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Pennsylvania National Bank Paper Money

There are 1314 National Bank charters in Pennsylvania that issued paper money. Below is a list of every bank in Pennsylvania to issue national currency. Click on the name of the bank to learn what bills they issued including the types and general rarity. Use the filters on the right to narrow your search down. If you have any questions about Pennsylvania national currency please let me know.

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Charter Bank Name City State Charter Year
1 First National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1863
12 First National Bank of ErieEriePennsylvania1863
21 First National Bank of CarlisleCarlislePennsylvania1863
25 First National Bank of MariettaMariettaPennsylvania1863
30 First National Bank of Wilkes BarreWilkes-BarrePennsylvania1863
31 First National Bank of HuntingdonHuntingdonPennsylvania1863
39 First National Bank of TowandaTowandaPennsylvania1863
42 First National Bank of StrasburgStrasburgPennsylvania1863
48 First National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1863
49 Second National Bank of ScrantonScrantonPennsylvania1863
51 First National Bank of JohnstownJohnstownPennsylvania1863
54 First National Bank of GirardGirardPennsylvania1863
57 First National Bank of HollidaysburgHollidaysburgPennsylvania1863
60 First National Bank of NewvilleNewvillePennsylvania1863
69 First National Bank of KittanningKittanningPennsylvania1863
77 First National Bank of ScrantonScrantonPennsylvania1863
104 Second National Bank of Wilkes BarreWilkes-BarrePennsylvania1863
110 First National Bank of Union Mills, Union CityUnion CityPennsylvania1863
115 First National Bank of MeadvilleMeadvillePennsylvania1863
125 First National Bank of ReadingReadingPennsylvania1863
135 First National Bank of BrownsvilleBrownsvillePennsylvania1863
138 First National Bank of BethlehemBethlehemPennsylvania1863
143 First National Bank of ConneautvilleConneautvillePennsylvania1863
148 First National Bank of West ChesterWest ChesterPennsylvania1863
161 First National Bank of AllentownAllentownPennsylvania1863
173 First National Bank of Oil CityOil CityPennsylvania1863
174 First National Bank of MifflinburgMifflinburgPennsylvania1863
175 First National Bank of WilliamsportWilliamsportPennsylvania1863
187 First National Bank of HanoverHanoverPennsylvania1864
189 First National Bank of FranklinFranklinPennsylvania1864
197 First National Bank of YorkYorkPennsylvania1864
198 First National Bank of AlleghenyAlleghenyPennsylvania1864
201 First National Bank of HarrisburgHarrisburgPennsylvania1864
213 Second National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1864
234 Third National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1864
240 First National Bank of LebanonLebanonPennsylvania1864
244 First National Bank of WaynesboroWaynesboroPennsylvania1864
246 First National Bank of WrightsvilleWrightsvillePennsylvania1864
247 First National Bank of AltoonaAltoonaPennsylvania1864
249 First National Bank of West GreenvilleWest GreenvillePennsylvania1864
252 Second National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1864
253 First National Bank of MiltonMiltonPennsylvania1864
270 First National Bank of UniontownUniontownPennsylvania1864
272 First National Bank of NorristownNorristownPennsylvania1864
286 Fourth National Bank, PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1864
291 Third National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1864
293 First National Bank of BloomsburgBloomsburgPennsylvania1864
300 First National Bank of CurwensvilleCurwensvillePennsylvania1864
305 First National Bank of WaynesburgWaynesburgPennsylvania1864
309 First National Bank of ButlerButlerPennsylvania1864
311 First National Bank of GettysburgGettysburgPennsylvania1864
312 First National Bank of MediaMediaPennsylvania1864
313 First National Bank of IndianaIndianaPennsylvania1864
324 First National Bank of NewtownNewtownPennsylvania1864
325 First National Bank of DanvilleDanvillePennsylvania1864
326 Second National Bank of MechanicsburgMechanicsburgPennsylvania1864
328 First National Bank of WellsboroughWellsboroughPennsylvania1864
332 First National Bank of ChesterChesterPennsylvania1864
333 First National Bank of LancasterLancasterPennsylvania1864
338 First National Bank of DowningtonDowningtonPennsylvania1864
352 Sixth National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1864
355 Delaware County National Bank of ChesterChesterPennsylvania1864
357 First National Bank of Selins GroveSelins GrovePennsylvania1864
371 First National Bank of ColumbiaColumbiaPennsylvania1864
373 Second National Bank of AllentownAllentownPennsylvania1864
380 First National Bank of MechanicsburgMechanicsburgPennsylvania1864
386 First National Bank of Mount PleasantMount PleasantPennsylvania1864
392 First National Bank of MercerMercerPennsylvania1864
403 First National Bank of AshlandAshlandPennsylvania1864
413 Seventh National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1864
423 First National Bank of MinersvilleMinersvillePennsylvania1864
430 First National Bank of LansdaleLansdalePennsylvania1864
432 Fourth National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1864
435 First National Bank of Glen RockGlen RockPennsylvania1864
437 First National Bank of Mauch ChunkMauch ChunkPennsylvania1864
459 First National Bank of BellefonteBellefontePennsylvania1864
469 Second National Bank of Mauch ChunkMauch ChunkPennsylvania1864
478 First National Bank of PittstonPittstonPennsylvania1864
507 First National Bank of Lock HavenLock HavenPennsylvania1864
520 First National Bank of WarrenWarrenPennsylvania1864
521 First National Bank of ProvidenceProvidencePennsylvania1864
522 Eighth National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1864
535 Keystone National Bank of ErieEriePennsylvania1864
538 Farmers and Mechanics National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1864
539 Philadelphia National Bank, PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1864
540 Penn National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1864
541 National Bank of Northern Liberties PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1864
542 Corn Exchange National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1864
543 City National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1864
544 Kensington National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1864
546 National Bank of Germantown, PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1864
547 National Bank of Commerce, PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1864
552 National Bank of Chester County, West ChesterWest ChesterPennsylvania1864
556 Commercial National Bank of Pennsylvania of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1864
557 Manufacturers National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1864
560 Southwark National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1864
561 Consolidation National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1864
562 First National Bank of New CastleNew CastlePennsylvania1864
563 Union National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1864
566 First National Bank of NorthumberlandNorthumberlandPennsylvania1864
567 First National Bank of Mahanoy CityMahanoy CityPennsylvania1864
568 First National Bank of BerwickBerwickPennsylvania1864
569 Corry National Bank, CorryCorryPennsylvania1864
570 Tradesmens National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1864
573 Doylestown National Bank, DoylestownDoylestownPennsylvania1864
575 National Bank of Chester Valley, CoatesvilleCoatesvillePennsylvania1864
580 Harrisburg National Bank, HarrisburgHarrisburgPennsylvania1864
585 National Bank of MiddletownMiddletownPennsylvania1864
586 First National Bank of WashingtonWashingtonPennsylvania1864
592 Girard National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1864
593 National Bank of ChambersburgChambersburgPennsylvania1864
597 Farmers National Bank of LancasterLancasterPennsylvania1864
602 Bank of North America, PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1864
604 York National BankYorkPennsylvania1864
605 First National Bank of CorryCorryPennsylvania1864
606 Second National Bank of ErieEriePennsylvania1864
608 National Bank of PottstownPottstownPennsylvania1864
610 Mechanics National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1864
611 Gettysburg National BankGettysburgPennsylvania1864
613 Merchants and Manufacturers National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1864
619 Citizens National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1864
622 First National Bank of TitusvilleTitusvillePennsylvania1864
623 Commonwealth National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1864
632 National Bank of Beaver County, New BrightonNew BrightonPennsylvania1864
641 Columbia National BankColumbiaPennsylvania1864
644 Honesdale National BankHonesdalePennsylvania1864
648 Monongahela National Bank of BrownsvilleBrownsvillePennsylvania1864
649 Miners National Bank of PottsvillePottsvillePennsylvania1864
655 Valley National Bank of LebanonLebanonPennsylvania1864
656 Western National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1864
661 Downingtown National BankDowningtownPennsylvania1864
664 First National Bank of CarbondaleCarbondalePennsylvania1864
667 First National Bank of Mount JoyMount JoyPennsylvania1864
668 Pittsburgh National Bank of Commerce PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1864
674 National Bank of PhoenixvillePhoenixvillePennsylvania1864
675 Iron City National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1864
678 Tradesmen's National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1864
680 The Lebanon National Bank, LebanonLebanonPennsylvania1864
681 National Bank of Fayette County, UniontownUniontownPennsylvania1864
683 Lancaster County National Bank of LancasterLancasterPennsylvania1865
685 Farmers Deposit National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1865
689 Northumberland County National Bank of ShamokinShamokinPennsylvania1865
693 National Union Bank of ReadingReadingPennsylvania1865
694 York County National Bank of YorkYorkPennsylvania1865
696 Farmers National Bank of ReadingReadingPennsylvania1865
700 Mechanics National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1865
705 Union National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1865
707 First National Bank of PlymouthPlymouthPennsylvania1865
711 Milton National Bank, MiltonMiltonPennsylvania1865
717 Farmers National Bank of Bucks County, BristolBristolPennsylvania1865
722 Allegheny National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1865
723 Central National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1865
727 Peoples National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1865
728 National Bank of OxfordOxfordPennsylvania1865
732 Wyoming National Bank of Wilkes BarreWilkes-BarrePennsylvania1865
734 Lumberman's National Bank of WilliamsportWilliamsportPennsylvania1865
741 First National Bank of North EastNorth EastPennsylvania1865
745 Lewisburg National Bank, LewisburgLewisburgPennsylvania1865
755 National Exchange Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1865
757 German National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1865
768 First National Bank of ClearfieldClearfieldPennsylvania1865
774 First National Bank of ClarionClarionPennsylvania1865
776 Second National Bank of AlleghenyAlleghenyPennsylvania1865
784 Union National Bank of LewisburgLewisburgPennsylvania1865
797 First National Bank of TremontTremontPennsylvania1865
834 First National Bank of ShippensburgShippensburgPennsylvania1865
835 Wyoming National Bank of TunkhannockTunkhannockPennsylvania1865
837 First National Bank of MuncyMuncyPennsylvania1865
839 Farmers and Drovers National Bank of WaynesburgWaynesburgPennsylvania1865
854 First National Bank of PlumerPlumerPennsylvania1865
855 County National Bank of ClearfieldClearfieldPennsylvania1865
867 First National Bank of BlairsvilleBlairsvillePennsylvania1865
870 Marine National Bank of ErieEriePennsylvania1865
871 Merchants National Bank of MeadvilleMeadvillePennsylvania1865
879 Second National Bank of TitusvilleTitusvillePennsylvania1865
897 First National Bank of BrookvilleBrookvillePennsylvania1865
912 Manheim National Bank, ManheimManheimPennsylvania1865
926 First National Bank of Birmingham, PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1865
1053 First National Bank of Susquehanna DepotSusquehanna DepotPennsylvania1865
1057 Exchange National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1865
1078 Danville National Bank, DanvilleDanvillePennsylvania1865
1081 First National Bank of GreencastleGreencastlePennsylvania1865
1094 First National Bank of AthensAthensPennsylvania1865
1148 Montgomery National Bank of NorristownNorristownPennsylvania1865
1152 Government National Bank of PottsvillePottsvillePennsylvania1865
1156 National Bank of Lawrence County at New CastleNew CastlePennsylvania1865
1171 First National Bank of EastonEastonPennsylvania1865
1176 Venango National Bank of FranklinFranklinPennsylvania1865
1219 First National Bank of TamaquaTamaquaPennsylvania1865
1233 Easton National Bank, EastonEastonPennsylvania1865
1237 First National Bank of SunburySunburyPennsylvania1865
1273 Lock Haven National Bank, Lock HavenLock HavenPennsylvania1865
1322 Allentown National BankAllentownPennsylvania1865
1411 National Bank of CatasauquaCatasauquaPennsylvania1865
1464 Jersey Shore National Bank, Jersey ShoreJersey ShorePennsylvania1865
1505 West Branch National Bank of WilliamsportWilliamsportPennsylvania1865
1516 Union National Mount Joy Bank, Mount JoyMount JoyPennsylvania1865
1579 Mifflin County National Bank of LewistownLewistownPennsylvania1865
1647 National Bank of The Republic of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1866
1663 Pennsylvania National Bank of PottsvillePottsvillePennsylvania1866
1676 First National Bank of HoneybrookHoneybrookPennsylvania1868
1685 First National Bank of SharonSharonPennsylvania1868
1743 National Security Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1870
1875 National Bank of KutztownKutztownPennsylvania1871
1894 Farmers National Bank of GreensburgGreensburgPennsylvania1871
1936 The Farmers and Mechanics National Bank of PhoenixvillePhoenixvillePennsylvania1872
1946 Third National Bank of ScrantonScrantonPennsylvania1872
2018 National Bank of Spring CitySpring CityPennsylvania1872
2050 Lehigh Valley National Bank of BethlehemBethlehemPennsylvania1872
2078 First National Bank of ConshohockenConshohockenPennsylvania1873
2131 Green Lane National Bank, Green LaneGreen LanePennsylvania1873
2137 National Bank of BoyertownBoyertownPennsylvania1874
2139 City National Bank of WilliamsportWilliamsportPennsylvania1874
2142 National Bank of SchwenksvilleSchwenksvillePennsylvania1874
2195 City National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1874
2222 First National Bank of McKeesportMcKeesportPennsylvania1875
2223 First National Bank of MontroseMontrosePennsylvania1875
2226 Citizens National Bank of WarrenWarrenPennsylvania1875
2227 Lycoming National Bank of WilliamsportWilliamsportPennsylvania1875
2228 Farmers National Bank of YorkYorkPennsylvania1875
2235 Third National Bank of AlleghenyAlleghenyPennsylvania1875
2236 Diamond National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1875
2237 Marine National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1875
2241 German National Bank of MillerstownMillerstownPennsylvania1875
2244 Sharon National Bank, SharonSharonPennsylvania1875
2249 Jenkintown National Bank, JenkintownJenkintownPennsylvania1875
2251 Greenville National Bank, GreenvilleGreenvillePennsylvania1875
2252 First National Bank of MillersburgMillersburgPennsylvania1875
2253 Hatboro National Bank, HatboroHatboroPennsylvania1875
2256 Farmers and Mechanics National Bank of MercerMercerPennsylvania1875
2258 First National Bank of MeyersdaleMeyersdalePennsylvania1875
2261 German National Bank of AlleghenyAlleghenyPennsylvania1875
2278 Duquesne National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1875
2279 Metropolitan National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1875
2280 Citizens National Bank of AshlandAshlandPennsylvania1875
2281 Smithfield National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1875
2285 First National Bank of TarentumTarentumPennsylvania1875
2286 First National Bank of FreeportFreeportPennsylvania1875
2291 Keystone National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1875
2293 National Bank of SlatingtonSlatingtonPennsylvania1875
2301 Perkiomen National Bank of PennsburgPennsburgPennsylvania1875
2303 Western National Bank of YorkYorkPennsylvania1875
2308 First National Bank of LehightonLehightonPennsylvania1875
2317 Centennial National Bank of The City of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1876
2329 First National Bank of ConnellsvilleConnellsvillePennsylvania1876
2333 Union National Bank of SoudertonSoudertonPennsylvania1876
2334 Farmers National Bank of PennsburgPennsburgPennsylvania1876
2335 Harmony National Bank, HarmonyHarmonyPennsylvania1876
2337 Citizens National Bank of TowandaTowandaPennsylvania1876
2366 Quakertown National Bank, QuakertownQuakertownPennsylvania1877
2384 Annville National Bank, AnnvilleAnnvillePennsylvania1878
2385 Northampton County National Bank of EastonEastonPennsylvania1878
2392 Jefferson County National Bank of BrookvilleBrookvillePennsylvania1878
2397 Dillsburg National Bank, DillsburgDillsburgPennsylvania1878
2408 Burgettstown National Bank, BurgettstownBurgettstownPennsylvania1879
2415 Fort Pitt National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1879
2428 Bradford National Bank, BradfordBradfordPennsylvania1879
2452 Lititz National Bank, LititzLititzPennsylvania1880
2457 National Deposit Bank of BrownsvilleBrownsvillePennsylvania1880
2462 Merchants National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1880
2464 Parkesburg National Bank, ParkesburgParkesburgPennsylvania1880
2466 Hyde National Bank of TitusvilleTitusvillePennsylvania1880
2470 First National Bank of BradfordBradfordPennsylvania1880
2473 Commercial National Bank of ReadingReadingPennsylvania1880
2483 Watsontown National Bank, WatsontownWatsontownPennsylvania1880
2505 First National Bank of CantonCantonPennsylvania1881
2515 Ephrata National Bank, EphrataEphrataPennsylvania1881
2526 National Bank of Kennett Square, Kennett SquareKennett SquarePennsylvania1881
2530 New Holland National Bank, New HollandNew HollandPennsylvania1881
2552 Second National Bank of ReadingReadingPennsylvania1881
2558 First National Bank of GreensburgGreensburgPennsylvania1881
2562 Merchants and Farmers National Bank of GreensburgGreensburgPennsylvania1881
2581 Peoples National Bank of NorristownNorristownPennsylvania1881
2609 First National Bank of SaltsburgSaltsburgPennsylvania1882
2634 Fulton National Bank of LancasterLancasterPennsylvania1882
2654 National Bank of Kittanning KittanningKittanningPennsylvania1882
2659 First National Bank of BangorBangorPennsylvania1882
2667 Sellersville National Bank, SellersvilleSellersvillePennsylvania1882
2669 National Bank of West GroveWest GrovePennsylvania1882
2671 Tradesmen's National Bank of ConshohockenConshohockenPennsylvania1882
2673 Second National Bank of BrownsvilleBrownsvillePennsylvania1882
2697 First National Bank of ScrantonScrantonPennsylvania1882
2700 First National Bank of StrasburgStrasburgPennsylvania1882
2710 First National Bank of MariettaMariettaPennsylvania1882
2711 Commercial National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1882
2731 First National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1882
2736 First National Bank of Wilkes BarreWilkes-BarrePennsylvania1882
2739 First National Bank of JohnstownJohnstownPennsylvania1882
2744 First National Bank of HollidaysburgHollidaysburgPennsylvania1882
2745 First National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1882
2781 Second National Bank of AltoonaAltoonaPennsylvania1882
2787 First National Bank of StroudsburgStroudsburgPennsylvania1882
2799 First National Bank of BraddockBraddockPennsylvania1882
2822 Hummelstown National Bank, HummelstownHummelstownPennsylvania1882
2828 Braddock National Bank, BraddockBraddockPennsylvania1882
2834 Roberts National Bank of TitusvilleTitusvillePennsylvania1882
2849 National Bank of ChristianaChristianaPennsylvania1882
2852 Linderman National Bank of Mauch ChunkMauch ChunkPennsylvania1883
2857 Farmers National Bank of West ChesterWest ChesterPennsylvania1883
2864 Gap National Bank, GapGapPennsylvania1883
2899 Penn National Bank of ReadingReadingPennsylvania1883
2900 Farmers National Bank of BoyertownBoyertownPennsylvania1883
2904 Chester National Bank, ChesterChesterPennsylvania1883
2906 Farmers National Bank of OxfordOxfordPennsylvania1883
2958 Drovers and Mechanics National Bank of YorkYorkPennsylvania1883
2969 First National Bank of Dubois CityDubois CityPennsylvania1883
2977 First National Bank of RochesterRochesterPennsylvania1883
3030 First National Bank of PunxsutawneyPunxsutawneyPennsylvania1884
3044 Second National Bank of ClarionClarionPennsylvania1884
3045 First National Bank of ShamokinShamokinPennsylvania1884
3051 National Bank of BrookvilleBrookvillePennsylvania1884
3063 Peoples National Bank of LanghorneLanghornePennsylvania1884
3067 Quarryville National Bank, QuarryvilleQuarryvillePennsylvania1884
3085 Independence National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1884
3089 First National Bank of BedfordBedfordPennsylvania1884
3104 Farmers National Bank of KittanningKittanningPennsylvania1884
3143 First National Bank of ShenandoahShenandoahPennsylvania1884
3144 City National Bank of SusquehannaSusquehannaPennsylvania1884
3147 National Bank of MalvernMalvernPennsylvania1884
3198 Lincoln National Bank, LincolnLincolnPennsylvania1884
3220 First National Bank of AmblerAmblerPennsylvania1884
3255 First National Bank of EmporiumEmporiumPennsylvania1884
3259 National Bank of New BrightonNew BrightonPennsylvania1884
3335 Elizabethtown National Bank, ElizabethtownElizabethtownPennsylvania1885
3356 First National Bank of Beaver FallsBeaver FallsPennsylvania1885
3358 Topton National Bank, ToptonToptonPennsylvania1885
3367 Northern National Bank of LancasterLancasterPennsylvania1885
3371 Ninth National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1885
3383 Citizens National Bank of WashingtonWashingtonPennsylvania1885
3423 Tenth National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1885
3459 Farmers National Bank of WatsontownWatsontownPennsylvania1886
3468 Spring Garden National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1886
3480 Citizens National Bank of MuncyMuncyPennsylvania1886
3491 Northwestern National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1886
3494 National Iron Bank of PottstownPottstownPennsylvania1886
3498 Southwestern National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1886
3507 Produce National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1886
3551 National Bank of RoyersfordRoyersfordPennsylvania1886
3557 Fourth Street National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1886
3599 Steelton National Bank, SteeltonSteeltonPennsylvania1886
3604 Manayunk National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1886
3632 Stroudsburg National Bank, StroudsburgStroudsburgPennsylvania1887
3635 Keystone National Bank of ManheimManheimPennsylvania1887
3650 Peoples National Bank of LancasterLancasterPennsylvania1887
3666 Charter National Bank of MediaMediaPennsylvania1887
3684 Market Street National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1887
3705 Merchants National Bank of WilliamsportWilliamsportPennsylvania1887
3713 Merchants National Bank of HarrisburgHarrisburgPennsylvania1887
3723 Chestnut Street National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1887
3763 First National Bank of RenovoRenovoPennsylvania1887
3766 Bryn Mawr National Bank, Bryn MawrBryn MawrPennsylvania1887
3808 Mountville National Bank, MountvilleMountvillePennsylvania1887
3829 First National Bank of HomesteadHomesteadPennsylvania1887
3831 First National Bank of LatrobeLatrobePennsylvania1887
3850 First National Bank of BeaverBeaverPennsylvania1888
3873 Central National Bank of ColumbiaColumbiaPennsylvania1888
3874 Monongahela National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1888
3877 First National Bank of Port AlleganyPort AlleganyPennsylvania1888
3893 First National Bank of HazletonHazletonPennsylvania1888
3902 First National Bank of HughesvilleHughesvillePennsylvania1888
3905 First National Bank of BirdsboroBirdsboroPennsylvania1888
3910 Citizens National Bank of LatrobeLatrobePennsylvania1888
3938 Wellsborough National Bank, WellsboroughWellsboroughPennsylvania1888
3945 Berwyn National Bank, BerwynBerwynPennsylvania1888
3955 First National Bank of NanticokeNanticokePennsylvania1889
3961 South Bethlehem National Bank, South BethlehemSouth BethlehemPennsylvania1889
3980 First National Bank of Mount CarmelMount CarmelPennsylvania1889
3987 Conestoga National Bank of LancasterLancasterPennsylvania1889
3990 National Bank of CoatesvilleCoatesvillePennsylvania1889
3997 Union National Bank of Mahanoy CityMahanoy CityPennsylvania1889
4011 East Stroudsburg National Bank, East StroudsburgEast StroudsburgPennsylvania1889
4039 First National Bank of MifflintownMifflintownPennsylvania1889
4050 Quaker City National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1889
4063 National Bank of South Pennsylvania at HyndmanHyndmanPennsylvania1889
4092 First National Bank of JeannetteJeannettePennsylvania1889
4098 First National Bank of ScottdaleScottdalePennsylvania1889
4100 First National Bank of SomersetSomersetPennsylvania1889
4142 Duncannon National Bank, DuncannonDuncannonPennsylvania1889
4156 First National Bank of MiddleburghMiddleburghPennsylvania1889
4181 Farmers and Mechanics National Bank of WashingtonWashingtonPennsylvania1889
4183 Traders National Bank of ScrantonScrantonPennsylvania1889
4192 Northern National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1890
4199 Commercial National Bank of BradfordBradfordPennsylvania1890
4204 Hazleton National Bank, HazletonHazletonPennsylvania1890
4205 First National Bank of DeltaDeltaPennsylvania1890
4207 Yardley National Bank, YardleyYardleyPennsylvania1890
4212 Citizens National Bank of JohnstownJohnstownPennsylvania1890
4222 Pennsylvania National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1890
4227 Somerset County National Bank of SomersetSomersetPennsylvania1890
4255 National Bank of ClaysvilleClaysvillePennsylvania1890
4267 Citizens National Bank of WaynesburgWaynesburgPennsylvania1890
4272 Valley National Bank of ChambersburgChambersburgPennsylvania1890
4273 First National Bank of ClaysvilleClaysvillePennsylvania1890
4330 North Wales National Bank, North WalesNorth WalesPennsylvania1890
4339 Liberty National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1890
4352 First National Bank of Pen ArgylPen ArgylPennsylvania1890
4355 First National Bank of TyroneTyronePennsylvania1890
4367 Miles National Bank of DeltaDeltaPennsylvania1890
4374 Butler County National Bank of ButlerButlerPennsylvania1890
4408 First National Bank of OrwigsburgOrwigsburgPennsylvania1890
4422 First National Bank of GirardvilleGirardvillePennsylvania1890
4428 First National Bank of DarbyDarbyPennsylvania1890
4444 Merchants National Bank of CarlisleCarlislePennsylvania1890
4445 Peoples National Bank of WaynesboroWaynesboroPennsylvania1890
4453 National Bank of TarentumTarentumPennsylvania1890
4462 First National Bank of SewickleySewickleyPennsylvania1890
4479 Citizens National Bank of CorryCorryPennsylvania1890
4481 Second National Bank of ConnellsvilleConnellsvillePennsylvania1890
4505 First National Bank of DushoreDushorePennsylvania1891
4513 Merchants National Bank of BangorBangorPennsylvania1891
4534 First National Bank of CharleroiCharleroiPennsylvania1891
4538 Reedsville National Bank, ReedsvilleReedsvillePennsylvania1891
4543 Farmers National Bank of BloomsburgBloomsburgPennsylvania1891
4544 Johnsonburg National Bank, JohnsonburgJohnsonburgPennsylvania1891
4546 Merchants National Bank of ShenandoahShenandoahPennsylvania1891
4548 First National Bank of CatawissaCatawissaPennsylvania1891
4549 Union National Bank of New BrightonNew BrightonPennsylvania1891
4560 National Bank of AvondaleAvondalePennsylvania1891
4570 First National Bank of CanonsburgCanonsburgPennsylvania1891
4615 First National Bank of EmlentonEmlentonPennsylvania1891
4622 First National Bank of CaliforniaCaliforniaPennsylvania1891
4625 National Bank of McKeesportMcKeesportPennsylvania1891
4665 First National Bank of StewartstownStewartstownPennsylvania1891
4673 First National Bank of DawsonDawsonPennsylvania1891
4676 Citizens National Bank of New CastleNew CastlePennsylvania1892
4698 First National Bank of IrwinIrwinPennsylvania1892
4714 Citizens National Bank of PottstownPottstownPennsylvania1892
4728 First National Bank of WilkinsburgWilkinsburgPennsylvania1892
4730 First National Bank of DuquesneDuquesnePennsylvania1892
4751 First National Bank of RoyersfordRoyersfordPennsylvania1892
4752 First National Bank of McDonaldMcDonaldPennsylvania1892
4762 First National Bank of ChartiersChartiersPennsylvania1892
4818 First National Bank of Ellwood CityEllwood CityPennsylvania1892
4823 National Bank of CorryCorryPennsylvania1892
4832 Philipsburg National Bank, PhilipsburgPhilipsburgPennsylvania1892
4836 Clearfield National Bank, ClearfieldClearfieldPennsylvania1893
4850 First National Bank of Belle VernonBelle VernonPennsylvania1893
4857 First National Bank of PattonPattonPennsylvania1893
4861 Yough National Bank of ConnellsvilleConnellsvillePennsylvania1893
4875 Citizens National Bank of Mount PleasantMount PleasantPennsylvania1893
4876 Citizens National Bank of McKeesportMcKeesportPennsylvania1893
4877 First National Bank of VeronaVeronaPennsylvania1893
4879 Warren National Bank, WarrenWarrenPennsylvania1893
4883 Lincoln National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1893
4887 Reading National Bank, ReadingReadingPennsylvania1893
4892 Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Mount PleasantMount PleasantPennsylvania1893
4894 Farmers National Bank of Beaver FallsBeaver FallsPennsylvania1893
4908 First National Bank of ReynoldsvilleReynoldsvillePennsylvania1893
4909 Mercer County National Bank of MercerMercerPennsylvania1893
4910 Columbia National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1893
4913 First National Bank of New KensingtonNew KensingtonPennsylvania1893
4915 Farmers National Bank of AthensAthensPennsylvania1893
4917 First National Bank of NewportNewportPennsylvania1893
4918 National Bank of Western Pennsylvania at PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1893
4919 Blairsville National Bank, BlairsvilleBlairsvillePennsylvania1893
4923 Farmers National Bank of EphrataEphrataPennsylvania1893
4927 First National Bank of North EastNorth EastPennsylvania1893
4938 New First National Bank of MeadvilleMeadvillePennsylvania1894
4948 First National Bank of CoudersportCoudersportPennsylvania1894
4955 Peoples National Bank of LebanonLebanonPennsylvania1894
4965 Union National Bank of HuntingdonHuntingdonPennsylvania1894
4971 First National Bank of CochrantonCochrantonPennsylvania1894
4974 Westmoreland National Bank of GreensburgGreensburgPennsylvania1894
4978 First National Bank of New BethlehemNew BethlehemPennsylvania1894
4979 Farmers National Bank of LebanonLebanonPennsylvania1894
4984 First National Bank of TroyTroyPennsylvania1895
4991 Enterprise National Bank of AlleghenyAlleghenyPennsylvania1895
5000 East Pittsburgh National Bank of WilmerdingWilmerdingPennsylvania1895
5007 Miners National Bank of BlossburgBlossburgPennsylvania1895
5010 First National Bank of West NewtonWest NewtonPennsylvania1895
5014 Elk County National Bank of RidgwayRidgwayPennsylvania1895
5017 United States National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1895
5019 Deposit National Bank of Du BoisDu BoisPennsylvania1895
5025 First National Bank of KaneKanePennsylvania1895
5034 Second National Bank of UniontownUniontownPennsylvania1896
5038 Forest County National Bank of TionestaTionestaPennsylvania1896
5040 Citizens National Bank of TionestaTionestaPennsylvania1896
5042 Beaver National Bank, BeaverBeaverPennsylvania1896
5043 Pattison National Bank of ElklandElklandPennsylvania1896
5044 First National Bank of Grove CityGrove CityPennsylvania1896
5051 Citizens National Bank of New BethlehemNew BethlehemPennsylvania1896
5058 Peoples National Bank of McDonaldMcDonaldPennsylvania1897
5059 Cambria National Bank of JohnstownJohnstownPennsylvania1897
5066 Moshannon National Bank of PhilipsburgPhilipsburgPennsylvania1897
5069 Coraopolis National Bank, CoraopolisCoraopolisPennsylvania1897
5073 Merchants National Bank of KittanningKittanningPennsylvania1897
5077 Nazareth National Bank, NazarethNazarethPennsylvania1897
5080 First National Bank of VandergriftVandergriftPennsylvania1897
5084 First National Bank of EbensburgEbensburgPennsylvania1897
5085 Peoples National Bank of WaynesburgWaynesburgPennsylvania1897
5102 Kutztown National Bank, KutztownKutztownPennsylvania1897
5114 First National Bank of ElizabethElizabethPennsylvania1898
5118 Northampton National Bank of EastonEastonPennsylvania1898
5130 First National Bank of Ford CityFord CityPennsylvania1898
5131 National Bank of Union CityUnion CityPennsylvania1898
5133 First National Bank of New BloomfieldNew BloomfieldPennsylvania1898
5142 First National Bank of McKees RocksMcKees RocksPennsylvania1898
5147 Juniata Valley National Bank of MifflintownMifflintownPennsylvania1898
5166 Perkiomen National Bank of East GreenvilleEast GreenvillePennsylvania1899
5170 Rochester National Bank, RochesterRochesterPennsylvania1899
5184 Red Lion First National Bank, Red LionRed LionPennsylvania1899
5198 Peoples National Bank of DeltaDeltaPennsylvania1899
5202 Athens National Bank, AthensAthensPennsylvania1899
5204 First National Bank of Glen CampbellGlen CampbellPennsylvania1899
5211 Bloomsburg National Bank, BloomsburgBloomsburgPennsylvania1899
5216 First National Bank of Schuylkill HavenSchuylkill HavenPennsylvania1899
5221 Lamberton National Bank of FranklinFranklinPennsylvania1899
5225 Bank of Pittsburgh National Assoc., PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1899
5227 Cement National Bank of SiegfriedSiegfriedPennsylvania1899
5234 First National Bank of LansfordLansfordPennsylvania1899
5240 Oil City National Bank, Oil CityOil CityPennsylvania1899
5241 Myerstown National Bank, MyerstownMyerstownPennsylvania1900
5242 Windber National Bank, WindberWindberPennsylvania1900
5245 Perry County National Bank of NewportNewportPennsylvania1900
5253 Monessen National Bank, MonessenMonessenPennsylvania1900
5255 Citizens National Bank of IrwinIrwinPennsylvania1900
5265 Central National Bank of WilkinsburgWilkinsburgPennsylvania1900
5289 Citizens National Bank of LewistownLewistownPennsylvania1900
5306 Belleville National Bank, BellevilleBellevillePennsylvania1900
5307 First National Bank of ConfluenceConfluencePennsylvania1900
5311 First National Bank of SmithtonSmithtonPennsylvania1900
5321 First National Bank of East BradyEast BradyPennsylvania1900
5327 First National Bank of OakdaleOakdalePennsylvania1900
5339 First National Bank of WyalusingWyalusingPennsylvania1900
5340 First National Bank of RockwoodRockwoodPennsylvania1900
5351 Peoples National Bank of TarentumTarentumPennsylvania1900
5356 Peoples National Bank of East BradyEast BradyPennsylvania1900
5365 Homestead National Bank, HomesteadHomesteadPennsylvania1900
5389 First National Bank of MillvilleMillvillePennsylvania1900
5391 Farmers National Bank of ButlerButlerPennsylvania1900
5429 First National Bank of MeshoppenMeshoppenPennsylvania1900
5441 First National Bank of MasontownMasontownPennsylvania1900
5444 First National Bank of BathBathPennsylvania1900
5452 Farmers National Bank of SomersetSomersetPennsylvania1900
5454 Freedom National Bank, FreedomFreedomPennsylvania1900
5459 Franklin National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1900
5481 Farmers National Bank of EmlentonEmlentonPennsylvania1900
5495 First National Bank of RoscoeRoscoePennsylvania1900
5496 First National Bank of MilfordMilfordPennsylvania1900
5497 First National Bank of BrockwayvilleBrockwayvillePennsylvania1900
5501 Peoples National Bank of Grove CityGrove CityPennsylvania1900
5502 First National Bank of LeechburgLeechburgPennsylvania1900
5509 Bellevue National Bank, BellevueBellevuePennsylvania1900
5518 First National Bank of Forest CityForest CityPennsylvania1900
5527 Jeannette National BankJeannettePennsylvania1900
5563 First National Bank of ElizabethvilleElizabethvillePennsylvania1900
5565 Lamberton National Bank of Oil CityOil CityPennsylvania1900
5573 First National Bank of ShickshinnyShickshinnyPennsylvania1900
5574 First National Bank of MontgomeryMontgomeryPennsylvania1900
5578 Monroe County National Bank of East StroudsburgEast StroudsburgPennsylvania1900
5599 Mars National Bank, MarsMarsPennsylvania1900
5601 Halifax National Bank, HalifaxHalifaxPennsylvania1900
5615 Ashland National Bank, AshlandAshlandPennsylvania1900
5625 Market Street National Bank of ShamokinShamokinPennsylvania1900
5646 First National Bank of Fayette CityFayette CityPennsylvania1900
5666 First National Bank of SayreSayrePennsylvania1901
5667 Citizens National Bank of Big RunBig RunPennsylvania1901
5682 First National Bank of StoystownStoystownPennsylvania1901
5684 National Bank of SayreSayrePennsylvania1901
5686 Second National Bank of NazarethNazarethPennsylvania1901
5702 Punxsutawney National Bank, PunxsutawneyPunxsutawneyPennsylvania1901
5708 Glassport National Bank, GlassportGlassportPennsylvania1901
5723 First National Bank of ApolloApolloPennsylvania1901
5727 Gold Standard National Bank of MarienvilleMarienvillePennsylvania1901
5729 First National Bank of NatronaNatronaPennsylvania1901
5736 First National Bank of PerkasiePerkasiePennsylvania1901
5742 First National Bank of DaytonDaytonPennsylvania1901
5744 Peoples National Bank of LatrobeLatrobePennsylvania1901
5768 First National Bank of CressonCressonPennsylvania1901
5773 Farmers National Bank of LititzLititzPennsylvania1901
5777 First National Bank of Beaver Springs at AdamsburgAdamsburgPennsylvania1901
5784 First National Bank of CarmichaelsCarmichaelsPennsylvania1901
5801 Second National Bank of MeyersdaleMeyersdalePennsylvania1901
5818 First National Bank of BarnesboroBarnesboroPennsylvania1901
5823 First National Bank of BerlinBerlinPennsylvania1901
5832 Citizens National Bank of WaynesboroWaynesboroPennsylvania1901
5833 Citizens National Bank of MeyersdaleMeyersdalePennsylvania1901
5835 First National Bank of DonoraDonoraPennsylvania1901
5837 Delmont National Bank of New SalemNew SalemPennsylvania1901
5848 First National Bank of PitcairnPitcairnPennsylvania1901
5855 First National Bank of CarrolltownCarrolltownPennsylvania1901
5857 Citizens National Bank of GreencastleGreencastlePennsylvania1901
5878 Monaca National Bank, MonacaMonacaPennsylvania1901
5879 Citizens National Bank of MonacaMonacaPennsylvania1901
5899 Ellwood City National Bank, Ellwood CityEllwood CityPennsylvania1901
5908 First National Bank of HoustonHoustonPennsylvania1901
5913 United States National Bank of JohnstownJohnstownPennsylvania1901
5920 First National Bank of FredericktownFredericktownPennsylvania1901
5945 Ridgway National Bank, RidgwayRidgwayPennsylvania1901
5948 West Alexander National Bank, West AlexanderWest AlexanderPennsylvania1901
5956 Peoples National Bank of MonessenMonessenPennsylvania1901
5965 Farmers National Bank of PunxsutawneyPunxsutawneyPennsylvania1901
5968 First National Bank of Monongahela CityMonongahela CityPennsylvania1901
5974 Broadway National Bank of ScottdaleScottdalePennsylvania1901
5977 First National Bank of SheradenSheradenPennsylvania1901
6010 First National Bank of CraftonCraftonPennsylvania1901
6023 Federal National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1901
6037 Denver National Bank, DenverDenverPennsylvania1901
6045 First National Bank of Parkers LandingParkers LandingPennsylvania1901
6049 First National Bank of HerndonHerndonPennsylvania1901
6051 Citizens National Bank of SlatingtonSlatingtonPennsylvania1901
6066 Citizens National Bank of Port AlleganyPort AlleganyPennsylvania1901
6083 Rural Valley National Bank, Rural ValleyRural ValleyPennsylvania1902
6090 Standing Stone National Bank of HuntingdonHuntingdonPennsylvania1902
6105 American National Bank of WaynesburgWaynesburgPennsylvania1902
6106 First National Bank of SalisburySalisburyPennsylvania1902
6108 First National Bank of WeatherlyWeatherlyPennsylvania1902
6109 First National Bank of SwissvaleSwissvalePennsylvania1902
6114 First National Bank of Point MarionPoint MarionPennsylvania1902
6117 Tower City National Bank, Tower CityTower CityPennsylvania1902
6127 National Kittanning Bank, KittanningKittanningPennsylvania1902
6131 Union National Bank of MinersvilleMinersvillePennsylvania1902
6135 Bolivar National Bank, BolivarBolivarPennsylvania1902
6141 First National Bank of ZelienopleZelienoplePennsylvania1902
6153 Republic National Bank of PittsburgPittsburgPennsylvania1902
6155 National Bank of Jersey ShoreJersey ShorePennsylvania1902
6158 First National Bank of JermynJermynPennsylvania1902
6162 Berwick National Bank, BerwickBerwickPennsylvania1902
6165 Tremont National Bank, TremontTremontPennsylvania1902
6174 Carnegie National Bank, CarnegieCarnegiePennsylvania1902
6175 First National Bank of FreelandFreelandPennsylvania1902
6182 Clarion County National Bank of EdenburgEdenburgPennsylvania1902
6193 Sheffield National Bank, SheffieldSheffieldPennsylvania1902
6209 American National Bank of EbensburgEbensburgPennsylvania1902
6216 Cosmopolitan National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1902
6220 First National Bank of EverettEverettPennsylvania1902
6250 First National Bank of HooversvilleHooversvillePennsylvania1902
6270 First National Bank of SutersvilleSutersvillePennsylvania1902
6275 First National Bank of Clifton HeightsClifton HeightsPennsylvania1902
6281 First National Bank of LigonierLigonierPennsylvania1902
6301 Mellon National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1902
6325 Wilmerding National Bank, WilmerdingWilmerdingPennsylvania1902
6328 Columbia County National Bank of BentonBentonPennsylvania1902
6344 First National Bank of PerryopolisPerryopolisPennsylvania1902
6350 First National Bank of Le RaysvilleLe RaysvillePennsylvania1902
6373 First National Bank of West ElizabethWest ElizabethPennsylvania1902
6384 First National Bank of Falls CreekFalls CreekPennsylvania1902
6408 New Haven National Bank, New HavenNew HavenPennsylvania1902
6411 First National Bank of Mount UnionMount UnionPennsylvania1902
6420 First National Bank of FinleyvilleFinleyvillePennsylvania1902
6438 Citizens National Bank of TunkhannockTunkhannockPennsylvania1902
6442 First National Bank of GallitzinGallitzinPennsylvania1902
6444 Peoples National Bank of StewartstownStewartstownPennsylvania1902
6445 First National Bank of HawleyHawleyPennsylvania1902
6452 Citizens National Bank of ConnellsvilleConnellsvillePennsylvania1902
6453 First National Bank of EtnaEtnaPennsylvania1902
6456 Manor National Bank, ManorManorPennsylvania1902
6465 Merchants National Bank of QuakertownQuakertownPennsylvania1902
6483 First National Bank of Slippery RockSlippery RockPennsylvania1902
6495 Clairton National Bank, ClairtonClairtonPennsylvania1902
6499 Farmers and Merchants National Bank of TyroneTyronePennsylvania1902
6500 First National Bank of YoungwoodYoungwoodPennsylvania1902
6501 First National Bank of Osceola, Osceola MillsOsceola MillsPennsylvania1902
6507 Hays National Bank, HaysHaysPennsylvania1902
6512 Philson National Bank of BerlinBerlinPennsylvania1902
6516 Blair County National Bank of TyroneTyronePennsylvania1902
6528 Masontown National Bank, MasontownMasontownPennsylvania1902
6531 Citizens National Bank of LehightonLehightonPennsylvania1902
6533 First National Bank of Cambridge SpringsCambridge SpringsPennsylvania1902
6534 Mauch Chunk National Bank, Mauch ChunkMauch ChunkPennsylvania1902
6536 First National Bank of Spring GroveSpring GrovePennsylvania1902
6560 Merchants and Manufacturers National Bank of SharonSharonPennsylvania1902
6567 Colonial National Bank of PittsburgPittsburgPennsylvania1903
6568 National Bank of Turtle CreekTurtle CreekPennsylvania1903
6569 Rimersburg National Bank, RimersburgRimersburgPennsylvania1903
6573 First National Bank of South ForkSouth ForkPennsylvania1903
6574 First National Bank of Turtle CreekTurtle CreekPennsylvania1903
6580 New Alexandria National Bank, New AlexandriaNew AlexandriaPennsylvania1903
6581 Pleasant Unity National Bank, Pleasant UnityPleasant UnityPennsylvania1903
6589 Saint Marys National Bank, Saint MarysSaint MarysPennsylvania1903
6599 First National Bank of New SalemNew SalemPennsylvania1903
6603 First National Bank of BoswellBoswellPennsylvania1903
6615 Hoblitzell National Bank of HyndmanHyndmanPennsylvania1903
6626 Midway National Bank, MidwayMidwayPennsylvania1903
6636 First National Bank of BridgevilleBridgevillePennsylvania1903
6638 First National Bank of StoneboroStoneboroPennsylvania1903
6642 First National Bank of SmithfieldSmithfieldPennsylvania1903
6645 Merchants National Bank of AllentownAllentownPennsylvania1903
6648 First National Bank of DallastownDallastownPennsylvania1903
6654 Pennsylvania National Bank of ChesterChesterPennsylvania1903
6664 First National Bank of WampumWampumPennsylvania1903
6665 Portland National Bank, PortlandPortlandPennsylvania1903
6676 First National Bank of RimersburgRimersburgPennsylvania1903
6695 First National Bank of HoutzdaleHoutzdalePennsylvania1903
6708 Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Red LionRed LionPennsylvania1903
6709 First National Bank of AddisonAddisonPennsylvania1903
6715 First National Bank of New FreedomNew FreedomPennsylvania1903
6725 Washington National Bank of PittsburgPittsburgPennsylvania1903
6739 Union National Bank of SummervilleSummervillePennsylvania1903
6741 First National Bank of GarrettGarrettPennsylvania1903
6746 Farmers National Bank of MontroseMontrosePennsylvania1903
6756 First National Bank of DerryDerryPennsylvania1903
6794 First National Bank of WilsonWilsonPennsylvania1903
6796 Union National Bank of BraddockBraddockPennsylvania1903
6799 First National Bank of Shingle HouseShingle HousePennsylvania1903
6800 Fayette City National Bank, Fayette CityFayette CityPennsylvania1903
6806 Industrial National Bank of PittsburgPittsburgPennsylvania1903
6829 First National Bank of SharpsvilleSharpsvillePennsylvania1903
6832 National Bank of LigonierLigonierPennsylvania1903
6848 Citizens National Bank of WindberWindberPennsylvania1903
6859 First National Bank of HarrisvilleHarrisvillePennsylvania1903
6874 Citizens National Bank of HollidaysburgHollidaysburgPennsylvania1903
6877 Sunbury National Bank, SunburySunburyPennsylvania1903
6878 East Berlin National Bank, East BerlinEast BerlinPennsylvania1903
6881 Plymouth National Bank, PlymouthPlymouthPennsylvania1903
6887 First National Bank of CoalportCoalportPennsylvania1903
6891 First National Bank of Conneaut LakeConneaut LakePennsylvania1903
6913 First National Bank of West MiddlesexWest MiddlesexPennsylvania1903
6929 National Bank of EllsworthEllsworthPennsylvania1903
6937 First National Bank of WebsterWebsterPennsylvania1903
6942 National Bank of ShamokinShamokinPennsylvania1903
6944 Washington National Bank of BurgettstownBurgettstownPennsylvania1903
6946 Peoples National Bank of ShippensburgShippensburgPennsylvania1903
6948 First National Bank of ClintonvilleClintonvillePennsylvania1903
6950 First National Bank of RingtownRingtownPennsylvania1903
6962 First National Bank of Trafford CityTrafford CityPennsylvania1903
6969 Citizens National Bank of CurwensvilleCurwensvillePennsylvania1903
6971 First National Bank of WilliamsburgWilliamsburgPennsylvania1903
6979 First National Bank of East ConemaughEast ConemaughPennsylvania1903
6983 Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Mount MorrisMount MorrisPennsylvania1903
6997 First National Bank of MontoursvilleMontoursvillePennsylvania1903
7000 First National Bank of Cherry TreeCherry TreePennsylvania1903
7003 First National Bank of SwinefordSwinefordPennsylvania1903
7005 Northumberland National Bank, NorthumberlandNorthumberlandPennsylvania1903
7051 Citizens National Bank of LansfordLansfordPennsylvania1903
7056 Atglen National Bank, AtglenAtglenPennsylvania1903
7076 First National Bank of CecilCecilPennsylvania1903
7078 Christiana National Bank, ChristianaChristianaPennsylvania1903
7090 Rices Landing National Bank, Rices LandingRices LandingPennsylvania1904
7112 First National Bank of WehrumWehrumPennsylvania1904
7139 Emaus National Bank, EmausEmausPennsylvania1904
7156 First National Bank of MillerstownMillerstownPennsylvania1904
7181 First National Bank of SpanglerSpanglerPennsylvania1904
7193 Swarthmore National Bank, SwarthmoreSwarthmorePennsylvania1904
7229 First National Bank of SaxtonSaxtonPennsylvania1904
7262 First National Bank of Scenery HillScenery HillPennsylvania1904
7280 First National Bank of GaletonGaletonPennsylvania1904
7286 Tamaqua National Bank, TamaquaTamaquaPennsylvania1904
7310 First National Bank of MillsboroMillsboroPennsylvania1904
7312 First National Bank of EdinboroEdinboroPennsylvania1904
7334 Bituminous National Bank of WinburneWinburnePennsylvania1904
7343 National Bank of GirardGirardPennsylvania1904
7349 New Cumberland National Bank, New CumberlandNew CumberlandPennsylvania1904
7353 First National Bank of MarysvilleMarysvillePennsylvania1904
7356 First National Bank of BellwoodBellwoodPennsylvania1904
7363 Parnassus National Bank, ParnassusParnassusPennsylvania1904
7366 Farmers National Bank of FreeportFreeportPennsylvania1904
7367 First National Bank of PortagePortagePennsylvania1904
7395 Old National Bank of New BrightonNew BrightonPennsylvania1904
7400 Madera National Bank, MaderaMaderaPennsylvania1904
7405 Farmers National Bank of HickoryHickoryPennsylvania1904
7406 Nanticoke National Bank, NanticokeNanticokePennsylvania1904
7409 Peoples National Bank of ZelienopleZelienoplePennsylvania1904
7430 Curwensville National Bank, CurwensvilleCurwensvillePennsylvania1904
7445 Colonial National Bank of ConnellsvilleConnellsvillePennsylvania1904
7448 Catawissa National Bank, CatawissaCatawissaPennsylvania1904
7453 Du Bois National Bank, Du BoisDu BoisPennsylvania1904
7465 Union National Bank of JohnstownJohnstownPennsylvania1904
7471 Fredonia National Bank, FredoniaFredoniaPennsylvania1904
7473 Mount Jewett National Bank, Mount JewettMount JewettPennsylvania1904
7488 First National Bank of SykesvilleSykesvillePennsylvania1904
7511 First National Bank of State CollegeState CollegePennsylvania1904
7522 Textile National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1904
7528 Peoples National Bank of EconomyEconomyPennsylvania1904
7559 Union National Bank of McKeesportMcKeesportPennsylvania1905
7560 Keystone National Bank of PittsburgPittsburgPennsylvania1905
7576 First National Bank of DunbarDunbarPennsylvania1905
7581 American National Bank of PittsburgPittsburgPennsylvania1905
7594 First National Bank of AvonmoreAvonmorePennsylvania1905
7610 Mahaffey National Bank, MahaffeyMahaffeyPennsylvania1905
7620 Peoples National Bank of ReynoldsvilleReynoldsvillePennsylvania1905
7624 First National Bank of ExportExportPennsylvania1905
7642 First National Bank of OakmontOakmontPennsylvania1905
7702 First National Bank of HallsteadHallsteadPennsylvania1905
7710 Pen Argyl National Bank, Pen ArgylPen ArgylPennsylvania1905
7716 Citizens National Bank of NewportNewportPennsylvania1905
7722 First National Bank of TrevortonTrevortonPennsylvania1905
7735 Citizens National Bank of LansdaleLansdalePennsylvania1905
7749 Peoples National Bank of RochesterRochesterPennsylvania1905
7769 First National Bank of McClureMcClurePennsylvania1905
7785 Peckville National Bank, PeckvillePeckvillePennsylvania1905
7792 Peoples National Bank of JeannetteJeannettePennsylvania1905
7816 Citizens National Bank of VandergriftVandergriftPennsylvania1905
7819 Marion Center National Bank, Marion CenterMarion CenterPennsylvania1905
7826 Citizens National Bank of MiddletownMiddletownPennsylvania1905
7854 Lincoln National Bank of AvellaAvellaPennsylvania1905
7856 First National Bank of York SpringsYork SpringsPennsylvania1905
7860 First National Bank of FrackvilleFrackvillePennsylvania1905
7873 Sharpsville National Bank, SharpsvilleSharpsvillePennsylvania1905
7874 First National Bank of ShippenvilleShippenvillePennsylvania1905
7887 First National Bank of PlumvillePlumvillePennsylvania1905
7897 First National Bank of New BerlinNew BerlinPennsylvania1905
7910 First National Bank of NicholsonNicholsonPennsylvania1905
7917 Biglerville National Bank, BiglervilleBiglervillePennsylvania1905
7929 National Deposit Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1905
7931 Danielsville National Bank, DanielsvilleDanielsvillePennsylvania1905
7935 First National Bank of BensonBensonPennsylvania1905
7974 First National Bank of MartinsburgMartinsburgPennsylvania1905
7993 Citizens National Bank of IndianaIndianaPennsylvania1905
8045 Farmers National Bank of QuarryvilleQuarryvillePennsylvania1906
8083 First National Bank of McConnellsburgMcConnellsburgPennsylvania1906
8092 Grange National Bank of TiogaTiogaPennsylvania1906
8131 Wernersville National Bank, WernersvilleWernersvillePennsylvania1906
8141 Peoples National Bank of Spring GroveSpring GrovePennsylvania1906
8151 Pine Grove National Bank, Pine GrovePine GrovePennsylvania1906
8164 First National Bank of DallasDallasPennsylvania1906
8165 First National Bank of YoungsvilleYoungsvillePennsylvania1906
8185 Fort McIntosh National Bank of BeaverBeaverPennsylvania1906
8190 First National Bank of VanderbiltVanderbiltPennsylvania1906
8196 Bentleyville National Bank, BentleyvilleBentleyvillePennsylvania1906
8223 National Bank of ToptonToptonPennsylvania1906
8233 Grange National Bank of PattonPattonPennsylvania1906
8235 Peoples National Bank of ScrantonScrantonPennsylvania1906
8238 First National Bank of JuniataJuniataPennsylvania1906
8245 First National Bank of FairchanceFairchancePennsylvania1906
8263 Citizens National Bank of ReynoldsvilleReynoldsvillePennsylvania1906
8283 Lehigh National Bank of CatasauquaCatasauquaPennsylvania1906
8311 First National Bank of MidlandMidlandPennsylvania1906
8320 Springdale National Bank, SpringdaleSpringdalePennsylvania1906
8326 First National Bank of LiverpoolLiverpoolPennsylvania1906
8329 Bridgeport National Bank, BridgeportBridgeportPennsylvania1906
8344 Richland National Bank, RichlandRichlandPennsylvania1906
8380 Hazelhurst National Bank, HazelhurstHazelhurstPennsylvania1906
8393 Union National Bank of Mount CarmelMount CarmelPennsylvania1906
8404 Collegeville National Bank, CollegevilleCollegevillePennsylvania1906
8405 Lemasters National Bank, LemastersLemastersPennsylvania1906
8410 Farmers National Bank of ExchangeExchangePennsylvania1906
8421 Blue Ball National Bank, Blue BallBlue BallPennsylvania1906
8428 First National Bank of Black LickBlack LickPennsylvania1906
8446 Citizens National Bank of East Mauch ChunkEast Mauch ChunkPennsylvania1906
8450 First National Bank of LillyLillyPennsylvania1906
8459 First National Bank of AmbridgeAmbridgePennsylvania1906
8464 Farmers and Traders National Bank of ClearfieldClearfieldPennsylvania1906
8493 First National Bank of Mount Holly SpringsMount Holly SpringsPennsylvania1907
8494 First National Bank of AvocaAvocaPennsylvania1907
8498 Wellsville National Bank, WellsvilleWellsvillePennsylvania1907
8499 Farmers National Bank of New HollandNew HollandPennsylvania1907
8503 Union National Bank of New CastleNew CastlePennsylvania1907
8517 First National Bank of WyomingWyomingPennsylvania1907
8576 Lyndora National Bank, LyndoraLyndoraPennsylvania1907
8590 First National Bank of AliquippaAliquippaPennsylvania1907
8591 Grange National Bank of McKean County at SmethportSmethportPennsylvania1907
8619 First National Bank of McAdooMcAdooPennsylvania1907
8633 First National Bank of EdwardsvilleEdwardsvillePennsylvania1907
8646 Grange National Bank of Chester County at DowningtownDowningtownPennsylvania1907
8653 Farmers National Bank of SelinsgroveSelinsgrovePennsylvania1907
8656 First National Bank of AshleyAshleyPennsylvania1907
8678 Peoples National Bank of Ellwood CityEllwood CityPennsylvania1907
8724 Citizens National Bank of Slippery RockSlippery RockPennsylvania1907
8737 Union National Bank of ScrantonScrantonPennsylvania1907
8739 Grange National Bank of Potter County at UlyssesUlyssesPennsylvania1907
8761 Citizens National Bank of BellevueBellevuePennsylvania1907
8764 McDowell National Bank of SharonSharonPennsylvania1907
8773 McVeytown National Bank, McVeytownMcVeytownPennsylvania1907
8778 Peoples National Bank of DuncannonDuncannonPennsylvania1907
8783 First National Bank of FredericksburgFredericksburgPennsylvania1907
8795 First National Bank of MunhallMunhallPennsylvania1907
8806 First National Bank of OlyphantOlyphantPennsylvania1907
8810 First National Bank of MansfieldMansfieldPennsylvania1907
8824 First National Bank of AspinwallAspinwallPennsylvania1907
8831 Grange National Bank of MansfieldMansfieldPennsylvania1907
8845 Grange National Bank of Wyoming County at LaceyvilleLaceyvillePennsylvania1907
8849 Grange National Bank of Bradford County at TroyTroyPennsylvania1907
8854 Citizens National Bank of Evans CityEvans CityPennsylvania1907
8855 Homer City National Bank, Homer CityHomer CityPennsylvania1907
8858 First National Bank of OleyOleyPennsylvania1907
8866 Farmers and Merchants National Bank of MontgomeryMontgomeryPennsylvania1907
8879 Home National Bank of Union CityUnion CityPennsylvania1907
8890 Peoples National Bank of West ConshohockenWest ConshohockenPennsylvania1907
8901 First National Bank of SomerfieldSomerfieldPennsylvania1907
8913 First National Bank of BernvilleBernvillePennsylvania1907
8919 First National Bank of BruinBruinPennsylvania1907
8921 Luzerne National Bank, LuzerneLuzernePennsylvania1907
8924 Grange National Bank of Lycoming County, HughesvilleHughesvillePennsylvania1907
8930 First National Bank of PalmertonPalmertonPennsylvania1907
8938 Industrial National Bank of West YorkWest YorkPennsylvania1907
8939 First National Bank of FleetwoodFleetwoodPennsylvania1907
8946 Grange National Bank of Clarion County at SligoSligoPennsylvania1907
8954 Peoples National Bank of West AlexanderWest AlexanderPennsylvania1907
8960 Grange National Bank of Susquehanna County at New MilfordNew MilfordPennsylvania1907
8962 First National Bank of SchaefferstownSchaefferstownPennsylvania1907
8964 Merchants National Bank of PottsvillePottsvillePennsylvania1907
8968 Mohnton National Bank, MohntonMohntonPennsylvania1907
8969 Mechanicsburg National Bank, MechanicsburgMechanicsburgPennsylvania1907
8973 First National Bank of New AlbanyNew AlbanyPennsylvania1907
8985 First National Bank of OrbisoniaOrbisoniaPennsylvania1908
9026 Brownstown National Bank, BrownstownBrownstownPennsylvania1908
9028 First National Bank of HamburgHamburgPennsylvania1908
9034 First National Bank of CoopersburgCoopersburgPennsylvania1908
9058 Farmers and Miners National Bank of BentleyvilleBentleyvillePennsylvania1908
9072 First National Bank of GoldsboroGoldsboroPennsylvania1908
9084 Valley National Bank of Green LaneGreen LanePennsylvania1908
9107 First National Bank of HeginsHeginsPennsylvania1908
9110 Grange National Bank of SpartansburgSpartansburgPennsylvania1908
9113 Coplay National Bank, CoplayCoplayPennsylvania1908
9114 Bendersville National Bank, BendersvilleBendersvillePennsylvania1908
9128 First National Bank of Castle ShannonCastle ShannonPennsylvania1908
9130 First National Bank of FactoryvilleFactoryvillePennsylvania1908
9139 National Bank of ArendtsvilleArendtsvillePennsylvania1908
9149 National Bank of North EastNorth EastPennsylvania1908
9154 Peoples National Bank of ClintonvilleClintonvillePennsylvania1908
9198 Peoples National Bank of Mount PleasantMount PleasantPennsylvania1908
9202 First National Bank of RiegelsvilleRiegelsvillePennsylvania1908
9207 Littlestown National Bank, LittlestownLittlestownPennsylvania1908
9216 First National Bank of IntercourseIntercoursePennsylvania1908
9235 Luzerne County National Bank of Wilkes-BarreWilkes-BarrePennsylvania1908
9240 First National Bank of AuburnAuburnPennsylvania1908
9247 Citizens National Bank of ShenandoahShenandoahPennsylvania1908
9248 Farmers and Miners National Bank of Forest CityForest CityPennsylvania1908
9249 First National Bank of HowardHowardPennsylvania1908
9256 First National Bank of FairfieldFairfieldPennsylvania1908
9257 Telford National Bank, TelfordTelfordPennsylvania1908
9259 Millersville National Bank, MillersvilleMillersvillePennsylvania1908
9264 First National Bank of BainbridgeBainbridgePennsylvania1908
9290 Farmers National Bank of LeechburgLeechburgPennsylvania1908
9307 Farmers National Bank of ClaysvilleClaysvillePennsylvania1909
9312 First National Bank of LandisvilleLandisvillePennsylvania1909
9316 Terre Hill National Bank, Terre HillTerre HillPennsylvania1909
9317 Farmers National Bank of CantonCantonPennsylvania1909
9318 First National Bank of CressonaCressonaPennsylvania1909
9330 First National Bank of MercersburgMercersburgPennsylvania1909
9340 First National Bank of MoscowMoscowPennsylvania1909
9344 Penbrook National Bank, PenbrookPenbrookPennsylvania1909
9345 Loganton National Bank, LogantonLogantonPennsylvania1909
9361 Union National Bank of Mount WolfMount WolfPennsylvania1909
9362 Dover National Bank, DoverDoverPennsylvania1909
9364 Akron National BankAkronPennsylvania1909
9385 First National Bank of Fawn GroveFawn GrovePennsylvania1909
9392 Farmers and Merchants National Bank of WilliamsburgWilliamsburgPennsylvania1909
9402 First National Bank of BallyBallyPennsylvania1909
9416 First National Bank of EldredEldredPennsylvania1909
9422 Lititz Springs National Bank of LititzLititzPennsylvania1909
9430 Springs National Bank of Cambridge SpringsCambridge SpringsPennsylvania1909
9461 Maytown National Bank, MaytownMaytownPennsylvania1909
9473 First National Bank of GratzGratzPennsylvania1909
9480 First National Bank of FryburgFryburgPennsylvania1909
9495 First National Bank of LeesportLeesportPennsylvania1909
9503 Peoples National Bank of Point MarionPoint MarionPennsylvania1909
9505 First National Bank of UlsterUlsterPennsylvania1909
9507 Seven Valleys National Bank, Seven ValleysSeven ValleysPennsylvania1909
9508 First National Bank of RalstonRalstonPennsylvania1909
9511 Farmers National Bank of MillheimMillheimPennsylvania1909
9513 Farmers and Traders National Bank of WestfieldWestfieldPennsylvania1909
9526 Farmers National Bank of McAlistervilleMcAlistervillePennsylvania1909
9528 First National Bank of LaporteLaportePennsylvania1909
9534 First National Bank of AlbionAlbionPennsylvania1909
9541 Harleysville National Bank, HarleysvilleHarleysvillePennsylvania1909
9543 Saint Clair National Bank of FreedomFreedomPennsylvania1909
9552 First National Bank of MildredMildredPennsylvania1909
9554 First National Bank of New WilmingtonNew WilmingtonPennsylvania1909
9568 First National Bank of CentraliaCentraliaPennsylvania1909
9588 Farmers National Bank of NewvilleNewvillePennsylvania1909
9600 First National Bank of JessupJessupPennsylvania1909
9638 Hopewell National Bank, HopewellHopewellPennsylvania1910
9647 Hop Bottom National Bank, Hop BottomHop BottomPennsylvania1910
9656 New Tripoli National Bank, New TripoliNew TripoliPennsylvania1910
9660 Codorus National Bank of JeffersonJeffersonPennsylvania1910
9668 Glenside National Bank, GlensideGlensidePennsylvania1910
9678 Peoples National Bank of PattersonPattersonPennsylvania1910
9702 First National Bank of LawrencevilleLawrencevillePennsylvania1910
9706 Central National Bank of YorkYorkPennsylvania1910
9727 Grantham National Bank, GranthamGranthamPennsylvania1910
9739 First National Bank of CoaldaleCoaldalePennsylvania1910
9752 Farmers National Bank of MyerstownMyerstownPennsylvania1910
9769 Farmers and Merchants National Bank of RockwoodRockwoodPennsylvania1910
9783 First National Bank of GeneseeGeneseePennsylvania1910
9803 Turbotville National Bank, TurbotvilleTurbotvillePennsylvania1910
9814 Merchants National Bank of ButlerButlerPennsylvania1910
9851 Dickson City National Bank, Disckson CityDisckson CityPennsylvania1910
9862 Peoples National Bank of EdwardsvilleEdwardsvillePennsylvania1910
9863 County National Bank of PunxsutawneyPunxsutawneyPennsylvania1910
9868 First National Bank of DunmoreDunmorePennsylvania1910
9886 First National Bank of Lake ArielLake ArielPennsylvania1910
9898 Clymer National Bank, ClymerClymerPennsylvania1910
9901 Peoples National Bank of WashingtonWashingtonPennsylvania1910
9902 Aliquippa National BankAliquippaPennsylvania1910
9905 Ardmore National Bank, ArdmoreArdmorePennsylvania1910
9978 First National Bank of KnoxvilleKnoxvillePennsylvania1911
9996 Peoples National Bank of DelmontDelmontPennsylvania1911
10027 Ensworth National Bank of WaterfordWaterfordPennsylvania1911
10042 First National Bank of East SmithfieldEast SmithfieldPennsylvania1911
10128 Farmers National Bank of BellevilleBellevillePennsylvania1912
10183 First National Bank of Three SpringsThree SpringsPennsylvania1912
10188 First National Bank of HerminieHerminiePennsylvania1912
10206 Central National Bank of Mount UnionMount UnionPennsylvania1912
10211 Farmers National Bank of ThompsontownThompsontownPennsylvania1912
10214 Weissport National Bank, WeissportWeissportPennsylvania1912
10232 First National Bank of ClaysburgClaysburgPennsylvania1912
10246 Farmers National Bank of RomeRomePennsylvania1912
10251 First National Bank of NesquehoningNesquehoningPennsylvania1912
10313 First National Bank of PetersburgPetersburgPennsylvania1913
10335 Orbisonia National Bank, OrbisoniaOrbisoniaPennsylvania1913
10353 New Florence National Bank, New FlorenceNew FlorencePennsylvania1913
10383 Abington National Bank of Clarks SummitClarks SummitPennsylvania1913
10415 First National Bank of FarrellFarrellPennsylvania1913
10452 Strausstown National Bank, StrausstownStrausstownPennsylvania1913
10466 First National Bank of RepublicRepublicPennsylvania1913
10493 First National Bank of RusselltonRusselltonPennsylvania1914
10506 Russell National Bank of LewistownLewistownPennsylvania1914
10590 National Bank of JohnstownJohnstownPennsylvania1914
10606 National Bank of WyalusingWyalusingPennsylvania1914
10666 First National Bank of SchellburgSchellburgPennsylvania1914
10704 First National Bank of CairnbrookCairnbrookPennsylvania1915
10707 Exchange National Bank of MariettaMariettaPennsylvania1915
10775 Elverson National Bank, ElversonElversonPennsylvania1915
10811 Citizens National Bank of Dry RunDry RunPennsylvania1916
10837 First National Bank of ElysburgElysburgPennsylvania1916
10839 Ambridge National BankAmbridgePennsylvania1916
10847 Ridley Park National Bank, Ridley ParkRidley ParkPennsylvania1916
10950 Peoples National Bank of LemastersLemastersPennsylvania1917
10951 First National Bank of WoodlawnWoodlawnPennsylvania1917
11015 Solebury National Bank of New HopeNew HopePennsylvania1917
11062 First National Bank of LykensLykensPennsylvania1917
11115 First National Bank of IrvonaIrvonaPennsylvania1917
11127 Farmers National Bank of LibertyLibertyPennsylvania1918
11188 Broad Top National Bank of CoaldaleCoaldalePennsylvania1918
11204 First National Bank of TimblinTimblinPennsylvania1918
11213 First National Bank of Spring MillsSpring MillsPennsylvania1918
11227 First National Bank of HastingsHastingsPennsylvania1918
11244 First National Bank of MapletonMapletonPennsylvania1918
11257 First National Bank of BurnhamBurnhamPennsylvania1918
11263 First National Bank of AlexandriaAlexandriaPennsylvania1918
11317 First National Bank of BeaverdaleBeaverdalePennsylvania1919
11369 First National Bank of Port RoyalPort RoyalPennsylvania1919
11370 First National Bank of JeffersonJeffersonPennsylvania1919
11373 Port Royal National Bank, Port RoyalPort RoyalPennsylvania1919
11393 First National Bank of SpringvilleSpringvillePennsylvania1919
11407 First National Bank of DavidsvilleDavidsvillePennsylvania1919
11413 Citizens National Bank of HooversvilleHooversvillePennsylvania1919
11487 Citizens National Bank of MonessenMonessenPennsylvania1919
11512 Dauphin National Bank, DauphinDauphinPennsylvania1919
11524 First National Bank of LoysvilleLoysvillePennsylvania1919
11539 Broad Street National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1919
11570 Citizens National Bank of Ellwood CityEllwood CityPennsylvania1919
11593 Allenwood National BankAllenwoodPennsylvania1920
11643 Picture Rocks National Bank, Picture RocksPicture RocksPennsylvania1920
11692 County National Bank of Lock HavenLock HavenPennsylvania1920
11757 First National Bank of BakertonBakertonPennsylvania1920
11789 Rebersburg National Bank, RebersburgRebersburgPennsylvania1920
11834 First National Bank of VolantVolantPennsylvania1920
11841 First National Bank of ShoemakersvilleShoemakersvillePennsylvania1920
11849 First National Bank of SipesvilleSipesvillePennsylvania1920
11865 Liberty National Bank of PittstonPittstonPennsylvania1920
11866 First National Bank in WaynesboroWaynesboroPennsylvania1920
11892 Peoples National Bank of PitcairnPitcairnPennsylvania1920
11896 Arnold National Bank, ArnoldArnoldPennsylvania1920
11899 First National Bank of SewardSewardPennsylvania1920
11902 Burnside National Bank, BurnsideBurnsidePennsylvania1920
11908 National Bank of North Philadelphia PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1921
11910 First National Bank of SaegertownSaegertownPennsylvania1921
11938 First National Bank of KoppelKoppelPennsylvania1921
11966 Peoples National Bank of Osceola MillsOsceola MillsPennsylvania1921
11967 Central City National Bank, Central CityCentral CityPennsylvania1921
11981 Valley National Bank of NumidiaNumidiaPennsylvania1921
11993 Citizens National Bank of West AlexanderWest AlexanderPennsylvania1921
11995 Peoples National Bank of North Belle VernonNorth Belle VernonPennsylvania1921
12029 First National Bank of JeromeJeromePennsylvania1921
12063 First National Bank of WindsorWindsorPennsylvania1921
12098 Moxham National Bank of JohnstownJohnstownPennsylvania1922
12159 Nescopeck National Bank, NescopeckNescopeckPennsylvania1922
12189 First National Bank of ConneautvilleConneautvillePennsylvania1922
12192 First National Bank of Centre HallCentre HallPennsylvania1922
12197 National Bank of PenbrookPenbrookPennsylvania1922
12261 Peoples National Bank of State CollegeState CollegePennsylvania1922
12281 First National Bank of Blue Ridge SummitBlue Ridge SummitPennsylvania1922
12304 First National Bank of Roaring SpringRoaring SpringPennsylvania1923
12349 First National Bank of MocanaquaMocanaquaPennsylvania1923
12355 Citizens National Bank of BolivarBolivarPennsylvania1923
12358 Paoli National Bank, PaoliPaoliPennsylvania1923
12363 First National Bank of North GirardNorth GirardPennsylvania1923
12380 Camp Hill National Bank, Camp HillCamp HillPennsylvania1923
12414 Highland National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1923
12459 Liberty National Bank of Dickson CityDickson CityPennsylvania1923
12471 Neffs National Bank, NeffsNeffsPennsylvania1923
12500 Uniontown National Bank and Trust Company, UniontownUniontownPennsylvania1924
12504 Main Line National Bank of WayneWaynePennsylvania1924
12526 Cheltenham National Bank, CheltenhamCheltenhamPennsylvania1924
12530 Citizens National Bank of JenkintownJenkintownPennsylvania1924
12562 First National Bank of AustinAustinPennsylvania1924
12563 First National Bank of NurembergNurembergPennsylvania1924
12573 Overbrook National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1924
12582 Chalfont National Bank, ChalfontChalfontPennsylvania1924
12588 Saint Michael National Bank, Saint MichaelSaint MichaelPennsylvania1924
12688 Hershey National Bank, HersheyHersheyPennsylvania1925
12720 First National Bank of CassandraCassandraPennsylvania1925
12805 West End National Bank of ShamokinShamokinPennsylvania1925
12860 Queen Lane National Bank in Germantown at PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1925
12911 First National Bank of NewfoundlandNewfoundlandPennsylvania1926
12912 First National Bank in DerryDerryPennsylvania1926
12921 First National Bank of KingstonKingstonPennsylvania1926
12931 National Bank of Olney in PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1926
12933 Wilcox National Bank, WilcoxWilcoxPennsylvania1926
12934 Union National Bank of CarnegieCarnegiePennsylvania1926
12967 Dale National Bank, DaleDalePennsylvania1926
12975 Fogelsville National Bank, FogelsvilleFogelsvillePennsylvania1926
13003 Tioga National Bank and Trust Company of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1926
13026 Hatfield National Bank, HatfieldHatfieldPennsylvania1927
13030 Elkins Park National Bank, Elkins ParkElkins ParkPennsylvania1927
13032 Erie National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1927
13084 Union National Bank of New KensingtonNew KensingtonPennsylvania1927
13087 Economy National Bank of AmbridgeAmbridgePennsylvania1927
13113 National Bank of Mount Airy in PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1927
13133 Dublin National Bank, DublinDublinPennsylvania1927
13134 First National Bank and Trust Company of WaynesburgWaynesburgPennsylvania1927
13151 National Bank of LansdowneLansdownePennsylvania1927
13153 Forbes National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1927
13160 Glen Lyon National Bank, Glen LyonGlen LyonPennsylvania1928
13175 Northeast National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1928
13177 First National Bank of ExeterExeterPennsylvania1928
13180 City National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1928
13196 State Road National Bank of Highland ParkHighland ParkPennsylvania1928
13197 Union National Bank of Jersey ShoreJersey ShorePennsylvania1928
13205 Beech Creek National Bank, Beech CreekBeech CreekPennsylvania1928
13251 Peoples National Bank of SoudertonSoudertonPennsylvania1928
13325 North Broad National Bank of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPennsylvania1929
13381 Citizens National Bank and Trust Company of BlossburgBlossburgPennsylvania1929
13392 Conyngham National Bank, ConynghamConynghamPennsylvania1929
13432 Ligonier National Bank, LigonierLigonierPennsylvania1930
13491 National Bank and Trust Company of ConnellsvilleConnellsvillePennsylvania1930
13494 West Shore National Bank of LemoyneLemoynePennsylvania1930
13524 Miners National Bank of NanticokeNanticokePennsylvania1931
13533 First National Bank in GallitzinGallitzinPennsylvania1931
13571 Logan National Bank and Trust Company of New KensingtonNew KensingtonPennsylvania1931
13585 National Bank of Charleroi and Trust Company, CharleroiCharleroiPennsylvania1931
13606 Portland National Bank, PortlandPortlandPennsylvania1932
13618 First National Bank in MansfieldMansfieldPennsylvania1932
13619 Miners National Bank of ShenandoahShenandoahPennsylvania1932
13644 Union National Bank of DonoraDonoraPennsylvania1932
13658 First National Bank in LigonierLigonierPennsylvania1933
13663 Citizens National Bank of BentleyvilleBentleyvillePennsylvania1933
13699 First National Bank in SewickleySewickleyPennsylvania1933
13700 First National Bank in LatrobeLatrobePennsylvania1933
13701 Pitt National Bank of PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1933
13765 Fulton County National Bank of McConnellsburgMcConnellsburgPennsylvania1933
13772 First National Bank of ScottdaleScottdalePennsylvania1933
13781 United States National Bank in JohnstownJohnstownPennsylvania1933
13794 First National Bank at DerryDerryPennsylvania1933
13803 First National Bank in SharonSharonPennsylvania1933
13812 First National Bank in HarrisvilleHarrisvillePennsylvania1933
13813 First National Bank at CanonsburgCanonsburgPennsylvania1933
13823 First National Bank at WilkinsburgWilkinsburgPennsylvania1933
13826 First National Bank of FreeportFreeportPennsylvania1933
13846 Farmers National Bank of MercerMercerPennsylvania1933
13852 Miners National Bank of Wilkes-BarreWilkes-BarrePennsylvania1933
13863 Strausstown National Bank, StrausstownStrausstownPennsylvania1933
13866 First National Bank of BraddockBraddockPennsylvania1933
13868 Blairsville National Bank, BlairsvilleBlairsvillePennsylvania1933
13871 First National Bank at AlbionAlbionPennsylvania1933
13873 Union National Bank of WaynesburgWaynesburgPennsylvania1933
13884 Fredonia National Bank, FredoniaFredoniaPennsylvania1933
13887 First National Bank in New FreedomNew FreedomPennsylvania1933
13900 Peoples National Bank of SomersetSomersetPennsylvania1933
13907 New Florence National Bank, New FlorenceNew FlorencePennsylvania1933
13908 Peoples National Bank of Rural ValleyRural ValleyPennsylvania1933
13940 First National Bank in TarentumTarentumPennsylvania1934
13942 Farmers National Bank of ConneautvilleConneautvillePennsylvania1934
13947 Scranton National Bank, ScrantonScrantonPennsylvania1934
13950 Yardley National Bank, YardleyYardleyPennsylvania1934
13967 Union National Bank at McKeesportMcKeesportPennsylvania1934
13980 First National Bank at Conneaut LakeConneaut LakePennsylvania1934
13982 Herndon National Bank, HerndonHerndonPennsylvania1934
13994 First National Bank of HeginsHeginsPennsylvania1934
13998 County National Bank at ClearfieldClearfieldPennsylvania1934
13999 Berwyn National Bank, BerwynBerwynPennsylvania1934
14023 Kingston National Bank, KingstonKingstonPennsylvania1934
14031 Tower City National Bank, Tower CityTower CityPennsylvania1934
14049 Dover National Bank, DoverDoverPennsylvania1934
14051 First National Bank of ExportExportPennsylvania1934
14055 First National Bank in GreensburgGreensburgPennsylvania1934
14070 First National Bank at KoppelKoppelPennsylvania1934
14071 Codorus National Bank in JeffersonJeffersonPennsylvania1934
14079 National Bank of OlyphantOlyphantPennsylvania1934
14082 Citizens National Bank in WindberWindberPennsylvania1934
14089 First National Bank at StoystownStoystownPennsylvania1934
14091 East Berlin National Bank, East BerlinEast BerlinPennsylvania1934
14093 National Bank of Union CityUnion CityPennsylvania1934
14094 First National Bank in CecilCecilPennsylvania1934
14098 First National Bank in IndianaIndianaPennsylvania1934
14112 First National Bank in WampumWampumPennsylvania1934
14117 First National Bank at Beaver FallsBeaver FallsPennsylvania1934
14121 Union National Bank in Mount WolfMount WolfPennsylvania1934
14122 Clifton Heights National Bank, Clifton HeightsClifton HeightsPennsylvania1934
14123 First National Bank in CharleroiCharleroiPennsylvania1934
14133 Commercial National Bank of LatrobeLatrobePennsylvania1934
14156 Hooversville National Bank, HooversvilleHooversvillePennsylvania1934
14169 First National Bank in SykesvilleSykesvillePennsylvania1934
14170 First National Bank in BangorBangorPennsylvania1934
14181 First National Bank at GallitzinGallitzinPennsylvania1934
14182 First National Bank of WilliamsburgWilliamsburgPennsylvania1934
14201 Delta National Bank, DeltaDeltaPennsylvania1934
14205 First and Farmers National Bank of Forest CityForest CityPennsylvania1934
14214 First National Bank of Green LaneGreen LanePennsylvania1934
14219 National Bank and Trust Company of ErieEriePennsylvania1934
14250 National Bank of HamburgHamburgPennsylvania1934
14271 National Bank of America in PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvania1934
14274 Oil City National Bank, Oil CityOil CityPennsylvania1934
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