndonvilleVermont1884
3257 Windsor National Bank, WindsorWindsorVermont1884
3311 Merchants National Bank of RutlandRutlandVermont1885
3482 Welden National Bank of Saint AlbansSaint AlbansVermont1886
3484 National Bank of White River JunctionWhite River JunctionVermont1886
4258 Ferris National Bank of SwantonSwantonVermont1890
4275 Island Pond National Bank, Island PondIsland PondVermont1890
4380 National Bank of ChesterChesterVermont1890
4929 National Bank of Orange County at ChelseaChelseaVermont1893
4943 Peoples National Bank of SwantonSwantonVermont1894
6252 First National Bank of BristolBristolVermont1902
7068 Peoples National Bank of BarreBarreVermont1903
7267 Bradford National Bank, BradfordBradfordVermont1904
7614 First National Bank of Enosburg FallsEnosburg FallsVermont1905
7721 State National Bank of WindsorWindsorVermont1905
9108 Hartford National Bank of White River JunctionWhite River JunctionVermont1908
9824 Citizens National Bank of PoultneyPoultneyVermont1910
11615 Richford National Bank, RichfordRichfordVermont1920
13261 First National Bank in PoultneyPoultneyVermont1928
13800 Welden National Bank in Saint AlbansSaint AlbansVermont1933
13894 Windham National Bank of Bellows FallsBellows FallsVermont1933
13986 Enosburg Falls National Bank, Enosburg FallsEnosburg FallsVermont1934
14234 Poultney National Bank, PoultneyPoultneyVermont1934
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