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1901 One Hundred Dollar Bill National Currency Value and Information

1901 One Hundred Dollar Bill
1901 One Hundred Dollar Bill National Currency Note
The 1901 One Hundred Dollar Bill is more common than the 1875 series but still very rare.
A 1901 One Hundred Dollar Bill can be worth a wide range of values depending on condition and the bank of issue.
If you have an 1901 One Hundred dollar bill and want to know more about it please contact me.
If you're interested selling the note I will give you an honest appraisal and make a serious offer.
Click on the name of a bank to learn more about it. Select a State to Filter on:
Charter National Bank Name Note Image
6044 First National Bank of Bakersfield, California National Currency
5986 First National Bank of Eureka, California
5863 First National Bank of Hanford, California National Currency
5927 Citizens National Bank of Los Angeles, California
5688 Western National Bank of San Francisco, California
5845 Columbia National Bank of Indianapolis, Indiana
5952 Baxter National Bank of Baxter Springs, Kansas
5844 Shreveport National Bank, Shreveport, Louisiana
5776 Maryland National Bank of Baltimore, Maryland
5880 Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Cambridge, Maryland
5789 National Bank of Ionia, Michigan
5788 Mechanics National Bank of Saint Louis, Missouri
5839 First National Bank of Cape May, New Jersey
5783 New Amsterdam National Bank of New York, New York
5990 United National Bank of New York City, New York
6059 Oxford National Bank, Oxford, Ohio
5828 First National Bank of Wadsworth, Ohio
5760 Old Citizens National Bank of Zanesville, Ohio
6052 First National Bank of Cordell, Oklahoma
5915 Hobart National Bank, Hobart, Oklahoma
5790 Peoples National Bank of Kingfisher, Oklahoma
5716 American National Bank of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma National Currency
6048 Wagoner National Bank, Wagoner, Oklahoma
5899 Ellwood City National Bank, Ellwood City, Pennsylvania
5913 United States National Bank of Johnstown, Pennsylvania
5727 Gold Standard National Bank of Marienville, Pennsylvania
6045 First National Bank of Parkers Landing, Pennsylvania
5682 First National Bank of Stoystown, Pennsylvania
5963 First National Bank of Waverly, Tennessee
5858 Merchants National Bank of Houston, Texas National Currency
5972 State National Bank of Quanah, Texas
6006 Lumbermen's National Bank of Tacoma, Washington

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