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Greg Davis

Error Notes in US Paper Money

Currency Error notes are those that come from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing flawed. That is the basic definition of a currency error. It had to have been made that way at the BEP. There are many different kinds of error notes and some are more common than you think. Error notes can range in value from as little as $20 to as much as $75,000. One of the most famous error notes is called the Del Monte note which sold in 2006. When it was printed there was a Chiquita banana sticker on the note so that part of the overprint is over the top of the sticker. This is called an obstructed printing error. This is a one of a kind error and is a great note for the type. Some of the most valuable and interesting error notes are called Double Denominations. These are notes with one denomination on the front and another on the back. A jarring occurrence. The note shown below is an example of an inverted third printing and it's especially nice because it's on a 1934a Hawaii Emergency note. The more exotic the note an error is on the better the error. Large sized paper money errors are especially interesting and very rare.

Paper Money Errors
1934a Hawaiian Error Note

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