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New-mexico National Bank Paper Money

There are 68 National Bank charters in New-mexico that issued paper money. Below is a list of every bank in New-mexico to issue national currency. Click on the name of the bank to learn what bills they issued including the types and general rarity. Use the filters on the right to narrow your search down. If you have any questions about New-mexico national currency please let me know.

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Charter Bank Name City State Charter Year
1750 First National Bank of Santa FeSanta FeNew Mexico1870
2024 Second National Bank of New Mexico at Santa FeSanta FeNew Mexico1872
2436 First National Bank of Las VegasLas VegasNew Mexico1879
2454 San Miguel National Bank of Las VegasLas VegasNew Mexico1880
2614 First National Bank of AlbuquerqueAlbuquerqueNew Mexico1882
2627 First National Bank of SocorroSocorroNew Mexico1882
3160 First National Bank of DemingDemingNew Mexico1884
3222 Albuquerque National Bank, New MexicoAlbuquerqueNew Mexico1884
3539 Silver City National Bank, Silver CitySilver CityNew Mexico1886
3554 First National Bank of Silver CitySilver CityNew Mexico1886
4455 First National Bank of EddyEddyNew Mexico1890
4485 New Mexico National Bank of SocorroSocorroNew Mexico1890
4574 Socorro National Bank, SocorroSocorroNew Mexico1891
4734 First National Bank of RatonRatonNew Mexico1892
4746 National Bank of DemingDemingNew Mexico1892
5220 First National Bank of RoswellRoswellNew Mexico1899
5244 First National Bank of AlamogordoAlamogordoNew Mexico1900
5487 First National Bank of CarlsbadCarlsbadNew Mexico1900
5713 First National Bank of ClaytonClaytonNew Mexico1901
6081 First National Bank of Santa RosaSanta RosaNew Mexico1902
6183 First National Bank of FarmingtonFarmingtonNew Mexico1902
6187 First National Bank of PortalesPortalesNew Mexico1902
6288 First National Bank of TucumcariTucumcariNew Mexico1902
6363 Citizens National Bank of RatonRatonNew Mexico1902
6597 First National Bank of BelenBelenNew Mexico1903
6714 Roswell National Bank, RoswellRoswellNew Mexico1903
6777 Citizens National Bank of RoswellRoswellNew Mexico1903
6884 National Bank of CarlsbadCarlsbadNew Mexico1903
6974 Deming National Bank, DemingDemingNew Mexico1903
7043 First National Bank of ArtesiaArtesiaNew Mexico1903
7186 State National Bank of AlbuquerqueAlbuquerqueNew Mexico1904
7503 Hagerman National Bank, HagermanHagermanNew Mexico1904
7720 First National Bank of Las CrucesLas CrucesNew Mexico1905
8098 National Bank of New Mexico of RatonRatonNew Mexico1906
8120 Raton National Bank, RatonRatonNew Mexico1906
8132 American National Bank of Silver CitySilver CityNew Mexico1906
8173 First National Bank of TexicoTexicoNew Mexico1906
8315 Citizens National Bank of AlamogordoAlamogordoNew Mexico1906
8348 First National Bank of ElidaElidaNew Mexico1906
8364 Citizens National Bank of PortalesPortalesNew Mexico1906
8391 Texico National Bank, TexicoTexicoNew Mexico1906
8397 First National Bank of MelroseMelroseNew Mexico1906
8584 First National Bank of Lake ArthurLake ArthurNew Mexico1907
8617 First National Bank of Fort SumnerFort SumnerNew Mexico1907
8662 First National Bank of CutterCutterNew Mexico1907
8663 First National Bank of Nara VisaNara VisaNew Mexico1907
8767 Clovis National Bank, ClovisClovisNew Mexico1907
8782 Lakewood National Bank, LakewoodLakewoodNew Mexico1907
8784 First National Bank of ClovisClovisNew Mexico1907
8880 First National Bank of LordsburgLordsburgNew Mexico1907
9151 San Juan County National Bank of FarmingtonFarmingtonNew Mexico1908
9292 First National Bank of CimarronCimarronNew Mexico1908
9441 First National Bank of HopeHopeNew Mexico1909
9468 State National Bank of ArtesiaArtesiaNew Mexico1909
9988 First National Bank of GallupGallupNew Mexico1911
10268 First National Bank of MagdalenaMagdalenaNew Mexico1912
11442 Citizens National Bank of AlbuquerqueAlbuquerqueNew Mexico1919
11900 National Bank of GallupGallupNew Mexico1920
12485 Albuquerque National BankAlbuquerqueNew Mexico1924
12569 Carlsbad National Bank, CarlsbadCarlsbadNew Mexico1924
12924 First National Bank in RatonRatonNew Mexico1926
13814 First National Bank in AlbuquerqueAlbuquerqueNew Mexico1933
14081 First-American National Bank in TucumcariTucumcariNew Mexico1934
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