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West-virginia National Bank Paper Money

There are 189 National Bank charters in West-virginia that issued paper money. Below is a list of every bank in West-virginia to issue national currency. Click on the name of the bank to learn what bills they issued including the types and general rarity. Use the filters on the right to narrow your search down. If you have any questions about West-virginia national currency please let me know.

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Charter Bank Name City State Charter Year
180 First National Bank of ParkersburgParkersburgWest Virginia1864
360 First National Bank of WheelingWheelingWest Virginia1864
864 Second National Bank of ParkersburgParkersburgWest Virginia1865
961 First National Bank of FairmontFairmontWest Virginia1865
1343 Merchants National Bank of West Virginia, WheelingWheelingWest Virginia1865
1387 First National Bank of WellsburgWellsburgWest Virginia1865
1424 National Bank of West Virginia, WheelingWheelingWest Virginia1865
1427 Parkersburg National Bank, ParkersburgParkersburgWest Virginia1865
1502 Merchants National Bank of West Virginia, MorgantownMorgantownWest Virginia1865
1504 Merchants National Bank of West Virginia at Point PleasantPoint PleasantWest Virginia1865
1524 National Bank of MartinsburgMartinsburgWest Virginia1865
1530 Merchants National Bank of West Virginia, ClarksburgClarksburgWest Virginia1865
1594 National Savings Bank of WheelingWheelingWest Virginia1865
1607 National Exchange Bank of WestonWestonWest Virginia1865
1608 National Bank of KingwoodKingwoodWest Virginia1865
1795 First National Bank of CharlestonCharlestonWest Virginia1871
1868 First National Bank of Jefferson at Charles TownCharles TownWest Virginia1871
1883 National Bank of PiedmontPiedmontWest Virginia1871
1884 Wellsburg National Bank, WellsburgWellsburgWest Virginia1871
2144 Peoples National Bank of MartinsburgMartinsburgWest Virginia1874
2445 First National Bank of GraftonGraftonWest Virginia1879
2458 Second National Bank of MorgantownMorgantownWest Virginia1880
2649 Citizens National Bank of ParkersburgParkersburgWest Virginia1882
3029 South Branch Valley National Bank of MoorefieldMoorefieldWest Virginia1884
3106 First National Bank of HuntingtonHuntingtonWest Virginia1884
3236 Charleston National Bank, CharlestonCharlestonWest Virginia1884
3629 First National Bank of PiedmontPiedmontWest Virginia1887
4088 Davis National Bank of PiedmontPiedmontWest Virginia1889
4412 Citizens National Bank of CharlestonCharlestonWest Virginia1890
4569 Traders National Bank of ClarksburgClarksburgWest Virginia1891
4607 Commercial National Bank of HuntingtonHuntingtonWest Virginia1891
4643 First National Bank of BluefieldBluefieldWest Virginia1891
4667 Kanawha National Bank of CharlestonCharlestonWest Virginia1891
4718 Elkins National Bank, ElkinsElkinsWest Virginia1892
4760 Traders National Bank of BuckhannonBuckhannonWest Virginia1892
4775 First National Bank of CeredoCeredoWest Virginia1892
4811 Citizens National Bank of MartinsburgMartinsburgWest Virginia1892
4828 National Bank of DavisDavisWest Virginia1892
5012 First National Bank of ManningtonManningtonWest Virginia1895
5027 First National Bank of SistersvilleSistersvilleWest Virginia1895
5028 Farmers and Producers National Bank of SistersvilleSistersvilleWest Virginia1895
5164 National Exchange Bank of WheelingWheelingWest Virginia1898
5226 First National Bank of Saint MarysSaint MarysWest Virginia1899
5266 First National Bank of New MartinsvilleNew MartinsvilleWest Virginia1900
5280 First National Bank of RonceverteRonceverteWest Virginia1900
5320 Farmers and Mechanics National Bank of ParkersburgParkersburgWest Virginia1900
5434 Fayetteville National Bank, FayettevilleFayettevilleWest Virginia1900
5562 First National Bank of HintonHintonWest Virginia1900
5583 Citizens National Bank of MorgantownMorgantownWest Virginia1900
5691 Montgomery National Bank, MontgomeryMontgomeryWest Virginia1901
5701 Point Pleasant National Bank, Point PleasantPoint PleasantWest Virginia1901
5717 First National Bank of MoundsvilleMoundsvilleWest Virginia1901
5814 First National Bank of FriendlyFriendlyWest Virginia1901
5903 First National Bank of AldersonAldersonWest Virginia1901
5939 First National Bank of GlenvilleGlenvilleWest Virginia1901
6020 First National Bank of CameronCameronWest Virginia1901
6170 First National Bank of MiddlebourneMiddlebourneWest Virginia1902
6205 First National Bank of KeyserKeyserWest Virginia1902
6213 First National Bank of SuttonSuttonWest Virginia1902
6226 Ronceverte National Bank, RonceverteRonceverteWest Virginia1902
6233 Williamstown National Bank, WilliamstownWilliamstownWest Virginia1902
6283 Old National Bank of MartinsburgMartinsburgWest Virginia1902
6302 First National Bank of PhilippiPhilippiWest Virginia1902
6332 Kingwood National Bank, KingwoodKingwoodWest Virginia1902
6377 Citizens National Bank of PhilippiPhilippiWest Virginia1902
6424 First National Bank of West UnionWest UnionWest Virginia1902
6510 Madison National Bank, MadisonMadisonWest Virginia1902
6538 First National Bank of MarlintonMarlintonWest Virginia1902
6548 Peoples National Bank of SistersvilleSistersvilleWest Virginia1902
6582 First National Bank of New CumberlandNew CumberlandWest Virginia1903
6618 Citizens National Bank of BelingtonBelingtonWest Virginia1903
6619 First National Bank of BelingtonBelingtonWest Virginia1903
6634 Belington National Bank, BelingtonBelingtonWest Virginia1903
6674 Flat Top National Bank of BluefieldBluefieldWest Virginia1903
6735 First National Bank of BeckleyBeckleyWest Virginia1903
6790 First National Bank of HarrisvilleHarrisvilleWest Virginia1903
6830 First National Bank of WilliamsonWilliamsonWest Virginia1903
6984 First National Bank of ChesterChesterWest Virginia1903
6999 First National Bank of Terra AltaTerra AltaWest Virginia1903
7029 Empire National Bank of ClarksburgClarksburgWest Virginia1903
7060 Randolph National Bank of ElkinsElkinsWest Virginia1903
7191 First National Bank of PennsboroPennsboroWest Virginia1904
7246 Citizens National Bank of PennsboroPennsboroWest Virginia1904
7250 First National Bank of SalemSalemWest Virginia1904
7270 National Citizens Bank of Charles TownCharles TownWest Virginia1904
7275 First National Bank of ClendeninClendeninWest Virginia1904
7359 West Virginia National Bank of HuntingtonHuntingtonWest Virginia1904
7545 First National Bank of MonongahMonongahWest Virginia1905
7626 First National Bank of NewburgNewburgWest Virginia1905
7672 First National Bank of PinevillePinevilleWest Virginia1905
7681 Union National Bank of ClarksburgClarksburgWest Virginia1905
7845 First National Bank of HendricksHendricksWest Virginia1905
7998 National Bank of Summers of HintonHintonWest Virginia1905
8136 Logan National Bank, LoganLoganWest Virginia1906
8171 Lincoln National Bank of HamlinHamlinWest Virginia1906
8219 First National Bank of PrincetonPrincetonWest Virginia1906
8309 First National Bank of NorthforkNorthforkWest Virginia1906
8333 Gary National Bank, GaryGaryWest Virginia1906
8345 Fayette County National Bank of FayettevilleFayettevilleWest Virginia1906
8360 First National Bank of Webster SpringsWebster SpringsWest Virginia1906
8376 Peoples National Bank of ElkinsElkinsWest Virginia1906
8434 First National Bank of RichwoodRichwoodWest Virginia1906
8569 National City Bank of CharlestonCharlestonWest Virginia1907
8749 Citizens National Bank of PinevillePinevilleWest Virginia1907
8751 First National Bank of GormaniaGormaniaWest Virginia1907
8904 Ansted National Bank, AnstedAnstedWest Virginia1907
8983 First National Bank of Elm GroveElm GroveWest Virginia1908
8998 National Bank of ThurmondThurmondWest Virginia1908
9038 Peoples National Bank of BeckleyBeckleyWest Virginia1908
9048 First National Bank of WelchWelchWest Virginia1908
9071 McDowell County National Bank of WelchWelchWest Virginia1908
9288 First National Bank of RowlesburgRowlesburgWest Virginia1908
9453 First National Bank of ShinnstonShinnstonWest Virginia1909
9462 National Bank of FairmontFairmontWest Virginia1909
9523 Alderson National BankAldersonWest Virginia1909
9598 American National Bank of HuntingtonHuntingtonWest Virginia1909
9604 Home National Bank of SuttonSuttonWest Virginia1909
9610 First National Bank of ParsonsParsonsWest Virginia1909
9640 First National Bank of Saint AlbansSaint AlbansWest Virginia1910
9645 Peoples National Bank of FairmontFairmontWest Virginia1910
9721 First National Bank of PeterstownPeterstownWest Virginia1910
9740 Merchants National Bank of MontgomeryMontgomeryWest Virginia1910
9766 First National Bank of RomneyRomneyWest Virginia1910
9850 Winona National Bank, WinonaWinonaWest Virginia1910
9909 Berwind National Bank, BerwindBerwindWest Virginia1910
9913 First National Bank of KenovaKenovaWest Virginia1910
10067 National Bank of Commerce of WilliamsonWilliamsonWest Virginia1911
10097 Oil Field National Bank of GriffithsvilleGriffithsvilleWest Virginia1911
10127 First National Bank of SpencerSpencerWest Virginia1912
10157 Clark National Bank, ClarkClarkWest Virginia1912
10219 First National Bank of FairviewFairviewWest Virginia1912
10250 Peoples National Bank of RowlesburgRowlesburgWest Virginia1912
10285 First National Bank of ReedyReedyWest Virginia1912
10348 Citizens National Bank of HintonHintonWest Virginia1913
10369 First National Bank of KeystoneKeystoneWest Virginia1913
10370 Matewan National Bank, MatewanMatewanWest Virginia1913
10392 First National Bank of AnawaltAnawaltWest Virginia1913
10450 First National Bank of WorthingtonWorthingtonWest Virginia1913
10455 Citizens National Bank of WheelingWheelingWest Virginia1913
10480 First National Bank of AlbrightAlbrightWest Virginia1914
10589 Beckley National Bank, BeckleyBeckleyWest Virginia1914
10759 First National Bank of RavenswoodRavenswoodWest Virginia1915
10762 First National Bank of RipleyRipleyWest Virginia1915
11049 First National Bank of Mount HopeMount HopeWest Virginia1917
11109 Bluefield National Bank, BluefieldBluefieldWest Virginia1917
11264 First National Bank of MatoakaMatoakaWest Virginia1918
11268 First National Bank of IaegerIaegerWest Virginia1918
11340 First National Bank of South CharlestonSouth CharlestonWest Virginia1919
11483 Farmers and Mechanics National Bank of WilliamstownWilliamstownWest Virginia1919
11502 First National Bank of KimballKimballWest Virginia1919
11664 Bayard National Bank, BayardBayardWest Virginia1920
11670 Hurricane National Bank, HurricaneHurricaneWest Virginia1920
12075 Oak Hill National Bank, Oak HillOak HillWest Virginia1921
12372 Tug River National Bank of IaegerIaegerWest Virginia1923
12483 Citizens National Bank of ElkinsElkinsWest Virginia1924
12765 Milton National Bank, MiltonMiltonWest Virginia1925
12839 Matoaka National Bank, MatoakaMatoakaWest Virginia1925
13231 Citizens National Bank of Point PleasantPoint PleasantWest Virginia1928
13484 Kimball National Bank, KimballKimballWest Virginia1930
13505 Gary National Bank, GaryGaryWest Virginia1930
13509 National Bank of Commerce of CharlestonCharlestonWest Virginia1930
13512 McDowell County National Bank in WelchWelchWest Virginia1930
13621 Peoples National Bank of ParkersburgParkersburgWest Virginia1932
13627 Cherry River National Bank of RichwoodRichwoodWest Virginia1932
13634 Weston National Bank, WestonWestonWest Virginia1932
13646 Central National Bank of BuckhannonBuckhannonWest Virginia1932
13783 First National Bank in MarlintonMarlintonWest Virginia1933
13811 First National Bank in FairmontFairmontWest Virginia1933
13831 National Bank of KeyserKeyserWest Virginia1933
13881 First National Bank in West UnionWest UnionWest Virginia1933
13954 National Bank of LoganLoganWest Virginia1934
14002 Tygarts Valley National Bank of ElkinsElkinsWest Virginia1934
14013 Webster Springs National Bank, Webster SpringsWebster SpringsWest Virginia1934
14053 First National Bank in PhilippiPhilippiWest Virginia1934
14142 First National Bank at MoundsvilleMoundsvilleWest Virginia1934
14295 Wellsburg National Bank, WellsburgWellsburgWest Virginia1934
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