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Mississippi National Bank Paper Money

There are 71 National Bank charters in Mississippi that issued paper money. Below is a list of every bank in Mississippi to issue national currency. Click on the name of the bank to learn what bills they issued including the types and general rarity. Use the filters on the right to narrow your search down. If you have any questions about Mississippi national currency please let me know.

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Charter Bank Name City State Charter Year
803 National Bank of VicksburgVicksburgMississippi1865
1610 First National Bank of JacksonJacksonMississippi1865
2638 First National Bank of ColumbusColumbusMississippi1882
2891 First National Bank of West PointWest PointMississippi1883
2957 First National Bank of MeridianMeridianMississippi1883
3176 Meridian National Bank, MeridianMeridianMississippi1884
3258 First National Bank of VicksburgVicksburgMississippi1884
3332 First National Bank of JacksonJacksonMississippi1885
3430 Merchants National Bank of VicksburgVicksburgMississippi1886
3566 First National Bank of Yazoo CityYazoo CityMississippi1886
3656 First National Bank of AberdeenAberdeenMississippi1887
3688 First National Bank of StarkvilleStarkvilleMississippi1887
3701 First National Bank of NatchezNatchezMississippi1887
3765 First National Bank of GreenvilleGreenvilleMississippi1887
4521 First National Bank of TupeloTupeloMississippi1891
5176 National Bank of Commerce of HattiesburgHattiesburgMississippi1899
5177 First National Bank of HattiesburgHattiesburgMississippi1899
5613 First National Bank of LumbertonLumbertonMississippi1900
5715 Mississippi National Bank of Port GibsonPort GibsonMississippi1901
6121 American National Bank of VicksburgVicksburgMississippi1902
6188 First National Bank of GulfportGulfportMississippi1902
6305 National Bank of Commerce of NatchezNatchezMississippi1902
6595 First National Bank of ClarksdaleClarksdaleMississippi1903
6646 Capital National Bank of JacksonJacksonMississippi1903
6681 First National Bank of LaurelLaurelMississippi1903
6847 First National Bank of CantonCantonMississippi1903
6923 Laurel National Bank, LaurelLaurelMississippi1903
7200 First National Bank of ShawShawMississippi1904
7216 First National Bank of GreenwoodGreenwoodMississippi1904
7266 Citizens National Bank of MeridianMeridianMississippi1904
7461 First National Bank of McComb CityMcComb CityMississippi1904
7507 Citizens National Bank of VicksburgVicksburgMississippi1904
8514 First National Bank of New AlbanyNew AlbanyMississippi1907
8593 Pascagoula National Bank of Moss PointMoss PointMississippi1907
8719 National Bank of PoplarvillePoplarvilleMississippi1907
9040 First National Bank of PontotocPontotocMississippi1908
9041 First National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaMississippi1908
9094 First National Bank of CorinthCorinthMississippi1908
9196 First National Bank of OkolonaOkolonaMississippi1908
9204 First National Bank of RipleyRipleyMississippi1908
9251 First National Bank of AckermanAckermanMississippi1908
9728 First National Bank of CollinsCollinsMississippi1910
9751 Citizens National Bank of CorinthCorinthMississippi1910
9753 National Bank of SummitSummitMississippi1910
9865 National Bank of OxfordOxfordMississippi1910
10154 First National Bank of IukaIukaMississippi1912
10326 Citizens National Bank of ColumbiaColumbiaMississippi1913
10338 Progressive National Bank of SummitSummitMississippi1913
10361 National Bank of Commerce of ColumbusColumbusMississippi1913
10463 State National Bank of JacksonJacksonMississippi1913
10494 First National Bank of BrookhavenBrookhavenMississippi1914
10523 Jackson-State National Bank, JacksonJacksonMississippi1914
10576 First National Bank of BiloxiBiloxiMississippi1914
10688 First National Bank of Itta BenaItta BenaMississippi1915
10738 Columbus National Bank, ColumbusColumbusMississippi1915
10745 First National Bank of RosedaleRosedaleMississippi1915
11898 Commercial National Bank and Trust Company of LaurelLaurelMississippi1920
12073 Rosedal National Bank, RosedaleRosedaleMississippi1921
12222 Planters National Bank of ClarksdaleClarksdaleMississippi1922
12478 Commercial National Bank of HattiesburgHattiesburgMississippi1923
12537 Britton and Koontz National Bank of NatchezNatchezMississippi1924
12587 Delta National Bank of Yazoo CityYazoo CityMississippi1924
13551 First National Bank in MeridianMeridianMississippi1931
13553 First National Bank in GulfportGulfportMississippi1931
13708 Capital National Bank in JacksonJacksonMississippi1933
13722 Britton and Koontz National Bank in NatchezNatchezMississippi1933
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