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1929 Fifty Dollar Bill National Currency Value and Information

1929 Fifty Dollar Bill Type 1
1929 Fifty Dollar Bill National Currency Note Type 1
1929 Fifty Dollar Bill Type 2
1929 Fifty Dollar Bill National Currency Note Type 2
The 1929 Fifty dollar bill national currency original series note was issued from 1929 to 1935.
The note on top was issued from 1929 to 1933. This is called a type 1 note. Notice how the serial numbers
are different between the two notes. Type 2 Fifty dollar bills are not common and have value
even if the bank they are on is common.
The second note is a Type 2 national currency note and was issued from 1933 to 1935.
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and I will be happy to let you know what you have.
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Charter National Bank Name Note Image
13338 San Jose National Bank, San Jose, California
14021 First National Bank in Boulder, Colorado
13902 First National Bank in Grand Junction, Colorado
14024 Charleston National Bank, Charleston, Illinois
13674 Live Stock National Bank of Chicago, Illinois
14297 National Bank of Lanark, Illinois
13652 Illinois National Bank and Trust Company of Rockford, Illinois
13759 American National Bank at Indianapolis, Indiana
13717 First National Bank in Marion, Indiana
13688 Hibernia National Bank in New Orleans, Louisiana National Currency
13648 Commercial National Bank in Shreveport, Louisiana National Currency
13703 Birmingham National Bank, Birmingham, Michigan
13758 National Bank of Grand Rapids, Michigan
13561 Klein National Bank of Madison, Minnesota
13435 Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Ashland, Nebraska
13333 Continental National Bank of Lincoln, Nebraska
13628 First National Bank of Belvidere, New Jersey
13893 Edgewater National Bank, Edgewater, New Jersey
13314 Nanuet National Bank, Nanuet, New York
13334 National Bank of Bayside in New York, New York National Currency
13715 Peoples National Bank of Lakewood, Ohio
13299 Citizens National Bank of Portland, Oregon National Currency
14219 National Bank and Trust Company of Erie, Pennsylvania
13901 Rhode Island Hospital National Bank of Providence, Rhode Island
13681 National Bank of Commerce in Memphis, Tennessee
13555 First National Bank in Blooming Grove, Texas
14273 Citizens National Bank at Brownwood, Texas
13743 Mercantile National Bank at Dallas, Texas
13315 First National Bank of Edinbrug, Texas
14236 Central National Bank of McKinney, Texas
13676 Wichita National Bank of Wichita Falls, Texas
13775 Citizens National Bank of Hampton, Virginia

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