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1887 One Hundred Dollar Bill National Currency Value and Information

1887 One Hundred Dollar Bill
1887 One Hundred Dollar Bill National Currency Note
The 1887 One Hundred Dollar Bill is more common than the 1875 series but still very rare.
A 1887 One Hundred Dollar Bill can be worth a wide range of values depending on condition and the bank of issue.
If you have an 1887 One Hundred dollar bill and want to know more about it please contact me.
If you're interested selling the note I will give you an honest appraisal and make a serious offer.
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Charter National Bank Name Note Image
3679 Birmingham National Bank, Birmingham, Alabama
3678 Merchants National Bank of Tuscaloosa, Alabama
3648 First National Bank of Grass Valley, California
3780 San Diego National Bank, San Diego, California
3828 California National Bank of San Diego, California
3661 First National Bank of Glenwood Springs, Colorado
3746 Carbonate National Bank of Leadville, Colorado
3798 First National Bank of Sanford, Florida
3767 Thomasville National Bank, Thomasville, Georgia National Currency
3796 First National Bank, Clarion, Iowa
3735 Alexander County National Bank of Cairo, Illinois
3698 Fort Dearborn National Bank of Chicago, Illinois
3770 German American National Bank of Pekin, Illinois
3777 Abilene National Bank, Kansas, Kansas
3794 Howard National Bank, Howard, Kansas
3726 Wyandotte National Bank of Kansas City, Kansas
3782 First National Bank of Manhattan, Kansas
3803 McPherson National Bank, McPherson, Kansas
3731 Minneapolis National Bank, Minneapolis, Kansas
3687 First National Bank of Norton, Kansas
3790 Kansas National Bank of Topeka, Kansas
3832 First National Bank of Somerset, Kentucky
3730 Preston National Bank of Detroit, Michigan
3626 Union National Bank of Duluth, Minnesota
3784 Flour City National Bank, Minneapolis, Minnesota
3659 First National Bank, Red Lake Falls, Minnesota
3689 Commercial National Bank, Saint Paul, Minnesota
3637 Union National Bank of Kansas City, Missouri
3760 National Bank of Commerce of Kansas City, Missouri
3656 First National Bank of Aberdeen, Mississippi
3669 First National Bank, Lisbon, North Dakota
3721 First National Bank of Alliance, Ohio
3642 Market National Bank of Cincinnati, Ohio National Currency
3821 Fourth National Bank of Dayton, Ohio
3774 First National Bank of Heppner, Oregon
3650 Peoples National Bank of Lancaster, Pennsylvania
3684 Market Street National Bank of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
3723 Chestnut Street National Bank of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
3763 First National Bank of Renovo, Pennsylvania National Currency
3632 Stroudsburg National Bank, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania National Currency
3675 First National Bank of Parker, South Dakota National Currency
3691 Chattanooga National Bank, Chattanooga, Tennessee
3633 Memphis National Bank of Memphis, Tennessee
3623 National Exchange Bank of Dallas, Texas National Currency
3664 Fourth National Bank of Dallas, Texas
3631 Merchants National Bank of Fort Worth, Texas
3727 First National Bank of Granbury, Texas
3646 Greenville National Bank, Greenville, Texas
3694 First National Bank of Palestine, Texas
3638 First National Bank of Paris, Texas
3738 Lockwood National Bank of San Antonio, Texas
3785 Texarkana National Bank, Texarkana, Texas

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