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Series 1928 High Denomination Gold Certificates

Series 1928 Gold Certificates were issued for only a brief period between 1928 and 1933.
In late 1933 The Federal Reserve mandated that all Gold Certificates be redeemed.
From that point until 1964 the notes were considered illegal to own.
Given this strange law it's somewhat surprising so many are around to collect.
Sadly, I think because of the uncertainty surrounding these notes the $500 and $1000
In the series were redeemed in larger numbers than regular $500 and $1000 notes.
This high rate of redemption accounts for the relative scarcity of these notes today.

Series 1928 $500.00 Gold Certificate Series 1928 $500.00 Gold Certificate.
This rare and wonderful type of note just doesn't come up as often as I'd like.
With less than 100 known examples this note is always in demand.
A nice mid grade example will cost between $4000 and $7000.
A full range of values would be from $2500 to $20000 for a flawless example.

Series 1928 $1000.00 Gold Certificate Series 1928 $1000.00 Gold Certificate.
A super rare note with less than $50 known. An interesting design on this note.
Because there is no district seal and the treasury seal is on the left
This note, to me has always seemed like it was missing something in the right field.
It would have been nice if they put a gold eagle there or something!
A nice mid grade note will run from $5000 to $8000.
A full range of estimates would be from $4000 for a limp rag to $40000 for a perfect example.