1905 $20 Dollar Bill Gold Certificate Technicolor
1896 $5.00 Dollar Bill Silver Certificate Educational Series
1869 $5.00 Legal Tender Rainbow Woodchopper
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Series 1899 Silver Certificates

This series is notable for the Black Eagle and the Chief notes. Both have fantastic designs, making the series very popular. If you are considering collecting large currency this might be a good place to start. An 1899 Silver certificate type set can be had for a reasonable price and it will have some of the most iconic notes the BEP issued.

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Series 1899 $1.00 Silver Certificate. 1899 $1.00 Black Eagle Silver Certificate

Known as the Black Eagle it's one of the prettiest designs. Readily available and inexpensive as a result. This note is very common but it's striking design make it a perennial favorite. This note comes in a many signature combinations and some are rarer than others. The 1899 $1.00 bill was also issued in star note form so if you have a bill, check the serial number for a star. A low grade example of this note can be had for as little as $50.00. A flawless example can reach into the thousands.

1899 $2.00 Silver Certificate. 1899 $2.00 Silver Certificate

Sometimes known as the mini-porthole for the frame around Washington this note is the least favored of the 1899 Silvers. Still, the notes are valuable. A low grade example can set you back $150.00 or so. The 1899 $2.00 bill was issued in star note form so make sure you check for a star near the serial number. At the top of the price range you can pay up to $5000 for a gem.

1899 $5.00 Silver Certificate. Nicknamed "The Chief" 1899 $5.00 Chief Silver Certificate

One of the most iconic designs in US currency. It's too bad currency isn't as beautiful today! Because of it's beauty and availability, the 1899 $5.00 Chief is often the first note a new collector will buy. What is it worth? A decent mid grade chief can be found for $500 to $700. A full range of values would be from $300 for a limp rag to over five figures for a perfect example. Values go up quite a bit if you have a star next to the serial number. The 1899 $5.00 bill was issued in star form.

Chief Running Antelope, the inspiration for the 1899 $5.00 Silver Certificate.
This picture shows him in his original Sioux head dress. The note has him in a Pawnee head dress because the Sioux head dress was too tall for the picture. This picture was printed from a plate found in the basement of the Denver Post.

Chief Running Antelope
Chief Running Antelop

We are always buying! Call or send pictures of your old money today. +1 (914) 439-3666