1905 $20 Dollar Bill Gold Certificate Technicolor
1896 $5.00 Dollar Bill Silver Certificate Educational Series
1869 $5.00 Legal Tender Rainbow Woodchopper
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Series 1886 Silver Certificates

Most collectors, if asked would say the Educational series of 1896 were the best designed silver certificates. But for me, the series 1886 notes represented the high water mark. Series 1886 Silver Certificate notes are sometimes called fancy backs because of the ornate back with a full field. The backs were changed in Series 1891 because it was thought the full design on the back was easier to counterfeit?!

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1886 $1.00 Silver Certificate 1886 $1.00 Martha Silver Certificate

The only US paper currency to show a First Lady.
I really like the large red and brown seals in this series. Another great feature are the ornate backs. The back shows intricate scroll work and amazingly detailed field. These notes are easily collected and readily available especially in mid grades. A range of values for this note would be from $200 for a well worn example on up to $3000 for a perfect note with no wear.

1886 $2.00 Silver Certificate 1886 $2.00 Hancock Silver Certificate

Shows Civil War General Winfield Hancock (1824 -1886). A Gettysburg hero. This note reached up to 73 on the list of 100 greatest notes. I love the font used from the word "Treasury" to "Two Silver Dollars" the design is so period. The back on this note is pretty ornate for the time but much less so than the other notes in the series. What is it worth? This note can be found for about $300 in rag form but a nice note will set you back from $800 to $1500. A gem uncirculated example can easily reach $5000.

1886 $5.00 Silver Certificate. Nicknamed: The Morgan back 1886 $5.00 Grant Silver Certificate

This note was ranked 21st most beautiful note in the book 100 Greatest American Currency Notes. This is another legendary note and one that many coin collectors look to be their first currency purchase for obvious reasons. This note is rare available in mid grades it seems... it seems to be mostly rags for too much money or Gems for way too much money. A nice mid grade note will cost $1500 to $2500 depending on the condition. A perfect gem will easily reach five figures.

1886 $10.00 Silver Certificate 1886 $10.00 Tombstone Silver Certificate

Known as the Tombstone note due to the frame around Thomas A. Hendricks who died in office. This note just doesn't get much love it's the most subdued of the designs from 1886. I like the back better than the front. But I think that way about the whole series. This note can be found readily with several hundred known to exist. What is the value? These notes ranfe from $300 or so on up to several thousand in perfect condition.

1886 $20.00 Silver Certificate. Nicknamed "The Manning" or "Diamondbacks" 1886 $20.00 Manning Silver Certificate

Shows Treasury Secretary Daniel Manning. (1831 - 1873). This is a rare note with less than 200 known and I have never had the chance to own one. This note is the only one in the seriesl 1886 silver certificates to have allegorical figures. I am sure there is an explanation but I am at a loss. What is it worth? This note is very expensive and even a low grade example can be several thousand. In perfect condition this note can reach into the upper five figures.

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