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1892 One Hundred Dollar Bill National Currency Value and Information

1892 One Hundred Dollar Bill
1892 One Hundred Dollar Bill National Currency Note
The 1892 One Hundred Dollar Bill is more common than the 1875 series but still very rare.
A 1892 One Hundred Dollar Bill can be worth a wide range of values depending on condition and the bank of issue.
If you have an 1892 One Hundred dollar bill and want to know more about it please contact me.
If you're interested selling the note I will give you an honest appraisal and make a serious offer.
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Charter National Bank Name Note Image
4813 Putnam National Bank of Palatka, Florida
4691 Fourth National Bank of Columbus, Georgia
4694 Merchants National Bank of Eagle Grove, Iowa
4700 First National Bank, Estherville, Iowa
4758 First National Bank of Spirit Lake, Iowa
4790 First National Bank of Kendrick, Idaho
4731 Palmer National Bank of Danville, Illinois
4737 First National Bank of Duquoin, Illinois
4735 Elgin National Bank, Elgin, Illinois
4678 First National Bank of North Vernon, Indiana
4800 Farmers National Bank of Shelbyville, Indiana
4764 Citizens National Bank of South Bend, Indiana
4798 Galena National Bank, Galena, Kansas
4742 Farmers National Bank of Salina, Kansas
4703 Park National Bank of Holyoke, Massachusetts
4753 Traders National Bank of Lowell, Massachusetts
4799 Canton National Bank, Canton, Maryland
4821 First National Bank of Wadena, Minnesota
4791 First National Bank, Pender, Nebraska
4724 Second National Bank of Orange, New Jersey
4741 Columbia National Bank of Buffalo, New York
4782 Western Reserve National Bank of Cleveland, Ohio
4830 First National Bank of El Reno, Oklahoma
4730 First National Bank of Duquesne, Pennsylvania
4818 First National Bank of Ellwood City, Pennsylvania
4698 First National Bank of Irwin, Pennsylvania
4752 First National Bank of McDonald, Pennsylvania
4676 Citizens National Bank of New Castle, Pennsylvania
4710 Amarillo National Bank, Texas
4707 Mercantile National Bank of Dallas, Texas
4777 Pilot Point National Bank, Pilot Point, Texas
4747 Tyler National Bank, Tyler, Texas

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