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Nebraska National Bank Paper Money

There are 359 National Bank charters in Nebraska that issued paper money. Below is a list of every bank in Nebraska to issue national currency. Click on the name of the bank to learn what bills they issued including the types and general rarity. Use the filters on the right to narrow your search down. If you have any questions about Nebraska national currency please let me know.

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Charter Bank Name City State Charter Year
209 First National Bank of OmahaOmahaNebraska1864
1417 Otoe County National Bank of Nebraska CityNebraska CityNebraska1865
1633 Omaha National Bank, OmahaOmahaNebraska1866
1798 First National Bank, LincolnLincolnNebraska1871
1846 First National Bank of BrownvilleBrownvilleNebraska1871
1855 Nebraska City National Bank, Nebraska CityNebraska CityNebraska1871
1899 State National Bank of LincolnLincolnNebraska1871
1914 First National Bank, PlattsmouthPlattsmouthNebraska1872
1974 First National Bank of FremontFremontNebraska1872
2121 First National Bank of AshlandAshlandNebraska1873
2357 First National Bank, BeatriceBeatriceNebraska1877
2528 First National Bank, HastingsHastingsNebraska1881
2536 James Sweet National Bank of Nebraska CityNebraska CityNebraska1881
2665 Nebraska National Bank of OmahaOmahaNebraska1882
2683 First National Bank, YorkYorkNebraska1882
2706 First National Bank of CreteCreteNebraska1882
2724 First National Bank of BlairBlairNebraska1882
2746 First National Bank, Falls CityFalls CityNebraska1882
2750 Lincoln National Bank, LincolnLincolnNebraska1882
2756 First National Bank, HebronHebronNebraska1882
2771 First National Bank of SewardSewardNebraska1882
2774 First National Bank of NorfolkNorfolkNebraska1882
2775 Merchants National Bank of OmahaOmahaNebraska1882
2778 First National Bank, SchuylerSchuylerNebraska1882
2779 First National Bank, Grand IslandGrand IslandNebraska1882
2780 First National Bank, WahooWahooNebraska1882
2806 First National Bank of KearneyKearneyNebraska1882
2807 First National Bank of ColumbusColumbusNebraska1882
2811 First National Bank, Red CloudRed CloudNebraska1882
2825 First National Bank, Pawnee CityPawnee CityNebraska1882
2848 Fremont National Bank, FremontFremontNebraska1882
2871 First National Bank, Central CityCentral CityNebraska1883
2897 First National Bank of AuroraAuroraNebraska1883
2902 First National Bank, David CityDavid CityNebraska1883
2921 First National Bank of AshlandAshlandNebraska1883
2955 First National Bank, TecumsehTecumsehNebraska1883
2960 First National Bank, FriendFriendNebraska1883
2964 First National Bank, FullertonFullertonNebraska1883
2978 United States National Bank, OmahaOmahaNebraska1883
2988 Marsh National Bank of LincolnLincolnNebraska1883
2991 First National Bank, WilberWilberNebraska1883
2994 First National Bank of FairburyFairburyNebraska1883
3057 First National Bank, MindenMindenNebraska1884
3059 First National Bank, North BendNorth BendNebraska1884
3060 Jones National Bank of SewardSewardNebraska1884
3081 Beatrice National Bank, BeatriceBeatriceNebraska1884
3083 First National Bank, SyracuseSyracuseNebraska1884
3086 Exchange National Bank of HastingsHastingsNebraska1884
3099 City National Bank, HastingsHastingsNebraska1884
3101 Citizens National Bank, Grand IslandGrand IslandNebraska1884
3117 Exeter National Bank of ExeterExeterNebraska1884
3118 Saunders County National Bank, WahooWahooNebraska1884
3121 First National Bank of ExeterExeterNebraska1884
3126 First National Bank, Saint PaulSaint PaulNebraska1884
3129 Saint Paul National Bank, Saint PaulSaint PaulNebraska1884
3152 Schuyler National Bank, SchuylerSchuylerNebraska1884
3162 York National Bank, YorkYorkNebraska1884
3163 Commercial National Bank, OmahaOmahaNebraska1884
3181 Red Cloud National Bank, Red CloudRed CloudNebraska1884
3188 Farmers and Merchants National Bank of FremontFremontNebraska1884
3201 Kearney National Bank, KearneyKearneyNebraska1884
3208 First National Bank, HoldregeHoldregeNebraska1884
3230 First National Bank of FairmontFairmontNebraska1884
3238 First National Bank, HumboldtHumboldtNebraska1884
3240 First National Bank, SuttonSuttonNebraska1884
3292 First National Bank of Plum CreekPlum CreekNebraska1885
3302 First National Bank, ArapahoeArapahoeNebraska1885
3339 First National Bank of OrdOrdNebraska1885
3340 West Point National Bank, West PointWest PointNebraska1885
3342 First National Bank, OrleansOrleansNebraska1885
3343 First National Bank of Auburn, North AuburnNorth AuburnNebraska1885
3347 Norfolk National Bank, NorfolkNorfolkNebraska1885
3364 First National Bank, StantonStantonNebraska1885
3370 First National Bank, West PointWest PointNebraska1885
3373 First National Bank of Loup CityLoup CityNebraska1885
3379 First National Bank, McCookMcCookNebraska1885
3390 First National Bank, DorchesterDorchesterNebraska1885
3392 First National Bank, WayneWayneNebraska1885
3403 First National Bank of GreenwoodGreenwoodNebraska1885
3419 First National Bank of Blue HillBlue HillNebraska1885
3424 First National Bank of O'NeillO'NeillNebraska1885
3445 Custer County National Bank, Broken BowBroken BowNebraska1886
3449 First National Bank, Broken BowBroken BowNebraska1886
3481 Ord National Bank, OrdOrdNebraska1886
3483 First National Bank, IndianolaIndianolaNebraska1886
3493 First National Bank, FairfieldFairfieldNebraska1886
3495 First National Bank, NelsonNelsonNebraska1886
3496 First National Bank, North PlatteNorth PlatteNebraska1886
3516 Union National Bank, OmahaOmahaNebraska1886
3523 First National Bank, Weeping WaterWeeping WaterNebraska1886
3526 Buffalo County National Bank, KearneyKearneyNebraska1886
3529 First National Bank, SuperiorSuperiorNebraska1886
3549 First National Bank, FranklinFranklinNebraska1886
3571 German National Bank, LincolnLincolnNebraska1886
3574 First National Bank, Clay CenterClay CenterNebraska1886
3580 First National Bank, AlmaAlmaNebraska1886
3603 State National Bank, OmahaOmahaNebraska1886
3611 South Omaha National Bank, South OmahaSouth OmahaNebraska1886
3619 First National Bank, Beaver CityBeaver CityNebraska1887
3627 First National Bank, PoncaPoncaNebraska1887
3628 Carson National Bank of South AuburnSouth AuburnNebraska1887
3652 First National Bank, OgallaliaOgallaliaNebraska1887
3653 Sutton National Bank, SuttonSuttonNebraska1887
3674 First National Bank of RuloRuloNebraska1887
3725 First National Bank, TobiasTobiasNebraska1887
3732 German National Bank of HastingsHastingsNebraska1887
3741 Citizens National Bank of NorfolkNorfolkNebraska1887
3773 First National Bank of MadisonMadisonNebraska1887
3801 Central Nebraska National Bank of David CityDavid CityNebraska1887
3823 First National Bank, ChadronChadronNebraska1887
3875 Holdrege National Bank, HoldregeHoldregeNebraska1888
3891 Citizens National Bank of Saint PaulSaint PaulNebraska1888
3921 First National Bank, GibbonGibbonNebraska1888
3927 Central Nebraska National Bank, Broken BowBroken BowNebraska1888
3934 City National Bank of David CityDavid CityNebraska1888
3939 First National Bank of Wood RiverWood RiverNebraska1888
3958 City National Bank of KearneyKearneyNebraska1889
3960 First National Bank, AlbionAlbionNebraska1889
3999 First National Bank, Elm CreekElm CreekNebraska1889
4024 North Platte National Bank, North PlatteNorth PlatteNebraska1889
4029 First National Bank, WisnerWisnerNebraska1889
4042 First National Bank, SheltonSheltonNebraska1889
4043 First National Bank, RavennaRavennaNebraska1889
4052 First National Bank of GenevaGenevaNebraska1889
4078 Farmers National Bank of Pawnee CityPawnee CityNebraska1889
4080 First National Bank, LibertyLibertyNebraska1889
4087 American National Bank, OmahaOmahaNebraska1889
4089 First National Bank, AinsworthAinsworthNebraska1889
4110 First National Bank, NelighNelighNebraska1889
4129 First National Bank, HarvardHarvardNebraska1889
4148 German National Bank of BeatriceBeatriceNebraska1889
4161 Dawson County National Bank of LexingtonLexingtonNebraska1889
4163 First National Bank, SterlingSterlingNebraska1889
4165 First National Bank of CozadCozadNebraska1889
4170 First National Bank, GrantGrantNebraska1889
4173 Albion National Bank, NebraskaAlbionNebraska1889
4176 First National Bank, RushvilleRushvilleNebraska1889
4185 Nebraska National Bank, BeatriceBeatriceNebraska1889
4210 First National Bank of WymoreWymoreNebraska1890
4226 First National Bank, AllianceAllianceNebraska1890
4242 First National Bank, CreightonCreightonNebraska1890
4245 Nebraska National Bank, YorkYorkNebraska1890
4270 National Bank of Commerce, OmahaOmahaNebraska1890
4276 Tecumseh National Bank, TecumsehTecumsehNebraska1890
4280 First National Bank of PiercePierceNebraska1890
4324 First National Bank, TekamahTekamahNebraska1890
4345 United States National Bank of HoldregeHoldregeNebraska1890
4354 Wayne National Bank, WayneWayneNebraska1890
4357 Security National Bank of Grand IslandGrand IslandNebraska1890
4435 Columbia National Bank of LincolnLincolnNebraska1890
4484 Geneva National Bank, GenevaGenevaNebraska1890
4504 Commercial National Bank of FremontFremontNebraska1891
4528 First National Bank, HartingtonHartingtonNebraska1891
4557 First National Bank, South Sioux CitySouth Sioux CityNebraska1891
4583 First National Bank of ArlingtonArlingtonNebraska1891
4588 Farmers and Merchants National Bank, AuburnAuburnNebraska1891
4589 Packers National Bank of South OmahaSouth OmahaNebraska1891
4606 American Exchange National Bank, LincolnLincolnNebraska1891
4610 First National Bank of OaklandOaklandNebraska1891
4632 Union Stock Yards National Bank of South OmahaSouth OmahaNebraska1891
4791 First National Bank, PenderPenderNebraska1892
4820 Crete National Bank of CreteCreteNebraska1892
4890 First National Bank of GothenburgGothenburgNebraska1893
4895 First National Bank, DewittDewittNebraska1893
4935 City National Bank of YorkYorkNebraska1894
5180 Commercial National Bank, ColumbusColumbusNebraska1899
5189 First National Bank, GenoaGenoaNebraska1899
5213 City National Bank of LincolnLincolnNebraska1899
5281 City National Bank of Weeping WaterWeeping WaterNebraska1900
5282 First National Bank of Newman GroveNewman GroveNebraska1900
5297 First National Bank of HooperHooperNebraska1900
5308 Pender National Bank, PenderPenderNebraska1900
5337 First National Bank of HumphreyHumphreyNebraska1900
5346 First National Bank, Saint EdwardSaint EdwardNebraska1900
5368 First National Bank of WakefieldWakefieldNebraska1900
5384 Fullerton National Bank, FullertonFullertonNebraska1900
5397 Superior National Bank, SuperiorSuperiorNebraska1900
5400 Hartington National Bank, HartingtonHartingtonNebraska1900
5419 First National Bank, LoomisLoomisNebraska1900
5440 First National Bank, ElginElginNebraska1900
5657 Alliance National BankAllianceNebraska1900
5690 Neligh National Bank, NelighNelighNebraska1901
5770 O'Neill National Bank, O'NeillO'NeillNebraska1901
5787 First National Bank of ElmwoodElmwoodNebraska1901
5793 Smith National Bank, Saint EdwardSaint EdwardNebraska1901
5937 First National Bank, PilgerPilgerNebraska1901
5941 Farmers National Bank of PilgerPilgerNebraska1901
5957 First National Bank, CarrollCarrollNebraska1901
5995 Custer National Bank of Broken BowBroken BowNebraska1901
6166 Citizens National Bank of TecumsehTecumsehNebraska1902
6201 Sidney National Bank, SidneySidneyNebraska1902
6221 First National Bank, LyonsLyonsNebraska1902
6240 First National Bank, ScottsbluffScottsbluffNebraska1902
6282 Gothenburg National Bank, GothenburgGothenburgNebraska1902
6378 First National Bank, ValentineValentineNebraska1902
6415 National Bank of WilberWilberNebraska1902
6464 Anoka National Bank, AnokaAnokaNebraska1902
6489 First National Bank, AtkinsonAtkinsonNebraska1902
6493 First National Bank, OsceolaOsceolaNebraska1902
6503 First National Bank of BloomfieldBloomfieldNebraska1902
6506 First National Bank, CambridgeCambridgeNebraska1902
6541 First National Bank of Pawnee CityPawnee CityNebraska1902
6600 Central National Bank of KearneyKearneyNebraska1903
6805 Genoa National Bank, GenoaGenoaNebraska1903
6818 First National Bank, BeemerBeemerNebraska1903
6866 Citizens National Bank, WisnerWisnerNebraska1903
6900 First National Bank of CrawfordCrawfordNebraska1903
6901 First National Bank, ScribnerScribnerNebraska1903
6939 First National Bank of ClarksClarksNebraska1903
6947 First National Bank, StuartStuartNebraska1903
7026 First National Bank of MitchellMitchellNebraska1903
7065 National Bank of HumboldtHumboldtNebraska1903
7204 First National Bank, ElwoodElwoodNebraska1904
7239 National Bank of Commerce, LincolnLincolnNebraska1904
7277 First National Bank of Loup CityLoup CityNebraska1904
7325 First National Bank, SpencerSpencerNebraska1904
7329 Nebraska National Bank of NorfolkNorfolkNebraska1904
7333 First National Bank, DodgeDodgeNebraska1904
7340 First National Bank of BurwellBurwellNebraska1904
7355 First National Bank, DillerDillerNebraska1904
7384 First National Bank, SargentSargentNebraska1904
7393 First National Bank, AnsleyAnsleyNebraska1904
7421 First National Bank of RandolphRandolphNebraska1904
7425 First National Bank, EmersonEmersonNebraska1904
7449 National Bank of North BendNorth BendNebraska1904
7477 Security National Bank, RandolphRandolphNebraska1904
7520 First National Bank, OxfordOxfordNebraska1904
7574 First National Bank, SpaldingSpaldingNebraska1905
7578 Tobias National Bank, TobiasTobiasNebraska1905
7622 First National Bank of GreeleyGreeleyNebraska1905
7737 First National Bank, University PlaceUniversity PlaceNebraska1905
7821 Farmers National Bank of YorkYorkNebraska1905
7836 Stanton National Bank, StantonStantonNebraska1905
7861 First National Bank, WilcoxWilcoxNebraska1905
7881 Atkinson National Bank, AtkinsonAtkinsonNebraska1905
7925 First National Bank, OvertonOvertonNebraska1905
7949 Shelby National Bank, ShelbyShelbyNebraska1905
8027 Blair National Bank, BlairBlairNebraska1905
8031 First National Bank, Hayes CenterHayes CenterNebraska1906
8062 First National Bank, GeringGeringNebraska1906
8093 First National Bank, LitchfieldLitchfieldNebraska1906
8097 First National Bank, BradshawBradshawNebraska1906
8105 First National Bank, BenedictBenedictNebraska1906
8113 Citizens National Bank of GothenburgGothenburgNebraska1906
8161 First National Bank, JohnsonJohnsonNebraska1906
8172 First National Bank, GreshamGreshamNebraska1906
8183 First National Bank, HendersonHendersonNebraska1906
8186 First National Bank, CroftonCroftonNebraska1906
8218 First National Bank, TrentonTrentonNebraska1906
8246 Fidelity National Bank, AuroraAuroraNebraska1906
8282 First National Bank, Cedar RapidsCedar RapidsNebraska1906
8285 First National Bank, HamptonHamptonNebraska1906
8286 First National Bank, StromsburgStromsburgNebraska1906
8317 Farmers National Bank, MadisonMadisonNebraska1906
8328 German National Bank of ColumbusColumbusNebraska1906
8335 First National Bank of Saint JamesSaint JamesNebraska1906
8372 First National Bank of AllenAllenNebraska1906
8383 German National Bank of JohnsonJohnsonNebraska1906
8385 Central City National Bank, Central CityCentral CityNebraska1906
8400 First National Bank, MarquetteMarquetteNebraska1906
8413 First National Bank, WolbachWolbachNebraska1906
8466 First National Bank of BertrandBertrandNebraska1906
8469 First National Bank of Bazille MillsBazille MillsNebraska1906
8521 First National Bank, GordonGordonNebraska1907
8533 First National Bank of PolkPolkNebraska1907
8567 Citizens National Bank of OrleansOrleansNebraska1907
8651 Commercial National Bank of KearneyKearneyNebraska1907
8685 First National Bank, WalthillWalthillNebraska1907
8760 First National Bank, Hay SpringsHay SpringsNebraska1907
8797 Creighton National Bank, CreightonCreightonNebraska1907
8811 First National Bank of UticaUticaNebraska1907
8812 First National Bank of CurtisCurtisNebraska1907
8823 McCook National Bank, McCookMcCookNebraska1907
8851 First National Bank of LawrenceLawrenceNebraska1907
8863 First National Bank of BancroftBancroftNebraska1907
8885 Central National Bank of LincolnLincolnNebraska1907
8888 First National Bank of HarrisonHarrisonNebraska1907
8949 Live Stock National Bank of South OmahaSouth OmahaNebraska1907
8975 First National Bank of CampbellCampbellNebraska1907
8988 First National Bank of DecaturDecaturNebraska1908
8992 National Bank of AinsworthAinsworthNebraska1908
8995 Bonham National Bank of FairburyFairburyNebraska1908
9056 Aurora National Bank, AuroraAuroraNebraska1908
9092 First National Bank of AmherstAmherstNebraska1908
9138 City National Bank of WymoreWymoreNebraska1908
9191 Stockmen's National Bank of RushvilleRushvilleNebraska1908
9200 Shelton National Bank, SheltonSheltonNebraska1908
9217 First National Bank of TildenTildenNebraska1908
9223 First National Bank of AdamsAdamsNebraska1908
9244 Citizens National Bank of WayneWayneNebraska1908
9258 First National Bank of CallawayCallawayNebraska1908
9395 Grand Island National Bank, Grand IslandGrand IslandNebraska1909
9400 Minden Exchange National Bank of MindenMindenNebraska1909
9436 Citizens National Bank of McCookMcCookNebraska1909
9448 First National Bank of BristowBristowNebraska1909
9466 City National Bank of OmahaOmahaNebraska1909
9504 First National Bank of PlainviewPlainviewNebraska1909
9581 Scottsbluff National Bank, ScottsbluffScottsbluffNebraska1909
9591 First National Bank of CraigCraigNebraska1909
9623 First National Bank of ButteButteNebraska1910
9653 First National Bank of MorrillMorrillNebraska1910
9665 First National Bank of NaperNaperNebraska1910
9666 First National Bank of BayardBayardNebraska1910
9671 First National Bank of WinnebagoWinnebagoNebraska1910
9694 Gering National Bank, GeringGeringNebraska1910
9711 First National Bank of BridgeportBridgeportNebraska1910
9730 Corn Exchange National Bank of OmahaOmahaNebraska1910
9731 City National Bank of CreteCreteNebraska1910
9741 First National Bank of LodgepoleLodgepoleNebraska1910
9762 First National Bank of ImperialImperialNebraska1910
9772 First National Bank of HavelockHavelockNebraska1910
9785 First National Bank of LynchLynchNebraska1910
9790 First National Bank of ChappellChappellNebraska1910
9793 First National Bank of LaurelLaurelNebraska1910
9796 First National Bank of ColeridgeColeridgeNebraska1910
9816 Walthill National Bank, WalthillWalthillNebraska1910
9831 First National Bank of LeighLeighNebraska1910
9908 Stock Yards National Bank of South OmahaSouth OmahaNebraska1910
9979 Laurel National Bank, LaurelLaurelNebraska1911
9984 Farmers National Bank of WakefieldWakefieldNebraska1911
9994 First National Bank of WausaWausaNebraska1911
10011 Tilden National Bank, TildenTildenNebraska1911
10017 Commercial National Bank of WausaWausaNebraska1911
10021 Madison National Bank, MadisonMadisonNebraska1911
10022 Farmers and Merchants National Bank of OaklandOaklandNebraska1911
10023 Coleridge National Bank, ColeridgeColeridgeNebraska1911
10025 First National Bank of BeldenBeldenNebraska1911
10033 First National Bank of BrunswickBrunswickNebraska1911
10081 First National Bank of OshkoshOshkoshNebraska1911
10242 First National Bank, HemingfordHemingfordNebraska1912
10340 Farmers and Merchants National Bank, FairburyFairburyNebraska1913
12552 Sioux National Bank of HarrisonHarrisonNebraska1924
13017 City National Bank in LincolnLincolnNebraska1926
13316 First National Bank of MinatareMinatareNebraska1929
13333 Continental National Bank of LincolnLincolnNebraska1929
13339 First National Bank of OakdaleOakdaleNebraska1929
13408 Stephens National Bank of FremontFremontNebraska1929
13420 American National Bank of KimballKimballNebraska1930
13425 American National Bank of SidneySidneyNebraska1930
13426 First National Bank in CozadCozadNebraska1930
13435 Farmers and Merchants National Bank of AshlandAshlandNebraska1930
13446 Overton National Bank, OvertonOvertonNebraska1930
13453 Farmers National Bank in PilgerPilgerNebraska1930
13515 Hastings National Bank, HastingsHastingsNebraska1930
13568 National Bank of NelighNelighNebraska1931
13617 Nebraska National Bank of AllianceAllianceNebraska1932
13620 First National Bank in Loup CityLoup CityNebraska1932
14083 Security National Bank of SuperiorSuperiorNebraska1934
14282 Wymore National Bank, WymoreWymoreNebraska1934
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  • 349 banks shown