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Silver Certificates Series 1878 "The Blackbacks"

1878 Series notes are rare and desirable. The notes are sometimes called black backs because of the striking black printing on the back. When I look at the color of the back it reminds me of the color that silver tarnishes. I wonder if that was the intention. This is a series where the back of the note is the star. They came in a variety of signature combinations and seal colors. Some of the early notes are hand signed. These are very rare and can be worth six figures in superb condition.

1878 $10 Silver Certificate. 1878 $10 Silver Certificate
With fewer than 70 notes known across all signature combinations these notes are very scarce.
Auction appearences are few and far between but when the note does come up it's always a fine figure note.
A nice mid-grade example will appraise in the $20,000 to $30,000 range.
A full range of values would be from $5,000 for a rag to well into six figures for an uncirculated example.

1878 $20 Silver Certificate. 1878 $20 Silver Certificate
If the $10 is rare then the $20 is even more so with fewer than 25 notes remaining.
A solid mid-grade note will cost around $25,000 more or less. A nice high grade note will also make six figures.