1905 $20 Dollar Bill Gold Certificate Technicolor
1896 $5.00 Dollar Bill Silver Certificate Educational Series
1869 $5.00 Legal Tender Rainbow Woodchopper
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Greg Davis

Old Money Value and Information. Is my Old Money Valuable?

Old Money is a broad term and I could spend a considerable time discussing what old money has real value.
Rather than defining old money value, I would turn it around and discuss old money with little to no worth over face value.
There are many notes that, while old are not rare and value is partially driven by rarity (and demand).
So even if you have old money that doesn't circulate anymore it doesn't automatically mean the note is valuable.
So, below are a list of United States bank notes that have little to no collector value.
If your note is not on this list there is a good chance there is some value to it.
One final caveat, while the notes below are not valuable generally there can be exceptions.
If your note has a serial number lower than 1000 or is all solids like 77777777 these sorts of numbers are collected regardless of the bill so these are valuable.
If you think you have a note with a cool serial number it's likely to have some value.
Another caveat, these notes below in singles form are not valuable but if they come in a pack that adds value.
Currency in packs are worth something so contact me if you have a pack and I can evalulate it for you.
If you are interested in knowing about the value of your old money please contact me.

Series 1935 and Series 1957 $1.00 Silver Certificate
Old Money - 1935 Silver Certificate Old Money - 1957 Silver Certificate
This is the most commonly found note that looks different than current circulating issues.
Sadly, because they are so common these notes are generally not worth the trouble to buy and sell.
A nice example can be had for $1.50 while a used up rag of a note will be worth pennies over face value if that.
If you own one or two of these notes I would suggest you give them to a potential young numismatist.
Small kindness can have a big impact. Be the relative the child will remember most fondly. :-)

Series 1953, 1963 and Series 1976 $2.00 Legal Tender
Old Money - 1953 $2.00 Legal Tender Old Money - 1963 $2.00 Legal Tender Old Money - 1976 $2.00 Legal Tender
Another very common note in circulated grades. These notes are worth a tiny premium over face value but not worth mailing.
The 1976 $2.00 note is only worth face value and can still be found in banks.