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Minnesota National Bank Paper Money

There are 461 National Bank charters in Minnesota that issued paper money. Below is a list of every bank in Minnesota to issue national currency. Click on the name of the bank to learn what bills they issued including the types and general rarity. Use the filters on the right to narrow your search down. If you have any questions about Minnesota national currency please let me know.

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Charter Bank Name City State Charter Year
203 First National Bank of Saint PaulSaint PaulMinnesota1864
496 First National Bank, HastingsHastingsMinnesota1864
550 First National Bank, WinonaWinonaMinnesota1864
579 First National Bank, RochesterRochesterMinnesota1864
631 First National Bank of New UlmNew UlmMinnesota1864
710 First National Bank of MinneapolisMinneapolisMinnesota1865
719 National Exchange Bank of MinneapolisMinneapolisMinnesota1865
725 Second National Bank of Saint PaulSaint PaulMinnesota1865
1258 National Marine Bank of Saint PaulSaint PaulMinnesota1865
1487 First National Bank, Red WingRed WingMinnesota1865
1514 First National Bank, StillwaterStillwaterMinnesota1865
1538 Merchants National Bank of HastingsHastingsMinnesota1865
1597 First National Bank, ShakopeeShakopeeMinnesota1865
1623 State National Bank, MinneapolisMinneapolisMinnesota1865
1643 United National Bank of WinonaWinonaMinnesota1866
1683 First National Bank of MankatoMankatoMinnesota1868
1686 First National Bank of FaribaultFaribaultMinnesota1868
1690 First National Bank of AustinAustinMinnesota1869
1740 First National Bank of Lake CityLake CityMinnesota1870
1782 Winona Deposit National Bank, WinonaWinonaMinnesota1871
1783 Lumbermen's National Bank of StillwaterStillwaterMinnesota1871
1794 First National Bank of Saint PeterSaint PeterMinnesota1871
1830 First National Bank of Saint AnthonySaint AnthonyMinnesota1871
1842 Second National Bank of WinonaWinonaMinnesota1871
1863 Citizens National Bank of FaribaultFaribaultMinnesota1871
1911 First National Bank, OwatonnaOwatonnaMinnesota1871
1954 First National Bank, DuluthDuluthMinnesota1872
2005 Citizens National Bank, MankatoMankatoMinnesota1872
2006 North Western National Bank of MinneapolisMinneapolisMinnesota1872
2020 Merchants National Bank of Saint PaulSaint PaulMinnesota1872
2030 First National Bank, Fergus FallsFergus FallsMinnesota1872
2073 First National Bank, NorthfieldNorthfieldMinnesota1872
2088 Union National Bank, RochesterRochesterMinnesota1873
2122 Farmers National Bank, OwatonnaOwatonnaMinnesota1873
2159 First National Bank of KassonKassonMinnesota1874
2268 Merchants National Bank, WinonaWinonaMinnesota1875
2316 Rochester National Bank, RochesterRochesterMinnesota1876
2318 Citizens National Bank, New UlmNew UlmMinnesota1876
2387 First National Bank, Cannon FallsCannon FallsMinnesota1878
2567 First National Bank, CrookstonCrookstonMinnesota1881
2569 First National Bank of MoorheadMoorheadMinnesota1881
2571 First National Bank, GlencoeGlencoeMinnesota1881
2590 First National Bank, BrainerdBrainerdMinnesota1881
2648 Fergus Falls National Bank, Fergus FallsFergus FallsMinnesota1882
2674 First National Bank of StillwaterStillwaterMinnesota1882
2768 Duluth National Bank, DuluthDuluthMinnesota1882
2790 First National Bank, Saint CloudSaint CloudMinnesota1882
2795 Union National Bank, MinneapolisMinneapolisMinnesota1882
2800 First National Bank, AnokaAnokaMinnesota1882
2933 First National Bank, MorrisMorrisMinnesota1883
2934 Citizens National Bank of Fergus FallsFergus FallsMinnesota1883
2943 National German-American Bank of Saint PaulSaint PaulMinnesota1883
2959 Saint Paul National Bank, Saint PaulSaint PaulMinnesota1883
2995 First National Bank, AlexandriaAlexandriaMinnesota1883
3000 Anoka National Bank, AnokaAnokaMinnesota1883
3009 German-American National Bank of Saint CloudSaint CloudMinnesota1884
3039 First National Bank, ShakopeeShakopeeMinnesota1884
3098 Manufacturers National Bank, MinneapolisMinneapolisMinnesota1884
3100 First National Bank, WabashaWabashaMinnesota1884
3127 Merchants and Farmers National Bank of ShakopeeShakopeeMinnesota1884
3145 Nicollett National Bank, MinneapolisMinneapolisMinnesota1884
3155 First National Bank of Sauk CentreSauk CentreMinnesota1884
3206 National Bank of Commerce, MinneapolisMinneapolisMinnesota1884
3224 National Bank of WinonaWinonaMinnesota1884
3233 Third National Bank, Saint PaulSaint PaulMinnesota1884
3262 Merchants National Bank, CrookstonCrookstonMinnesota1884
3426 First National Bank, DetroitDetroitMinnesota1885
3428 First National Bank, LuverneLuverneMinnesota1886
3453 Merchants National Bank, DuluthDuluthMinnesota1886
3550 First National Bank, WorthingtonWorthingtonMinnesota1886
3560 First National Bank, Albert LeaAlbert LeaMinnesota1886
3562 Mankato National Bank, MankatoMankatoMinnesota1886
3626 Union National Bank of DuluthDuluthMinnesota1887
3659 First National Bank, Red Lake FallsRed Lake FallsMinnesota1887
3689 Commercial National Bank, Saint PaulSaint PaulMinnesota1887
3784 Flour City National Bank, MinneapolisMinneapolisMinnesota1887
3924 First National Bank, TowerTowerMinnesota1888
3982 First National Bank, PipestonePipestoneMinnesota1889
4001 National Bank of Commerce of DuluthDuluthMinnesota1889
4034 First National Bank, Little FallsLittle FallsMinnesota1889
4131 Austin National Bank, AustinAustinMinnesota1889
4302 Twin City National Bank, New BrightonNew BrightonMinnesota1890
4421 Marine National Bank, DuluthDuluthMinnesota1890
4509 First National Bank, Lake BentonLake BentonMinnesota1891
4595 Lyon County National Bank of MarshallMarshallMinnesota1891
4614 First National Bank, MarshallMarshallMinnesota1891
4617 First National Bank, Elbow LakeElbow LakeMinnesota1891
4638 First National Bank, East Grand ForksEast Grand ForksMinnesota1891
4644 First National Bank, BreckenridgeBreckenridgeMinnesota1891
4655 German-American National Bank of Little FallsLittle FallsMinnesota1891
4669 First National Bank, WellsWellsMinnesota1891
4702 Albert Lea National BankAlbert LeaMinnesota1892
4713 Moorhead National Bank, MoorheadMoorheadMinnesota1892
4727 National Citizens Bank of MankatoMankatoMinnesota1892
4739 Columbia National Bank, MinneapolisMinneapolisMinnesota1892
4750 New Duluth National Bank, New DuluthNew DuluthMinnesota1892
4797 Merchants National Bank of Saint CloudSaint CloudMinnesota1892
4807 First National Bank, PrincetonPrincetonMinnesota1892
4821 First National Bank of WadenaWadenaMinnesota1892
4831 First National Bank, AppletonAppletonMinnesota1892
4847 Citizens National Bank of AustinAustinMinnesota1893
4859 First National Bank, Saint JamesSaint JamesMinnesota1893
4916 Merchants National Bank, WadenaWadenaMinnesota1893
4928 National Farmers Bank, OwatonnaOwatonnaMinnesota1893
4936 First National Bank, FairmontFairmontMinnesota1894
4951 Swedish-American National Bank, MinneapolisMinneapolisMinnesota1894
4959 First National Bank, BarnesvilleBarnesvilleMinnesota1894
4969 National Bank of KassonKassonMinnesota1894
4992 First National Bank, TracyTracyMinnesota1895
5063 First National Bank, WindomWindomMinnesota1897
5256 First National Bank of SlaytonSlaytonMinnesota1900
5301 First National Bank, WilmontWilmontMinnesota1900
5330 First National Bank, StewartvilleStewartvilleMinnesota1900
5362 First National Bank, West ConcordWest ConcordMinnesota1900
5374 First National Bank of EyotaEyotaMinnesota1900
5377 First National Bank, ElmoreElmoreMinnesota1900
5383 First National Bank, Heron LakeHeron LakeMinnesota1900
5393 First National Bank of Blue EarthBlue EarthMinnesota1900
5405 First National Bank, CloquetCloquetMinnesota1900
5406 First National Bank of Winnebago City, WinnebagoWinnebagoMinnesota1900
5423 Martin County National Bank, FairmontFairmontMinnesota1900
5453 First National Bank, AdaAdaMinnesota1900
5542 First National Bank, Park RapidsPark RapidsMinnesota1900
5553 First National Bank, EvelethEvelethMinnesota1900
5568 First National Bank, StaplesStaplesMinnesota1900
5570 First National Bank of EllsworthEllsworthMinnesota1900
5582 First National Bank, BemidjiBemidjiMinnesota1900
5706 First National Bank, LyleLyleMinnesota1901
5745 First National Bank, HibbingHibbingMinnesota1901
5826 First National Bank, Redwood FallsRedwood FallsMinnesota1901
5852 First National Bank of JacksonJacksonMinnesota1901
5859 Farmers National Bank of AlexandriaAlexandriaMinnesota1901
5866 First National Bank, WarrenWarrenMinnesota1901
5892 First National Bank, RuthtonRuthtonMinnesota1901
5894 First National Bank, Thief River FallsThief River FallsMinnesota1901
5895 Northfield National Bank, NorthfieldNorthfieldMinnesota1901
5907 First National Bank, ArgyleArgyleMinnesota1901
5910 Citizens National Bank, WorthingtonWorthingtonMinnesota1901
5969 First National Bank of ChokioChokioMinnesota1901
5988 First National Bank, FertileFertileMinnesota1901
6022 First National Bank, VerndaleVerndaleMinnesota1901
6029 First National Bank, CeylonCeylonMinnesota1901
6035 First National Bank of WheatonWheatonMinnesota1901
6054 First National Bank, FuldaFuldaMinnesota1901
6098 Barnesville National Bank, BarnesvilleBarnesvilleMinnesota1902
6118 First National Bank, LitchfieldLitchfieldMinnesota1902
6128 Citizens National Bank, Albert LeaAlbert LeaMinnesota1902
6151 First National Bank of WillmarWillmarMinnesota1902
6154 First National Bank, BensonBensonMinnesota1902
6199 First National Bank of HillsHillsMinnesota1902
6203 First National Bank, TylerTylerMinnesota1902
6204 First National Bank, Minnesota LakeMinnesota LakeMinnesota1902
6208 First National Bank of Long PrairieLong PrairieMinnesota1902
6237 First National Bank of Saint CharlesSaint CharlesMinnesota1902
6259 First National Bank of CampbellCampbellMinnesota1902
6266 First National Bank of Eagle BendEagle BendMinnesota1902
6276 First National Bank of PerhamPerhamMinnesota1902
6279 First National Bank of PrestonPrestonMinnesota1902
6285 First National Bank, Hanley FallsHanley FallsMinnesota1902
6293 First National Bank of PlainviewPlainviewMinnesota1902
6304 First National Bank of Two HarborsTwo HarborsMinnesota1902
6310 Morris National Bank, MorrisMorrisMinnesota1902
6316 First National Bank of Spring ValleySpring ValleyMinnesota1902
6321 First National Bank of DawsonDawsonMinnesota1902
6331 Welcome National Bank, WelcomeWelcomeMinnesota1902
6335 Breckenridge National Bank, BreckenridgeBreckenridgeMinnesota1902
6348 Sherburn National Bank, SherburnSherburnMinnesota1902
6349 First National Bank of Pelican RapidsPelican RapidsMinnesota1902
6352 First National Bank of Cass LakeCass LakeMinnesota1902
6364 Truman National Bank, TrumanTrumanMinnesota1902
6366 First National Bank of CanbyCanbyMinnesota1902
6387 First National Bank of Sleepy Eye LakeSleepy Eye LakeMinnesota1902
6396 Windom National Bank, WindomWindomMinnesota1902
6401 First National Bank of Twin ValleyTwin ValleyMinnesota1902
6412 First National Bank of WestbrookWestbrookMinnesota1902
6413 First National Bank of MinneotaMinneotaMinnesota1902
6417 Merchants National Bank of Sauk CentreSauk CentreMinnesota1902
6431 Security National Bank, Albert LeaAlbert LeaMinnesota1902
6436 First National Bank of RushfordRushfordMinnesota1902
6448 First National Bank of ClarkfieldClarkfieldMinnesota1902
6449 Clarke National Bank of MinneapolisMinneapolisMinnesota1902
6459 First National Bank of OrtonvilleOrtonvilleMinnesota1902
6467 First National Bank of IvanhoeIvanhoeMinnesota1902
6468 First National Bank of HendricksHendricksMinnesota1902
6478 First National Bank of BricelynBricelynMinnesota1902
6488 First National Bank of McIntoshMcIntoshMinnesota1902
6519 National Bank of Commerce of MankatoMankatoMinnesota1902
6520 City National Bank of DuluthDuluthMinnesota1902
6523 First National Bank of JasperJasperMinnesota1902
6527 First National Bank of VirginiaVirginiaMinnesota1902
6532 Farmers National Bank of Minnesota LakeMinnesota LakeMinnesota1902
6537 First National Bank of LakefieldLakefieldMinnesota1902
6544 First National Bank of WasecaWasecaMinnesota1902
6563 First National Bank of Grand RapidsGrand RapidsMinnesota1902
6571 Boyd National Bank, BoydBoydMinnesota1903
6583 First National Bank of RenvilleRenvilleMinnesota1903
6584 First National Bank of CottonwoodCottonwoodMinnesota1903
6608 First National Bank of ChatfieldChatfieldMinnesota1903
6623 Farmers National Bank of Dodge CenterDodge CenterMinnesota1903
6631 First National Bank of AldenAldenMinnesota1903
6637 Ivanhoe National Bank, IvanhoeIvanhoeMinnesota1903
6661 First National Bank of Parkers PrairieParkers PrairieMinnesota1903
6682 First National Bank of Dodge CenterDodge CenterMinnesota1903
6693 Citizens National Bank, FertileFertileMinnesota1903
6696 National Citizens Bank of Lake BentonLake BentonMinnesota1903
6704 Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Cannon FallsCannon FallsMinnesota1903
6731 First National Bank of RoyaltonRoyaltonMinnesota1903
6732 Stock Yards National Bank of South Saint PaulSouth Saint PaulMinnesota1903
6738 First National Bank of DunnellDunnellMinnesota1903
6747 Citizens National Bank of OrtonvilleOrtonvilleMinnesota1903
6775 First National Bank of Blooming PrairieBlooming PrairieMinnesota1903
6783 First National Bank of RoseauRoseauMinnesota1903
6784 First National Bank of EmmonsEmmonsMinnesota1903
6787 First National Bank of MapletonMapletonMinnesota1903
6788 Wells National Bank, WellsWellsMinnesota1903
6795 First National Bank of MadisonMadisonMinnesota1903
6803 First National Bank of AitkinAitkinMinnesota1903
6813 First National Bank of BagleyBagleyMinnesota1903
6828 American National Bank of Saint PaulSaint PaulMinnesota1903
6837 First National Bank of OsakisOsakisMinnesota1903
6840 First National Bank of BalatonBalatonMinnesota1903
6860 First National Bank of MontevideoMontevideoMinnesota1903
6862 First National Bank of RushmoreRushmoreMinnesota1903
6889 First National Bank of FosstonFosstonMinnesota1903
6906 First National Bank of HenningHenningMinnesota1903
6917 Farmers and Merchants National Bank of MinneotaMinneotaMinnesota1903
6918 First National Bank of Lake CrystalLake CrystalMinnesota1903
6921 First National Bank of Le Sueur CenterLe Sueur CenterMinnesota1903
6933 First National Bank of Grand MeadowGrand MeadowMinnesota1903
6934 First National Bank of HallockHallockMinnesota1903
6954 First National Bank of Rush CityRush CityMinnesota1903
6973 First National Bank of CarltonCarltonMinnesota1903
6991 Miners National Bank of EvelethEvelethMinnesota1903
6992 Jackson National Bank, JacksonJacksonMinnesota1903
6996 First National Bank of HancockHancockMinnesota1903
7014 First National Bank of WinthropWinthropMinnesota1903
7021 Citizens National Bank of Saint JamesSaint JamesMinnesota1903
7024 First National Bank of FrazeeFrazeeMinnesota1903
7033 Hancock National Bank, HancockHancockMinnesota1903
7080 Peoples National Bank of Long PrairieLong PrairieMinnesota1903
7081 First National Bank of UlenUlenMinnesota1903
7092 First National Bank of New PragueNew PragueMinnesota1904
7100 First National Bank of MadeliaMadeliaMinnesota1904
7109 First National Bank of Le RoyLe RoyMinnesota1904
7128 First National Bank of IonaIonaMinnesota1904
7143 First National Bank of Lake ParkLake ParkMinnesota1904
7161 First National Bank of ClintonClintonMinnesota1904
7184 First National Bank, ElginElginMinnesota1904
7196 First National Bank of HalstadHalstadMinnesota1904
7199 First National Bank of Le SueurLe SueurMinnesota1904
7213 First National Bank of GracevilleGracevilleMinnesota1904
7221 First National Bank of LambertonLambertonMinnesota1904
7227 First National Bank of BrowervilleBrowervilleMinnesota1904
7268 First National Bank of Deer CreekDeer CreekMinnesota1904
7273 First National Bank of Belle PlaineBelle PlaineMinnesota1904
7283 First National Bank of WatervilleWatervilleMinnesota1904
7292 First National Bank of MoraMoraMinnesota1904
7307 Goodhue County National Bank of Red WingRed WingMinnesota1904
7341 First National Bank of Browns ValleyBrowns ValleyMinnesota1904
7373 First National Bank of BerthaBerthaMinnesota1904
7380 First National Bank of International FallsInternational FallsMinnesota1904
7387 First National Bank of BrahamBrahamMinnesota1904
7427 National Citizens Bank of CanbyCanbyMinnesota1904
7428 First National Bank of CambridgeCambridgeMinnesota1904
7438 First National Bank of BeardsleyBeardsleyMinnesota1904
7508 First National Bank of CaledoniaCaledoniaMinnesota1904
7566 First National Bank of MelroseMelroseMinnesota1905
7603 First National Bank of GoodhueGoodhueMinnesota1905
7625 First National Bank of WoodstockWoodstockMinnesota1905
7641 Farmers National Bank of Blue EarthBlue EarthMinnesota1905
7647 First National Bank of ChisholmChisholmMinnesota1905
7708 First National Bank of PrincetonPrincetonMinnesota1905
7742 First National Bank of GlenwoodGlenwoodMinnesota1905
7764 First National Bank of MotleyMotleyMinnesota1905
7770 First National Bank of LuverneLuverneMinnesota1905
7772 First National Bank of HawleyHawleyMinnesota1905
7797 Brown National Bank of JacksonJacksonMinnesota1905
7933 First National Bank of FoleyFoleyMinnesota1905
7958 First National Bank of West MinneapolisWest MinneapolisMinnesota1905
7960 First National Bank of AdrianAdrianMinnesota1905
8049 First National Bank of HermanHermanMinnesota1906
8050 First National Bank of RaymondRaymondMinnesota1906
8051 First National Bank of Cold SpringCold SpringMinnesota1906
8059 First National Bank of AdamsAdamsMinnesota1906
8108 Capital National Bank of Saint PaulSaint PaulMinnesota1906
8122 Merchants National Bank of DetroitDetroitMinnesota1906
8241 Lumbermen's National Bank of BemidjiBemidjiMinnesota1906
8269 First National Bank of SpringfieldSpringfieldMinnesota1906
8322 First National Bank of ColeraineColeraineMinnesota1906
8378 First National Bank of ChaskaChaskaMinnesota1906
8416 First National Bank of Granite FallsGranite FallsMinnesota1906
8476 First National Bank of WalkerWalkerMinnesota1906
8523 City National Bank of StaplesStaplesMinnesota1907
8551 Fairmont National Bank, FairmontFairmontMinnesota1907
8592 First National Bank of ElyElyMinnesota1907
8683 First National Bank of HarmonyHarmonyMinnesota1907
8697 First National Bank of BiwabikBiwabikMinnesota1907
8720 Security National Bank of MinneapolisMinneapolisMinnesota1907
8726 First National Bank of MahnomenMahnomenMinnesota1907
8729 First National Bank of Grey EagleGrey EagleMinnesota1907
8756 First National Bank of Battle LakeBattle LakeMinnesota1907
8757 First National Bank of Elk RiverElk RiverMinnesota1907
8813 First National Bank of AppletonAppletonMinnesota1907
8977 National Bank of LuverneLuverneMinnesota1907
8989 Worthington National Bank, WorthingtonWorthingtonMinnesota1908
8993 National Bank of WheatonWheatonMinnesota1908
9031 First National Bank, MabelMabelMinnesota1908
9033 National Bank of AdrianAdrianMinnesota1908
9050 First National Bank, MilacaMilacaMinnesota1908
9059 National Bank of PrestonPrestonMinnesota1908
9063 Peoples National Bank of OliviaOliviaMinnesota1908
9064 First National Bank, StephenStephenMinnesota1908
9131 First National Bank Deer RiverDeer RiverMinnesota1908
9147 First National Bank of BlackduckBlackduckMinnesota1908
9253 Farmers National Bank, WasecaWasecaMinnesota1908
9262 First National Bank, GilbertGilbertMinnesota1908
9267 First National Bank, Mountain LakeMountain LakeMinnesota1908
9321 First National Bank, Beaver CreekBeaver CreekMinnesota1909
9327 Northern National Bank of DuluthDuluthMinnesota1909
9374 American Exchange National Bank of DuluthDuluthMinnesota1909
9409 Scandinavian-American National Bank of MinneapolisMinneapolisMinnesota1909
9442 Metropolitan National Bank of MinneapolisMinneapolisMinnesota1909
9457 Farmers National Bank, HendricksHendricksMinnesota1909
9464 First National Bank, SandstoneSandstoneMinnesota1909
9596 First National Bank, StarbuckStarbuckMinnesota1909
9703 First National Bank, DeerwoodDeerwoodMinnesota1910
9771 First National Bank, FairfaxFairfaxMinnesota1910
9775 First National Bank, AmboyAmboyMinnesota1910
9837 Farmers National Bank of Red Lake FallsRed Lake FallsMinnesota1910
9838 First National Bank, CrosbyCrosbyMinnesota1910
9903 First National Bank, DelanoDelanoMinnesota1910
10147 Farmers National Bank of HutchinsonHutchinsonMinnesota1912
10261 Commercial National Bank of MinneapolisMinneapolisMinnesota1912
10382 First National Bank, IrontonIrontonMinnesota1913
10393 Blue Earth Valley National Bank, WinnebagoWinnebagoMinnesota1913
10475 National Bank of Commerce in Saint PaulSaint PaulMinnesota1914
10507 First National Bank of LanesboroLanesboroMinnesota1914
10554 First National Bank, IsantiIsantiMinnesota1914
10570 First National Bank, AtwaterAtwaterMinnesota1914
10580 National Bank of Dodge County, KassonKassonMinnesota1914
10603 First National Bank, KiesterKiesterMinnesota1914
10665 Ada National Bank, MinnesotaAdaMinnesota1914
10710 First National Bank, BaudetteBaudetteMinnesota1915
10736 First National Bank, NashwaukNashwaukMinnesota1915
10783 Farmers National Bank, AitkinAitkinMinnesota1915
10824 First National Bank, SwanvilleSwanvilleMinnesota1916
10830 First National Bank, GonvickGonvickMinnesota1916
10862 First National Bank of BrandonBrandonMinnesota1916
10865 Winona National and Savings Bank, WinonaWinonaMinnesota1916
10898 First National Bank, WendellWendellMinnesota1916
10903 First National Bank, KeewatinKeewatinMinnesota1916
10936 Pipestone National Bank, PipestonePipestoneMinnesota1917
10940 National Exchange Bank, Saint PaulSaint PaulMinnesota1917
10946 First National Bank of BrewsterBrewsterMinnesota1917
11023 First National Bank, BuffaloBuffaloMinnesota1917
11042 National Farmers Bank of KassonKassonMinnesota1917
11054 First National Bank, BoveyBoveyMinnesota1917
11125 First National Bank, ProctorProctorMinnesota1917
11173 First National Bank, ErskineErskineMinnesota1918
11178 Lincoln National Bank of MinneapolisMinneapolisMinnesota1918
11212 Hastings National Bank, HastingsHastingsMinnesota1918
11215 First National Bank of MontgomeryMontgomeryMinnesota1918
11218 First National Bank, JordanJordanMinnesota1918
11224 First National Bank, AvocaAvocaMinnesota1918
11267 First National Bank of PequotPequotMinnesota1918
11286 Warren National Bank, WarrenWarrenMinnesota1919
11288 First National Bank of HanskaHanskaMinnesota1919
11293 First National Bank, Lake WilsonLake WilsonMinnesota1919
11332 First National Bank of PaynesvillePaynesvilleMinnesota1919
11345 First National Bank of AuroraAuroraMinnesota1919
11356 First National Bank, LancasterLancasterMinnesota1919
11365 First National Bank, KerkhovenKerkhovenMinnesota1919
11392 First National Bank, ClearbrookClearbrookMinnesota1919
11401 American National Bank of Lake CrystalLake CrystalMinnesota1919
11410 First National Bank, WaconiaWaconiaMinnesota1919
11550 First National Bank of MotordaleMotordaleMinnesota1919
11552 First National Bank, Good ThunderGood ThunderMinnesota1919
11579 American National Bank of NashwaukNashwaukMinnesota1920
11581 First National Bank, Pine CityPine CityMinnesota1920
11608 First National Bank of MarbleMarbleMinnesota1920
11611 First National Bank of Big LakeBig LakeMinnesota1920
11627 Farmers and Mechanics National Bank of IvanhoeIvanhoeMinnesota1920
11652 First National Bank, Forest LakeForest LakeMinnesota1920
11668 Security National Bank of FaribaultFaribaultMinnesota1920
11687 First National Bank, FarmingtonFarmingtonMinnesota1920
11740 First National Bank, MenahgaMenahgaMinnesota1920
11741 Twin Cities National Bank of Saint PaulSaint PaulMinnesota1920
11761 First National Bank, BarnumBarnumMinnesota1920
11776 First National Bank of RosemountRosemountMinnesota1920
11778 Minneapolis National Bank, MinneapolisMinneapolisMinnesota1920
11810 Minnesota National Bank, DuluthDuluthMinnesota1920
11818 American National Bank of Saint CloudSaint CloudMinnesota1920
11848 Roseau County National Bank of RoseauRoseauMinnesota1920
11861 Marquette National Bank of MinneapolisMinneapolisMinnesota1920
11863 First National Bank of LittleforkLittleforkMinnesota1920
11974 Peoples National Bank of ProctorProctorMinnesota1921
12115 Richfield National Bank, RichfieldRichfieldMinnesota1922
12140 Duluth National Bank, DuluthDuluthMinnesota1922
12282 Transportation Brotherhoods National Bank of MinneapolisMinneapolisMinnesota1922
12357 First National Bank in Two HarborsTwo HarborsMinnesota1923
12395 First National Bank, CokatoCokatoMinnesota1923
12507 National Bank of WadenaWadenaMinnesota1924
12518 Security National Bank of West MinneapolisWest MinneapolisMinnesota1924
12568 Hibbing National Bank, HibbingHibbingMinnesota1924
12607 National Bank of Grey EagleGrey EagleMinnesota1924
12634 First and Farmers National Bank in LuverneLuverneMinnesota1925
12922 Empire National Bank and Trust Company of Saint PaulSaint PaulMinnesota1926
12941 First National Bank, MahnomenMahnomenMinnesota1926
12947 First National Bank, Moose LakeMoose LakeMinnesota1926
12959 Buffalo National Bank, BuffaloBuffaloMinnesota1926
12972 Bloomington-Lake National Bank, MinneapolisMinneapolisMinnesota1926
13075 Becker County National Bank, Detroit LakesDetroit LakesMinnesota1927
13078 Pioneer National Bank of DuluthDuluthMinnesota1927
13081 Citizens National Bank, OliviaOliviaMinnesota1927
13096 Minnehaha National Bank, MinneapolisMinneapolisMinnesota1927
13108 Central National Bank of MinneapolisMinneapolisMinnesota1927
13116 Western National Bank, DuluthDuluthMinnesota1927
13131 Midway National Bank of Saint PaulSaint PaulMinnesota1927
13297 First National Bank, MoorheadMoorheadMinnesota1929
13303 First National Bank in Deer CreekDeer CreekMinnesota1929
13350 Northfield National Bank and Trust Company, NorthfieldNorthfieldMinnesota1929
13353 American National Bank of Little FallsLittle FallsMinnesota1929
13396 Red Wing National Bank and Trust Company, Red WingRed WingMinnesota1929
13486 Northwestern National Bank of LitchfieldLitchfieldMinnesota1930
13547 First National Bank in AnokaAnokaMinnesota1931
13561 Klein National Bank of MadisonMadisonMinnesota1931
13564 Northwestern National Bank, DawsonDawsonMinnesota1931
13615 Stewartville National Bank, StewartvilleStewartvilleMinnesota1932
13692 Citizens National Bank of Park RapidsPark RapidsMinnesota1933
13713 First National Bank in Cannon FallsCannon FallsMinnesota1933
13784 Citizens National Bank of MadeliaMadeliaMinnesota1933
14042 First National Bank in WinthropWinthropMinnesota1934
14167 First National Bank in West ConcordWest ConcordMinnesota1934
14220 National Bank of Commerce in MankatoMankatoMinnesota1934
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