1905 $20 Dollar Bill Gold Certificate Technicolor
1896 $5.00 Dollar Bill Silver Certificate Educational Series
1869 $5.00 Legal Tender Rainbow Woodchopper
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Greg Davis

Gold Certificate Currency from Series 1863 to Series 1922

Gold Certificate notes were introduced in 1865 but they didn't circulate outside of banks until the series 1882. Notes from the earlier series are therefore incredibly rare and are major news when a new one comes to market. Gold certificate notes are generally striking with bold orange backs. (series 1863 excluded) The backs tend to wear more quickly than the front so when determining the grade of a gold certificate often the back is the best place to start. A note with a vibrant problem free obverse will bring a premium. Gold certificate notes were issued up to 1922 in large size and then finally in 1928 in small size. If you have a gold certificate and want to know the value, please send me a scan.

1882 $1000 Gold Certificate
Gold Certificate Series 1882 $1000

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