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Series 1905 Gold Certificate Technicolor Note

There is only one gold certificate series 1905 but it's the most beautiful Gold Certificates ever issued.
It's the 1905 $20.00 Gold Certificate Technicolor. The design would only last for one year with these vivid colors.
Notes are readily available in lower grade but high grade examples are few and far between.
If you have a 1905 twenty dollar bill note and are looking for values please contact me.
These notes are in high demand so you might be surprised how much they are worth.

Series 1905 $20.00 Gold Certificate. Nicknamed "The Technicolor" Series 1905 $20 Gold Certificate Technicolor
Clocks in at #9 in the list of 100 Greatest American Currency Notes. These note are highly collectible due to their beauty.
Even though there are about 350 known to exist there are still more people that want one than can have one.
A appraisal on a typical mid-grade note will likely see values of $3,000 to $4,000.
A full range of values would be from $800 to $100,000 for a truly perfect note.