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1893 Ten Dollar Bill Value and Information

1893 Ten Dollar Bill
1893 Ten Dollar Bill National Currency Brown Back Note
The 1893 ten dollar bill national currency note was issued between 1882 and 1908.
If your 1893 ten dollar note shows the month and date as 1893 then it's the charter date.
That means that the National bank listed in the title was given their Federal charter on that date.
The value of your 1893 ten dollar bill is based on the bank that issued the note.
Notes from common banks can be found for a couple hundred dollars.
Notes from scarce banks or desirable states can be worth more than you might think.
Below I have listed all banks that issued 1893 ten dollar bills.
If you have a ten dollar bill from 1893 and want to know more about it please send me an email
and I will be happy to let you know what you have. If you are interested selling your note I will
give you an honest appraisal and make a serious offer.
Click on the name of a bank to learn more about it. Select a State to Filter on:
Charter National Bank Name Note Image
4838 Isbell National Bank of Talladega, Alabama
4851 Prescott National Bank, Prescott, Arizona
4873 Needles National Bank, Needles, California
4886 Merchants National Bank of San Diego, California National Currency
4845 First National Bank of Cripple Creek, Colorado
4837 Citizens National Bank of Pensacola, Florida
4891 First National Bank of Audubon, Iowa
4902 First National Bank of Blanchard, Iowa
4897 First National Bank of Cresco, Iowa
4889 First National Bank, Forest City, Iowa
4881 First National Bank, Hartley, Iowa
4885 Farmers National Bank of Osage, Iowa
4885 Osage Farmers National Bank, Osage, Iowa
4921 First National Bank of Waukon, Iowa
4904 First National Bank of Carbondale, Illinois
4934 First National Bank of Carmi, Illinois National Currency
4920 National Bank of Decatur, Illinois
4854 Kewanee National Bank, Kewanee, Illinois
4930 First National Bank of Normal, Illinois
4871 First National Bank of Toluca, Illinois
4835 Alexandria National Bank, Alexandria, Indiana
4852 Merchants National Bank of Muncie, Indiana
4882 First National Bank of Noblesville, Indiana
4901 Second National Bank of Vincennes, Indiana
4931 Citizens National Bank of Minneapolis, Kansas
4860 Midland National Bank of Newton, Kansas
4833 Merchants National Bank of Haverhill, Massachusetts
4907 Springfield National Bank, Springfield, Massachusetts National Currency
4907 Springfield Chapin National Bank and Trust Company, Springfield, Massachusetts National Currency
4907 Springfield National Bank, Springfield, Massachusetts National Currency
4926 Citizens National Bank of Frostburg, Maryland
4856 Peoples National Bank of Hagerstown, Maryland
4868 Chapman National Bank of Portland, Maine
4844 York County National Bank of York Village, Maine
4840 National Lumbermans Bank of Muskegon, Michigan
4847 Citizens National Bank of Austin, Minnesota
4928 National Farmers Bank, Owatonna, Minnesota
4859 First National Bank, Saint James, Minnesota
4916 Merchants National Bank, Wadena, Minnesota
4933 Trenton National Bank, Trenton, Missouri
4932 Big Timber National Bank, Big Timber, Montana National Currency
4843 Merchants and Miners National Bank of Phillipsburg, Montana
4896 First National Bank of Mount Airy, North Carolina
4872 First National Bank of Princeton, New Jersey
4906 Babylon National Bank, Babylon, New York
4914 Matteawan National Bank of Beacon, New York
4846 Merchants National Bank of Glens Falls, New York
4925 Sullivan County National Bank of Liberty, New York
4914 Matteawan National Bank, Matteawan, New York
4870 First National Bank of Morris, New York
4855 Franklin National Bank of New York, New York
4858 Citizens National Bank of Port Henry, New York
4869 First National Bank of Tonawanda, New York
4839 First National Bank of Arcanum, Ohio
4864 First National Bank of Belmont, Ohio
4853 Fourth National Bank of Cadiz, Ohio
4884 First National Bank of Girard, Ohio
4867 First National Bank of Hicksville, Ohio
4842 Old Phoenix National Bank of Medina, Ohio
4862 State National Bank of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
4915 Farmers National Bank of Athens, Pennsylvania
4894 Farmers National Bank of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania
4850 First National Bank of Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania
4919 Blairsville National Bank, Blairsville, Pennsylvania
4836 Clearfield National Bank, Clearfield, Pennsylvania
4861 Yough National Bank of Connellsville, Pennsylvania
4923 Farmers National Bank of Ephrata, Pennsylvania
4876 Citizens National Bank of McKeesport, Pennsylvania
4909 Mercer County National Bank of Mercer, Pennsylvania National Currency
4875 Citizens National Bank of Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania
4892 Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania
4913 First National Bank of New Kensington, Pennsylvania
4917 First National Bank of Newport, Pennsylvania
4927 First National Bank of North East, Pennsylvania
4857 First National Bank of Patton, Pennsylvania
4883 Lincoln National Bank of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
4910 Columbia National Bank of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania National Currency
4918 National Bank of Western Pennsylvania at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania National Currency
4887 Reading National Bank, Reading, Pennsylvania National Currency
4887 Reading National Bank and Trust Company, Reading, Pennsylvania National Currency
4908 First National Bank of Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania
4877 First National Bank of Verona, Pennsylvania National Currency
4879 Warren National Bank, Warren, Pennsylvania
4849 Maury National Bank of Columbia, Tennessee
4922 First National Bank of Atlanta, Texas
4866 Commercial National Bank of Beeville, Texas
4865 Dublin National Bank, Dublin, Texas
4848 American National Bank of Fort Worth, Texas
4905 Farmers National Bank of Hempstead, Texas
4900 Citizens National Bank of Hillsboro, Texas
4924 Citizens National Bank of Itasca, Texas
4911 Rockwall County National Bank, Rockwall, Texas
4929 National Bank of Orange County at Chelsea, Vermont
4893 South Milwaukee National Bank, South Milwaukee, Wisconsin National Currency
4912 Citizens National Bank of Stevens Point, Wisconsin
4878 Northwestern National Bank of Superior, West Superior, Wisconsin

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