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1884 One Hundred Dollar Bill National Currency Value and Information

1884 One Hundred Dollar Bill
1884 One Hundred Dollar Bill National Currency Note
The 1884 One Hundred Dollar Bill is more common than the 1875 series but still very rare.
A 1884 One Hundred Dollar Bill can be worth a wide range of values depending on condition and the bank of issue.
If you have an 1884 One Hundred dollar bill and want to know more about it please contact me.
If you're interested selling the note I will give you an honest appraisal and make a serious offer.
Click on the name of a bank to learn more about it. Select a State to Filter on:
Charter National Bank Name Note Image
3050 First National Bank of San Diego, California
3269 Denver National Bank, Denver, Colorado
3140 Dubuque National Bank, Dubuque, Iowa
3225 First National Bank of Grundy Center, Iowa
3189 First National Bank of Missouri Valley, Iowa
3179 Metropolitan National Bank of Chicago, Illinois
3278 Union National Bank of Chicago, Illinois
3070 German American National Bank of Peoria, Illinois
3254 Merchants National Bank of Peoria, Illinois
3231 First National Bank of Beloit, Kansas
3066 First National Bank of Concordia, Kansas
3199 Hutchinson National Bank, Hutchinson, Kansas
3134 First National Bank of Peabody, Kansas
3091 Wellington National Bank, Wellington, Kansas
3052 Third National Bank of Lexington, Kentucky
3069 Whitney National Bank of New Orleans, Louisiana
3128 Home National Bank of Holyoke, Massachusetts
3010 First National Bank of Havre De Grace, Maryland
3250 Salisbury National Bank, Salisbury, Maryland
3206 National Bank of Commerce, Minneapolis, Minnesota National Currency
3155 First National Bank of Sauk Centre, Minnesota
3258 First National Bank of Vicksburg, Mississippi
3097 First National Bank of Billings, Montana
3208 First National Bank, Holdrege, Nebraska
3057 First National Bank, Minden, Nebraska
3059 First National Bank, North Bend, Nebraska
3152 Schuyler National Bank, Schuyler, Nebraska National Currency
3220 First National Bank of Ambler, Pennsylvania
3051 National Bank of Brookville, Pennsylvania National Currency
3044 Second National Bank of Clarion, Pennsylvania
3255 First National Bank of Emporium, Pennsylvania
3147 National Bank of Malvern, Pennsylvania
3259 National Bank of New Brighton, Pennsylvania
3030 First National Bank of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania
3032 American National Bank of Nashville, Tennessee
3228 Commercial National Bank of Nashville, Tennessee
3107 First National Bank of Tullahoma, Tennessee
3094 First National Bank of Bonham, Texas National Currency
3007 First National Bank of Burnet, Texas
3132 American National Bank of Dallas, Texas
3131 Fort Worth National Bank, Fort Worth, Texas
3221 State National Bank of Fort Worth, Texas
3113 First National Bank of Marshall, Texas
3014 First National Bank of Mexia, Texas National Currency
3027 First National Bank of Taylor, Texas
3135 Citizens National Bank of Waco, Texas
3200 Panhandle National Bank of Wichita Falls, Texas
3196 Ashland National Bank, Ashland, Wisconsin
3125 First National Bank of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

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