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Maryland National Bank Paper Money

There are 143 National Bank charters in Maryland that issued paper money. Below is a list of every bank in Maryland to issue national currency. Click on the name of the bank to learn what bills they issued including the types and general rarity. Use the filters on the right to narrow your search down. If you have any questions about Maryland national currency please let me know.

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Charter Bank Name City State Charter Year
204 First National Bank of BaltimoreBaltimoreMaryland1864
381 First National Bank of CumberlandCumberlandMaryland1864
414 Second National Bank of BaltimoreBaltimoreMaryland1864
742 First National Bank of WestminsterWestminsterMaryland1865
747 First National Bank of New WindsorNew WindsorMaryland1865
814 Third National Bank of BaltimoreBaltimoreMaryland1865
826 First National Bank of AnnapolisAnnapolisMaryland1865
1109 National Exchange Bank of BaltimoreBaltimoreMaryland1865
1138 Central National Bank of FrederickFrederickMaryland1865
1211 Cecil National Bank of Port DepositPort DepositMaryland1865
1236 National Bank of ElktonElktonMaryland1865
1244 Farmers National Bank of AnnapolisAnnapolisMaryland1865
1252 National Farmers and Planters Bank of BaltimoreBaltimoreMaryland1865
1267 Farmers and Mechanics National Bank of FrederickFrederickMaryland1865
1303 Commercial and Farmers National Bank of BaltimoreBaltimoreMaryland1865
1325 Western National Bank of BaltimoreBaltimoreMaryland1865
1336 Merchants National Bank of BaltimoreBaltimoreMaryland1865
1337 Farmers and Merchants National Bank of BaltimoreBaltimoreMaryland1865
1384 Citizens National Bank of BaltimoreBaltimoreMaryland1865
1412 First National Bank of FrostburgFrostburgMaryland1865
1413 National Mechanics Bank of BaltimoreBaltimoreMaryland1865
1431 First National Bank of HagerstownHagerstownMaryland1865
1432 National Bank of BaltimoreBaltimoreMaryland1865
1434 Easton National Bank of Maryland, EastonEastonMaryland1865
1449 Frederick County National Bank of FrederickFrederickMaryland1865
1489 National Union Bank of Maryland at BaltimoreBaltimoreMaryland1865
1500 Kent National Bank of ChestertownChestertownMaryland1865
1519 Second National Bank of CumberlandCumberlandMaryland1865
1526 Farmers and Mechanics National Bank of WestminsterWestminsterMaryland1865
1551 Washington County National Bank of WilliamsportWilliamsportMaryland1865
1589 First National Bank of FrederickFrederickMaryland1865
1596 Union National Bank of WestminsterWestminsterMaryland1865
1797 Central National Bank of BaltimoreBaltimoreMaryland1871
1893 Citizens National Bank of HagerstownHagerstownMaryland1871
2341 Centreville National Bank of Maryland, CentrevilleCentrevilleMaryland1876
2416 Third National Bank of CumberlandCumberlandMaryland1879
2453 National Marine Bank of BaltimoreBaltimoreMaryland1880
2481 National Bank of Rising SunRising SunMaryland1880
2498 National Bank of CambridgeCambridgeMaryland1880
2499 Drovers and Mechanics National Bank of BaltimoreBaltimoreMaryland1881
2547 Denton National Bank, DentonDentonMaryland1881
2623 Manufacturers National Bank of BaltimoreBaltimoreMaryland1882
2797 Harford National Bank of Bel AirBel AirMaryland1882
3010 First National Bank of Havre De GraceHavre De GraceMaryland1884
3187 Montgomery County National Bank of RockvilleRockvilleMaryland1884
3205 Queen Anne's National Bank of CentrevilleCentrevilleMaryland1884
3250 Salisbury National Bank, SalisburySalisburyMaryland1884
3476 Citizens National Bank of FrederickFrederickMaryland1886
3585 Patapsco National Bank of Ellicott CityEllicott CityMaryland1886
3588 Towson National Bank, TowsonTowsonMaryland1886
3783 First National Bank of Snow HillSnow HillMaryland1887
3933 Second National Bank of Bel AirBel AirMaryland1888
4046 Farmers and Merchants National Bank of EastonEastonMaryland1889
4049 Second National Bank of HagerstownHagerstownMaryland1889
4085 Dorchester National Bank of CambridgeCambridgeMaryland1889
4149 First National Bank of FrostburgFrostburgMaryland1889
4162 Second National Bank of ElktonElktonMaryland1889
4191 Pocomoke City National Bank, Pocomoke CityPocomoke CityMaryland1890
4218 National Howard Bank of BaltimoreBaltimoreMaryland1890
4285 National Bank of Commerce of BaltimoreBaltimoreMaryland1890
4327 Second National Bank of ChestertownChestertownMaryland1890
4364 Citizens National Bank of LaurelLaurelMaryland1890
4496 National Bank of CockeysvilleCockeysvilleMaryland1891
4518 American National Bank of BaltimoreBaltimoreMaryland1891
4530 Equitable National Bank of BaltimoreBaltimoreMaryland1891
4533 Continental National Bank of BaltimoreBaltimoreMaryland1891
4608 First National Bank of GaithersburgGaithersburgMaryland1891
4634 First National Bank of AberdeenAberdeenMaryland1891
4799 Canton National Bank, CantonCantonMaryland1892
4856 Peoples National Bank of HagerstownHagerstownMaryland1893
4926 Citizens National Bank of FrostburgFrostburgMaryland1893
5093 First National Bank of CatonsvilleCatonsvilleMaryland1897
5122 Peoples National Bank of DentonDentonMaryland1898
5331 First National Bank of MidlandMidlandMaryland1900
5332 Citizens National Bank of CumberlandCumberlandMaryland1900
5445 Citizens National Bank of Havre De GraceHavre De GraceMaryland1900
5471 First National Bank of Southern Maryland of Upper MarlboroUpper MarlboroMaryland1900
5561 First National Bank of Sandy SpringSandy SpringMaryland1900
5610 National Bank of Port DepositPort DepositMaryland1900
5623 First National Bank of OaklandOaklandMaryland1900
5776 Maryland National Bank of BaltimoreBaltimoreMaryland1901
5829 Thurmont National Bank, ThurmontThurmontMaryland1901
5831 Citizens National Bank of WesternportWesternportMaryland1901
5880 Farmers and Merchants National Bank of CambridgeCambridgeMaryland1901
5943 First National Bank of GrantsvilleGrantsvilleMaryland1901
5984 Old Town National Bank of BaltimoreBaltimoreMaryland1901
6144 First National Bank of Mount SavageMount SavageMaryland1902
6196 First National Bank of FriendsvilleFriendsvilleMaryland1902
6202 Citizens National Bank of Pocomoke CityPocomoke CityMaryland1902
6297 Commercial National Bank of Snow HillSnow HillMaryland1902
6399 First National Bank of BartonBartonMaryland1902
6588 Garrett National Bank of OaklandOaklandMaryland1903
6606 First National Bank of St. Mary's, LeonardtownLeonardtownMaryland1903
6761 Peoples National Bank of SalisburySalisburyMaryland1903
6845 National Bank of Chesapeake CityChesapeake CityMaryland1903
7064 First National Bank of North EastNorth EastMaryland1903
7160 First National Bank of Mount AiryMount AiryMaryland1904
7519 First National Bank of HyattsvilleHyattsvilleMaryland1904
7732 First National Bank of LonaconingLonaconingMaryland1905
7859 First National Bank of HancockHancockMaryland1905
8244 Peoples National Bank of BrunswickBrunswickMaryland1906
8302 First National Bank of KitzmillervilleKitzmillervilleMaryland1906
8319 First National Bank of BerlinBerlinMaryland1906
8381 Second National Bank of TowsonTowsonMaryland1906
8456 Southern Maryland National Bank of La PlataLa PlataMaryland1906
8578 First National Bank of SykesvilleSykesvilleMaryland1907
8587 Sykesville National Bank, SykesvilleSykesvilleMaryland1907
8799 Woodbine National Bank, WoodbineWoodbineMaryland1907
8860 Poolesville National Bank, PoolesvillePoolesvilleMaryland1907
8867 Pikesville National Bank, PikesvillePikesvilleMaryland1907
9066 First National Bank of Union BridgeUnion BridgeMaryland1908
9238 First National Bank of MonroviaMonroviaMaryland1908
9429 National Bank of MechanicsvilleMechanicsvilleMaryland1909
9444 First National Bank of ParktonParktonMaryland1909
9469 White Hall National Bank, White HallWhite HallMaryland1909
9474 Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Bel AirBel AirMaryland1909
9639 National City Bank of BaltimoreBaltimoreMaryland1910
9699 Clear Spring National Bank, Clear SpringClear SpringMaryland1910
9744 Third National Bank of ChestertownChestertownMaryland1910
9755 First National Bank of HampsteadHampsteadMaryland1910
9830 Silver Spring National Bank, Silver SpringSilver SpringMaryland1910
10210 First National Bank of FederalsburgFederalsburgMaryland1912
11193 National Bank of PerryvillePerryvilleMaryland1918
11207 National Central Bank of BaltimoreBaltimoreMaryland1918
12443 First National Bank of Mount RanierMount RanierMaryland1923
12590 Nicodemus National Bank of HagerstownHagerstownMaryland1924
13680 First National Bank of Bel AirBel AirMaryland1933
13745 Baltimore National Bank, BaltimoreBaltimoreMaryland1933
13747 Frederick County National Bank of FrederickFrederickMaryland1933
13773 Patapsco National Bank in Ellicott CityEllicott CityMaryland1933
13776 Garrett National Bank in OaklandOaklandMaryland1933
13798 First National Bank of ChestertownChestertownMaryland1933
13840 Cecil National Bank at Port DepositPort DepositMaryland1933
13853 Peoples National Bank of HancockHancockMaryland1933
13867 First National Bank in ParktonParktonMaryland1933
13979 Frostburg National Bank, FrostburgFrostburgMaryland1934
14044 Peoples National Bank in BrunswickBrunswickMaryland1934
14106 Citizens National Bank in Pocomoke CityPocomoke CityMaryland1934
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