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Massachusetts National Bank Paper Money

There are 383 National Bank charters in Massachusetts that issued paper money. Below is a list of every bank in Massachusetts to issue national currency. Click on the name of the bank to learn what bills they issued including the types and general rarity. Use the filters on the right to narrow your search down. If you have any questions about Massachusetts national currency please let me know.

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Charter Bank Name City State Charter Year
14 First National Bank of SpringfieldSpringfieldMassachusetts1863
79 First National Bank of WorcesterWorcesterMassachusetts1863
96 First National Bank of BarreBarreMassachusetts1863
156 First National Bank of DorchesterDorchesterMassachusetts1863
158 First National Bank of MarlboroMarlboroMassachusetts1863
181 Second National Bank of SpringfieldSpringfieldMassachusetts1864
188 First National Bank of GraftonGraftonMassachusetts1864
190 First National Bank of WestfieldWestfieldMassachusetts1864
200 First National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1864
256 First National Bank of Fall RiverFall RiverMassachusetts1864
261 First National Bank of New BedfordNew BedfordMassachusetts1864
268 First National Bank of Amesbury, MerrimacMerrimacMassachusetts1864
279 First National Bank of NewburyportNewburyportMassachusetts1864
308 Third National Bank of SpringfieldSpringfieldMassachusetts1864
322 Second National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1864
327 First National Bank of WinchendonWinchendonMassachusetts1864
331 First National Bank of LowellLowellMassachusetts1864
359 Third National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1864
379 National Bank of The Republic, BostonBostonMassachusetts1864
383 First National Bank of NorthamptonNorthamptonMassachusetts1864
393 First National Bank of AmherstAmherstMassachusetts1864
407 First National Bank of SalemSalemMassachusetts1864
408 Boston National Bank in BostonBostonMassachusetts1864
416 First National Bank of EastonEastonMassachusetts1864
418 Hampshire County National Bank of NorthamptonNorthamptonMassachusetts1864
421 First National Bank of WestboroWestboroMassachusetts1864
428 First National Bank of EasthamptonEasthamptonMassachusetts1864
433 First National Bank of Cambridgeport, CambridgeCambridgeMassachusetts1864
439 Second National Bank of Fall RiverFall RiverMassachusetts1864
440 First National Bank of ClintonClintonMassachusetts1864
442 National Fort Plain BankWorcesterMassachusetts1864
449 Cambridge National Bank of East CambridgeEast CambridgeMassachusetts1864
455 Central National Bank of WorcesterWorcesterMassachusetts1864
460 National Hide and Leather Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1864
462 First National Bank of AdamsAdamsMassachusetts1864
474 First National Bank of GreenfieldGreenfieldMassachusetts1864
475 Merchants National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1864
476 City National Bank of WorcesterWorcesterMassachusetts1864
481 First National Bank of HaverhillHaverhillMassachusetts1864
484 Haverhill National Bank, HaverhillHaverhillMassachusetts1864
488 First National Bank of Newton, NewtonvilleNewtonvilleMassachusetts1864
490 National Bank of FairhavenFairhavenMassachusetts1864
503 Monson National Bank, MonsonMonsonMassachusetts1864
505 Market National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1864
506 Merchants National Bank of LowellLowellMassachusetts1864
510 Union National Bank of WeymouthWeymouthMassachusetts1864
513 First National Bank of LeominsterLeominsterMassachusetts1864
514 Blackstone National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1864
515 National Bank of Redemption, BostonBostonMassachusetts1864
516 First National Bank of YarmouthYarmouthMassachusetts1864
517 National Mount Wollastan Bank of QuincyQuincyMassachusetts1864
524 Continental National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1864
525 North National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1864
528 Framingham National Bank, FraminghamFraminghamMassachusetts1864
529 National Exchange Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1864
533 First National Bank of ChelseaChelseaMassachusetts1864
536 Eliot National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1864
545 Boylston National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1864
549 First National Bank of GloucesterGloucesterMassachusetts1864
551 Broadway National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1864
554 National Bank of Commerce, BostonBostonMassachusetts1864
558 Randolph National Bank, RandolphRandolphMassachusetts1864
572 Millbuy National Bank, MillburyMillburyMassachusetts1864
578 Howard National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1864
582 Shawmut National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1864
583 Lancaster National Bank of LancasterLancasterMassachusetts1864
584 Mechanicks National Bank of NewburyportNewburyportMassachusetts1864
588 First National Bank of MaldenMaldenMassachusetts1864
589 Essex National Bank of HaverhillHaverhillMassachusetts1864
590 Fall River National Bank, Fall RiverFall RiverMassachusetts1864
594 First National Bank of DanversDanversMassachusetts1864
595 Peoples National Bank of Roxbury, BostonBostonMassachusetts1864
601 Washington National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1864
603 New England National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1864
609 National City Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1864
612 Massasoit National Bank of Fall RiverFall RiverMassachusetts1864
614 Lechmere National Bank of East CambridgeCambridgeMassachusetts1864
615 National Rockland Bank of Roxbury, BostonBostonMassachusetts1864
616 Warren National Bank of South DanversSouth DanversMassachusetts1864
618 First National Bank of South WeymouthSouth WeymouthMassachusetts1864
625 Tremont National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1864
626 Hopkinton National BankHopkintonMassachusetts1864
628 Ware National BankWareMassachusetts1864
629 Suffolk National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1864
633 Merrimack National Bank of HaverhillHaverhillMassachusetts1864
634 Asiatic National Bank of SalemSalemMassachusetts1864
635 Bunker Hill National Bank of Charlestown, BostonBostonMassachusetts1864
638 First National Bank of LynnLynnMassachusetts1864
643 Atlantic National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1864
646 Shoe and Leather National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1864
647 Naumkeag National Bank of SalemSalemMassachusetts1864
654 Atlas National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1864
663 Neponset National Bank of CantonCantonMassachusetts1864
665 Freeman's National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1864
669 Dedham National Bank of DedhamDedhamMassachusetts1864
672 National Bank of North America, BostonBostonMassachusetts1864
676 National Grand Bank of MarbleheadMarbleheadMassachusetts1864
677 Maverick National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1864
679 Pocasset National Bank of Fall RiverFall RiverMassachusetts1864
684 Blue Hill National Bank of Dorchester, BostonBostonMassachusetts1865
688 Waltham National Bank, WalthamWalthamMassachusetts1865
690 National Bank of Commerce, New BedfordNew BedfordMassachusetts1865
691 Mercantile National Bank of SalemSalemMassachusetts1865
697 City National Bank of LynnLynnMassachusetts1865
702 Rollstone National Bank of FitchburgFitchburgMassachusetts1865
704 Salem National Bank, SalemSalemMassachusetts1865
708 Millers River National Bank of AtholAtholMassachusetts1865
712 Cape Cod National Bank of HarwichHarwichMassachusetts1865
714 Pacific National Bank of NantucketNantucketMassachusetts1865
716 Mount Vernon National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1865
726 Merchants National Bank of SalemSalemMassachusetts1865
731 Charles River National Bank of CambridgeCambridgeMassachusetts1865
736 First National Bank of ProvincetownProvincetownMassachusetts1865
743 Mechanics National Bank of New BedfordNew BedfordMassachusetts1865
746 First National Bank of WoburnWoburnMassachusetts1865
753 Railroad National Bank of LowellLowellMassachusetts1865
764 Oxford National Bank, OxfordOxfordMassachusetts1865
765 Citizens National Bank of WorcesterWorcesterMassachusetts1865
766 Bristol County National Bank of TauntonTauntonMassachusetts1865
767 Marblehead National Bank of MarbleheadMarbleheadMassachusetts1865
769 Whitinsville National Bank, WhitinsvilleWhitinsvilleMassachusetts1865
770 National City Bank of CambridgeCambridgeMassachusetts1865
778 Hamilton National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1865
779 Plymouth National Bank, PlymouthPlymouthMassachusetts1865
781 Wamesit National Bank of LowellLowellMassachusetts1865
789 Newton National Bank, NewtonNewtonMassachusetts1865
799 Merchants National Bank of New BedfordNew BedfordMassachusetts1865
802 Holliston National Bank, HollistonHollistonMassachusetts1865
805 Townsend National Bank, TownsendTownsendMassachusetts1865
806 National Market Bank of Brighton, BostonBostonMassachusetts1865
817 National Exchange Bank of SalemSalemMassachusetts1865
824 Grafton National Bank, GraftonGraftonMassachusetts1865
832 National Granite Bank of QuincyQuincyMassachusetts1865
833 Concord National BankConcordMassachusetts1865
847 Faneuil Hall National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1865
866 Milford National Bank, MilfordMilfordMassachusetts1865
884 First National Bank of GardnerGardnerMassachusetts1865
885 Lee National Bank, LeeLeeMassachusetts1865
895 Conway National BankConwayMassachusetts1865
899 Cape Ann National Bank of GloucesterGloucesterMassachusetts1865
918 Leicester National Bank, LeicesterLeicesterMassachusetts1865
920 Franklin County National Bank of GreenfieldGreenfieldMassachusetts1865
924 Metacomet National Bank of Fall RiverFall RiverMassachusetts1865
932 Mechanics National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1865
934 Southbridge National Bank, SouthbridgeSouthbridgeMassachusetts1865
936 Globe National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1865
947 Machinists National Bank of TauntonTauntonMassachusetts1865
957 Taunton National Bank, TauntonTauntonMassachusetts1865
958 South Danvers National Bank of PeabodyPeabodyMassachusetts1865
960 Prescott National Bank of LowellLowellMassachusetts1865
969 Beverly National BankBeverlyMassachusetts1865
974 Massachusetts National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1865
982 John Hancock National Bank of SpringfieldSpringfieldMassachusetts1865
985 National Union Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1865
986 Appleton National Bank of LowellLowellMassachusetts1865
987 Pynchon National Bank of SpringfieldSpringfieldMassachusetts1865
988 Chicopee National Bank of SpringfieldSpringfieldMassachusetts1865
993 National Eagle Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1865
996 Old Colony National Bank of PlymouthPlymouthMassachusetts1865
1005 Monument National Bank of CharlestownCharlestownMassachusetts1865
1011 Ocean National Bank of NewburyportNewburyportMassachusetts1865
1014 Bay State National Bank of LawrenceLawrenceMassachusetts1865
1015 Old Boston National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1865
1018 Northhampton National Bank of NorthamptonNorthamptonMassachusetts1865
1022 Blackstone National Bank of UxbridgeUxbridgeMassachusetts1865
1028 State National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1865
1029 Columbian National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1865
1047 Merchants National Bank of NewburyportNewburyportMassachusetts1865
1048 National Pemberton Bank of LawrenceLawrenceMassachusetts1865
1049 Powow River National Bank of SalisburySalisburyMassachusetts1865
1055 Agawam National Bank of SpringfieldSpringfieldMassachusetts1865
1056 First National Bank of ChicopeeChicopeeMassachusetts1865
1073 Quinsigamond National Bank of WorcesterWorcesterMassachusetts1865
1077 Fitchburg National Bank of FitchburgFitchburgMassachusetts1865
1082 Agricultural National Bank of PittsfieldPittsfieldMassachusetts1865
1085 National Bank of WrenthamWrenthamMassachusetts1865
1099 National Bank of Brighton, BostonBostonMassachusetts1865
1107 First National Bank of HyannisHyannisMassachusetts1865
1119 Hingham National Bank, HinghamHinghamMassachusetts1865
1129 Andover National Bank, AndoverAndoverMassachusetts1865
1135 Mechanics National Bank of WorcesterWorcesterMassachusetts1865
1144 Shelburne Falls National Bank, Shelburne FallsShelburne FallsMassachusetts1865
1162 Gloucester National Bank, GloucesterGloucesterMassachusetts1865
1170 Housatonic National Bank of StockbridgeStockbridgeMassachusetts1865
1194 Rockport National Bank, RockportRockportMassachusetts1865
1201 Central National Bank of LynnLynnMassachusetts1865
1203 National Mahaiwe Bank of Great BarringtonGreat BarringtonMassachusetts1865
1207 Worcester County National Bank of BlackstoneBlackstoneMassachusetts1865
1210 Adams National Bank of North AdamsNorth AdamsMassachusetts1865
1228 Cambridgeport National Bank of CambridgeCambridgeMassachusetts1865
1246 Hadley Falls National Bank of HolyokeHolyokeMassachusetts1865
1260 Pittsfield National Bank, PittsfieldPittsfieldMassachusetts1865
1274 Martha's Vineyard National Bank of EdgartownEdgartownMassachusetts1865
1279 Northborough National Bank, NorthboroughNorthboroughMassachusetts1865
1288 National Union Bank of Fall RiverFall RiverMassachusetts1865
1295 National Revere Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1865
1320 Falmouth National Bank, FalmouthFalmouthMassachusetts1865
1329 Old Lowell National Bank, LowellLowellMassachusetts1865
1367 Hampden National Bank of WestfieldWestfieldMassachusetts1865
1386 Abington National BankAbingtonMassachusetts1865
1440 National Bank of WarehamWarehamMassachusetts1865
1442 Traders National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1865
1455 National Bank of South Reading, South ReadingSouth ReadingMassachusetts1865
1469 Everett National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1865
1485 National Bank of MethuenMethuenMassachusetts1865
1527 National Webster Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1865
1604 Attleborough National Bank, AttleboroughAttleboroughMassachusetts1865
1675 National Security Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1867
1699 Kidder National Gold Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1870
1827 National Bank of The Commonwealth, BostonBostonMassachusetts1871
1939 Holyoke National Bank, HolyokeHolyokeMassachusetts1872
1962 Lawrence National Bank, LawrenceLawrenceMassachusetts1872
1993 Eleventh Ward National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1872
2058 Crocker National Bank of Turners FallsTurners FallsMassachusetts1872
2103 Central National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1873
2107 Natick National Bank, NatickNatickMassachusetts1873
2108 Union Market National Bank of WatertownWatertownMassachusetts1873
2111 Manufacturers National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1873
2112 First Ward National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1873
2113 First National Bank of AshburnhamAshburnhamMassachusetts1873
2152 Home National Bank of BrocktonBrocktonMassachusetts1874
2153 Safety Fund National Bank of FitchburgFitchburgMassachusetts1874
2172 Athol National Bank, AtholAtholMassachusetts1874
2232 First National Bank of AttleboroAttleboroMassachusetts1875
2255 Orange National Bank, OrangeOrangeMassachusetts1875
2262 Citizens National Bank of New BedfordNew BedfordMassachusetts1875
2264 Packard National Bank of GreenfieldGreenfieldMassachusetts1875
2265 Wachusett National Bank of FitchburgFitchburgMassachusetts1875
2273 Security National Bank of WorcesterWorcesterMassachusetts1875
2275 Home National Bank of MilfordMilfordMassachusetts1875
2277 Fourth National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1875
2284 Westminster National Bank of WestminsterWestminsterMassachusetts1875
2288 Spencer National Bank, SpencerSpencerMassachusetts1875
2289 Metropolitan National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1875
2292 City National Bank of GloucesterGloucesterMassachusetts1875
2297 Georgetown National Bank, GeorgetownGeorgetownMassachusetts1875
2304 Merchandise National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1875
2312 First National Bank of WebsterWebsterMassachusetts1875
2324 Palmer National Bank, PalmerPalmerMassachusetts1876
2347 Pacific National Bank of LawrenceLawrenceMassachusetts1877
2373 Pacific National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1877
2396 Berkshire National Bank of North AdamsNorth AdamsMassachusetts1878
2404 Peoples National Bank of MarlboroughMarlboroughMassachusetts1878
2430 City National Bank of HolyokeHolyokeMassachusetts1879
2433 City National Bank of SpringfieldSpringfieldMassachusetts1879
2435 Chapin National Bank of SpringfieldSpringfieldMassachusetts1879
2485 South Framingham National Bank, South FraminghamSouth FraminghamMassachusetts1880
2504 Brockton National Bank, BrocktonBrocktonMassachusetts1881
2525 Third National Bank of PittsfieldPittsfieldMassachusetts1881
2563 National Security Bank of LynnLynnMassachusetts1881
2618 Hudson National Bank, HudsonHudsonMassachusetts1882
2685 First National Bank of BarreBarreMassachusetts1882
2699 First National Bank of WorcesterWorcesterMassachusetts1882
2770 First National Bank of MarlboroMarlboroMassachusetts1882
2846 Lincoln National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1882
2929 Amesbury National Bank, AmesburyAmesburyMassachusetts1883
3073 First National Bank of AyerAyerMassachusetts1884
3092 Williamstown National Bank, WilliamstownWilliamstownMassachusetts1884
3128 Home National Bank of HolyokeHolyokeMassachusetts1884
3204 Leominster National Bank, LeominsterLeominsterMassachusetts1884
3365 North Attleborough National Bank, North AttleboroughNorth AttleboroughMassachusetts1885
3429 Lynn National Bank, LynnLynnMassachusetts1886
3510 Second National Bank of HaverhillHaverhillMassachusetts1886
3553 Brookline National Bank, BrooklineBrooklineMassachusetts1886
3598 First National Bank of West Newton, NewtonNewtonMassachusetts1886
3868 First National Bank of RocklandRocklandMassachusetts1888
3923 Commercial National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1888
3977 Merchants National Bank of LawrenceLawrenceMassachusetts1889
3994 Middleborough National Bank, MiddleboroughMiddleboroughMassachusetts1889
4013 Lenox National Bank, LenoxLenoxMassachusetts1889
4074 Winnissimet National Bank of ChelseaChelseaMassachusetts1889
4202 South End National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1890
4240 Stoneham National Bank, StonehamStonehamMassachusetts1890
4300 Arlington National Bank of LawrenceLawrenceMassachusetts1890
4488 First National Bank of ReadingReadingMassachusetts1890
4562 Greylock National Bank of AdamsAdamsMassachusetts1891
4580 Manufacturers National Bank of LynnLynnMassachusetts1891
4660 Whitman National Bank, WhitmanWhitmanMassachusetts1891
4664 First National Bank of ArlingtonArlingtonMassachusetts1891
4703 Park National Bank of HolyokeHolyokeMassachusetts1892
4753 Traders National Bank of LowellLowellMassachusetts1892
4769 Melrose National Bank, MelroseMelroseMassachusetts1892
4771 Somerville National Bank, SomervilleSomervilleMassachusetts1892
4774 First National Bank of IpswichIpswichMassachusetts1892
4833 Merchants National Bank of HaverhillHaverhillMassachusetts1893
4907 Springfield National Bank, SpringfieldSpringfieldMassachusetts1893
5071 Middlesex County National Bank of WinchesterWinchesterMassachusetts1897
5155 National Shawmut Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1898
5158 National Hamilton Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1898
5163 Colonial National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1898
5247 Medford National Bank, MedfordMedfordMassachusetts1900
5840 American National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1901
5944 First National Bank of MansfieldMansfieldMassachusetts1901
5964 First National Bank of PepperellPepperellMassachusetts1901
6077 Union National Bank of LowellLowellMassachusetts1902
6104 National Suffolk Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1902
6821 Massasoit-Pocasset National Bank of Fall RiverFall RiverMassachusetts1903
7297 Wellesley National Bank, WellesleyWellesleyMassachusetts1904
7452 Danvers National Bank, DanversDanversMassachusetts1904
7550 Woburn National Bank, WoburnWoburnMassachusetts1905
7595 Merchants National Bank of WorcesterWorcesterMassachusetts1905
7675 Jewelers National Bank of North AttleboroughNorth AttleboroughMassachusetts1905
7920 Hyde Park National Bank, Hyde ParkHyde ParkMassachusetts1905
7957 Edgartown National Bank, EdgartownEdgartownMassachusetts1905
8150 Produce National Bank of South DeerfieldSouth DeerfieldMassachusetts1906
8474 Norwood National Bank, NorwoodNorwoodMassachusetts1906
9086 Manufacturers National Bank of North AttleboroughNorth AttleboroughMassachusetts1908
9426 Foxboro National Bank, FoxboroughFoxboroughMassachusetts1909
9579 Mutual National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1909
9651 Broadway National Bank of ChelseaChelseaMassachusetts1910
10059 Merchants National Bank of LeominsterLeominsterMassachusetts1911
10165 Second National Bank of BarreBarreMassachusetts1912
11014 Second National Bank of MaldenMaldenMassachusetts1917
11067 Tanners National Bank of WoburnWoburnMassachusetts1917
11103 Winchester National Bank, WinchesterWinchesterMassachusetts1917
11137 Mattapan National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1918
11152 Manufacturers National Bank of CambridgeCambridgeMassachusetts1918
11169 State National Bank of LynnLynnMassachusetts1918
11236 Webster National Bank, WebsterWebsterMassachusetts1918
11270 National City Bank of ChelseaChelseaMassachusetts1918
11339 Citizens National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1919
11347 Braintree National Bank, BraintreeBraintreeMassachusetts1919
11388 Peoples National Bank of SouthbridgeSouthbridgeMassachusetts1919
11868 Arlington National Bank, ArlingtonArlingtonMassachusetts1920
11903 Boston National Bank, BostonBostonMassachusetts1920
12336 Federal National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1923
12343 Middlesex National Bank of LowellLowellMassachusetts1923
12362 State National Bank in LynnLynnMassachusetts1923
12405 Safe Deposit National Bank of New BedfordNew BedfordMassachusetts1923
12540 Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers National Bank of BostonBostonMassachusetts1924
12567 Dedham National Bank, DedhamDedhamMassachusetts1924
12800 Methuen National Bank, MethuenMethuenMassachusetts1925
12979 First National Bank in MedfordMedfordMassachusetts1926
13222 Buzzards Bay National Bank, Buzzards BayBuzzards BayMassachusetts1928
13252 Newton National Bank, NewtonNewtonMassachusetts1928
13394 Spencer National Bank, SpencerSpencerMassachusetts1929
13395 Barnstable County National Bank of HyannisHyannisMassachusetts1929
13411 First National Bank of WebsterWebsterMassachusetts1929
13558 First National Bank in ReadingReadingMassachusetts1931
13604 Gloucester National Bank of GloucesterGloucesterMassachusetts1932
13733 First National Bank of AtholAtholMassachusetts1933
13780 Webster National Bank, WebsterWebsterMassachusetts1933
13835 Millbury National Bank, MillburyMillburyMassachusetts1933
14033 Tanners National Bank in WoburnWoburnMassachusetts1934
14087 Lincoln National Bank of ChelseaChelseaMassachusetts1934
14266 Merrimack National Bank of HaverhillHaverhillMassachusetts1934
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