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1915 Five Dollar Bill Value and Information

1915 Five Dollar Bill Blue Seal
1915 Five Dollar Bill National Currency Blue Seal Note
The 1915 five dollar bill national currency note was issued between 1908 and 1928.
If your 1915 five dollar note shows the month and date as 1915 then it's the charter date.
That means that the National bank listed in the title was given their Federal charter on that date.
The value of your 1915 five dollar bill is based on the bank that issued the note.
Notes from common banks can be found for a couple hundred dollars.
Notes from scarce banks or desirable states can be worth more than you might think.
Below I have listed all banks that issued 1915 five dollar bills.
If you have a five dollar bill from 1915 and want to know more about it please send me an email
and I will be happy to let you know what you have. If you are interested selling your note I will
give you an honest appraisal and make a serious offer.
Click on the name of a bank to learn more about it. Select a State to Filter on:
Charter National Bank Name Note Image
10766 First National Bank of Tallassee, Alabama
10801 Peoples National Bank of Harrison, Arkansas
10795 Arkansas National Bank of Marshall, Arkansas
10750 American National Bank of Rogers, Arkansas
10807 First National Bank of Wynne, Arkansas
10687 First National Bank of Calipatria, California
10764 First National Bank of Hemet, California
10770 First National Bank of Dolores, Colorado
10786 Hugo National Bank, Hugo, Colorado National Currency
10796 Colonial National Bank of Hartford, Connecticut
10805 Winder National Bank, Winder, Georgia
10727 First National Bank of Bonners Ferry, Idaho National Currency   Postcard
10693 Citizens National Bank of Nampa, Idaho National Currency
10771 First National Bank of Saint Maries, Idaho National Currency
10763 Atlas Exchange National Bank of Chicago, Illinois
10690 First National Bank of Gorham, Illinois
10752 First National Bank of Oneida, Illinois
10777 Staunton National Bank, Staunton, Illinois
10746 Security National Bank of Arkansas City, Kansas
10765 Farmers National Bank of Hutchinson, Kansas
10710 First National Bank, Baudette, Minnesota
10736 First National Bank, Nashwauk, Minnesota
10784 First National Bank of Caruthersville, Missouri
10738 Columbus National Bank, Columbus, Mississippi National Currency
10688 First National Bank of Itta Bena, Mississippi National Currency
10745 First National Bank of Rosedale, Mississippi
10803 First National Bank of Geraldine, Montana National Currency
10715 First National Bank of Hobson, Montana
10734 Citizens National Bank of Hendersonville, North Carolina
10739 First National Bank of Selma, North Carolina
10721 First National Bank of McVille, North Dakota
10724 First National Bank, Streeter, North Dakota
10712 Citizens National Bank of Bloomsbury, New Jersey
10767 First National Bank of Harrisville, New York
10778 Chatham and Phenix National Bank of The City of NY, New York
10692 Brown County National Bank of Mount Orab, Ohio
10689 First National Bank of Commerce, Oklahoma National Currency
10676 First National Bank of Gardiner, Oregon
10708 Germania National Bank of Charleston, South Carolina
10681 Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Lake City, South Carolina National Currency
10748 First National Bank of Olanta, South Carolina
10674 Peoples National Bank of Orangeburg, South Carolina
10714 First National Bank of Lake Norden, South Dakota
10758 First National Bank of Lake Preston, South Dakota
10744 First National Bank of Mobridge, South Dakota
10735 Citizens National Bank of Athens, Tennessee National Currency
10694 First National Bank of Dawson, Texas
10791 First National Bank of Durand, Wisconsin
10759 First National Bank of Ravenswood, West Virginia

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