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North-dakota National Bank Paper Money

There are 235 National Bank charters in North-dakota that issued paper money. Below is a list of every bank in North-dakota to issue national currency. Click on the name of the bank to learn what bills they issued including the types and general rarity. Use the filters on the right to narrow your search down. If you have any questions about North-dakota national currency please let me know.

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Charter Bank Name City State Charter Year
2377 First National Bank of FargoFargoNorth Dakota1878
2434 First National Bank, BismarckBismarckNorth Dakota1879
2514 Red River Valley National Bank, FargoFargoNorth Dakota1881
2548 First National Bank of Valley CityValley CityNorth Dakota1881
2564 First National Bank, Grand ForksGrand ForksNorth Dakota1881
2570 Citizens National Bank of Grand ForksGrand ForksNorth Dakota1881
2578 First National Bank, JamestownJamestownNorth Dakota1881
2580 James River National Bank of JamestownJamestownNorth Dakota1881
2585 First National Bank, MandanMandanNorth Dakota1881
2624 First National Bank, WahpetonWahpetonNorth Dakota1882
2650 Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Valley CityValley CityNorth Dakota1882
2677 Bismarck National Bank, BismarckBismarckNorth Dakota1882
2792 First National Bank, CasseltonCasseltonNorth Dakota1882
2840 First National Bank of GraftonGraftonNorth Dakota1882
2854 First National Bank, LarimoreLarimoreNorth Dakota1883
2986 Capital National Bank, BismarckBismarckNorth Dakota1883
3096 Grafton National Bank, GraftonGraftonNorth Dakota1884
3169 Merchants National Bank, BismarckBismarckNorth Dakota1884
3301 Grand Forks National Bank, Grand ForksGrand ForksNorth Dakota1885
3331 Jamestown National Bank, JamestownJamestownNorth Dakota1885
3397 First National Bank, Devil's LakeDevil's LakeNorth Dakota1885
3400 First National Bank of HillsboroHillsboroNorth Dakota1885
3411 Hillsboro National Bank, HillsboroHillsboroNorth Dakota1885
3436 First National Bank, Park RiverPark RiverNorth Dakota1886
3438 First National Bank, PembinaPembinaNorth Dakota1886
3504 Second National Bank, Grand ForksGrand ForksNorth Dakota1886
3602 Citizens National Bank, FargoFargoNorth Dakota1886
3669 First National Bank, LisbonLisbonNorth Dakota1887
3673 First National Bank, MayvilleMayvilleNorth Dakota1887
3714 Merchants National Bank, Devils LakeDevils LakeNorth Dakota1887
4009 First National Bank, MinotMinotNorth Dakota1889
4106 National Bank of WahpetonWahpetonNorth Dakota1889
4143 First National Bank, LakotaLakotaNorth Dakota1889
4256 National Bank of North Dakota FargoFargoNorth Dakota1890
4372 Union National Bank of Grand ForksGrand ForksNorth Dakota1890
4384 First National Bank, DickinsonDickinsonNorth Dakota1890
4537 First National Bank, BathgateBathgateNorth Dakota1891
4550 First National Bank, Saint ThomasSaint ThomasNorth Dakota1891
4552 Citizens National Bank, WahpetonWahpetonNorth Dakota1891
4561 Lloyds National Bank, JamestownJamestownNorth Dakota1891
4802 First National Bank, LangdonLangdonNorth Dakota1892
4812 Merchants National Bank, Grand ForksGrand ForksNorth Dakota1892
5087 Fargo National Bank, FargoFargoNorth Dakota1897
5364 American National Bank of Valley CityValley CityNorth Dakota1900
5375 First National Bank of CooperstownCooperstownNorth Dakota1900
5408 First National Bank, FessendenFessendenNorth Dakota1900
5455 National Bank of LakotaLakotaNorth Dakota1900
5488 First National Bank, HarveyHarveyNorth Dakota1900
5500 First National Bank, MinnewaukanMinnewaukanNorth Dakota1900
5551 First National Bank, CarringtonCarringtonNorth Dakota1900
5567 First National Bank of WillistonWillistonNorth Dakota1900
5772 First National Bank, LidgerwoodLidgerwoodNorth Dakota1901
5798 First National Bank, CandoCandoNorth Dakota1901
5886 Ramsey County National Bank of Devils LakeDevils LakeNorth Dakota1901
5893 First National Bank, HopeHopeNorth Dakota1901
5980 First National Bank, NorthwoodNorthwoodNorth Dakota1901
6064 First National Bank of KenmareKenmareNorth Dakota1901
6085 First National Bank of BottineauBottineauNorth Dakota1902
6157 First National Bank of RollaRollaNorth Dakota1902
6210 First National Bank of CourtenayCourtenayNorth Dakota1902
6218 First National Bank, HankinsonHankinsonNorth Dakota1902
6225 First National Bank, DraytonDraytonNorth Dakota1902
6255 First National Bank of FairmountFairmountNorth Dakota1902
6286 National Bank of LarimoreLarimoreNorth Dakota1902
6312 First National Bank, LeedsLeedsNorth Dakota1902
6315 Minot National Bank, MinotMinotNorth Dakota1902
6327 First National Bank, WashburnWashburnNorth Dakota1902
6337 First National Bank, Churchs FerryChurchs FerryNorth Dakota1902
6341 First National Bank, RugbyRugbyNorth Dakota1902
6393 First National Bank, New RockfordNew RockfordNorth Dakota1902
6397 First National Bank, StarkweatherStarkweatherNorth Dakota1902
6398 First National Bank, EllendaleEllendaleNorth Dakota1902
6407 First National Bank, CraryCraryNorth Dakota1902
6428 First National Bank of New SalemNew SalemNorth Dakota1902
6429 Second National Bank of MinotMinotNorth Dakota1902
6457 First National Bank, OakesOakesNorth Dakota1902
6463 First National Bank of PagePageNorth Dakota1902
6474 First National Bank, FormanFormanNorth Dakota1902
6475 First National Bank, OmemeeOmemeeNorth Dakota1902
6486 First National Bank of EnderlinEnderlinNorth Dakota1902
6518 First National Bank, MiltonMiltonNorth Dakota1902
6555 Kenmare National Bank, KenmareKenmareNorth Dakota1902
6557 First National Bank, Tower CityTower CityNorth Dakota1902
6559 First National Bank, BuffaloBuffaloNorth Dakota1902
6601 First National Bank, EdmoreEdmoreNorth Dakota1903
6690 First National Bank of La MoureLa MoureNorth Dakota1903
6712 First National Bank, WimbledonWimbledonNorth Dakota1903
6733 First National Bank, BisbeeBisbeeNorth Dakota1903
6743 First National Bank of HattonHattonNorth Dakota1903
6766 First National Bank, Willow CityWillow CityNorth Dakota1903
6898 First National Bank, KnoxKnoxNorth Dakota1903
6977 First National Bank of SheldonSheldonNorth Dakota1903
6985 First National Bank, HunterHunterNorth Dakota1903
6988 Oakes National Bank, OakesOakesNorth Dakota1903
7008 First National Bank, MohallMohallNorth Dakota1903
7116 First National Bank, BowbellsBowbellsNorth Dakota1904
7142 Cass County National Bank, CasseltonCasseltonNorth Dakota1904
7162 First National Bank, WesthopeWesthopeNorth Dakota1904
7166 First National Bank of WyndmereWyndmereNorth Dakota1904
7234 First National Bank, OsnabrockOsnabrockNorth Dakota1904
7295 First National Bank of FingalFingalNorth Dakota1904
7315 First National Bank, CarpioCarpioNorth Dakota1904
7324 First National Bank of FinleyFinleyNorth Dakota1904
7332 Merchants National Bank, Willow CityWillow CityNorth Dakota1904
7377 Cando National Bank, CandoCandoNorth Dakota1904
7569 First National Bank of MunichMunichNorth Dakota1905
7650 First National Bank of HampdenHampdenNorth Dakota1905
7663 Dakota National Bank, DickinsonDickinsonNorth Dakota1905
7689 Union National Bank of MinotMinotNorth Dakota1905
7693 First National Bank of PortlandPortlandNorth Dakota1905
7695 German-American National Bank, WahpetonWahpetonNorth Dakota1905
7727 First National Bank, HannafordHannafordNorth Dakota1905
7810 First National Bank, TolleyTolleyNorth Dakota1905
7820 Citizens National Bank, JamestownJamestownNorth Dakota1905
7846 First National Bank, McCumberMcCumberNorth Dakota1905
7852 First National Bank of AdamsAdamsNorth Dakota1905
7855 First National Bank, AntlerAntlerNorth Dakota1905
7857 First National Bank, MyloMyloNorth Dakota1905
7866 First National Bank, RoletteRoletteNorth Dakota1905
7872 First National Bank of EgelandEgelandNorth Dakota1905
7879 Bottineau National Bank, BottineauBottineauNorth Dakota1905
7905 Farmers and Merchants National Bank of HattonHattonNorth Dakota1905
7914 First National Bank, EdgeleyEdgeleyNorth Dakota1905
7918 First National Bank, CrystalCrystalNorth Dakota1905
7943 First National Bank of KensalKensalNorth Dakota1905
7955 First National Bank, TowerTowerNorth Dakota1905
8019 First National Bank, Rock LakeRock LakeNorth Dakota1905
8029 First National Bank of KramerKramerNorth Dakota1906
8077 First National Bank, GoodrichGoodrichNorth Dakota1906
8084 Citizens National Bank, HankinsonHankinsonNorth Dakota1906
8096 First National Bank of OverlyOverlyNorth Dakota1906
8124 First National Bank, McHenryMcHenryNorth Dakota1906
8170 Merchants National Bank of FargoFargoNorth Dakota1906
8187 First National Bank, LansfordLansfordNorth Dakota1906
8201 Merchants National Bank of DickinsonDickinsonNorth Dakota1906
8226 First National Bank, MaddockMaddockNorth Dakota1906
8230 Lidgerwood National Bank, LidgerwoodLidgerwoodNorth Dakota1906
8264 Milnor National Bank, MilnorMilnorNorth Dakota1906
8265 First National Bank, BinfordBinfordNorth Dakota1906
8280 First National Bank, MilnorMilnorNorth Dakota1906
8298 First National Bank, LitchvilleLitchvilleNorth Dakota1906
8324 Citizens National Bank of WillistonWillistonNorth Dakota1906
8395 Hope National Bank, HopeHopeNorth Dakota1906
8419 First National Bank, AbercrombieAbercrombieNorth Dakota1906
8448 First National Bank, SanbornSanbornNorth Dakota1906
8502 First National Bank, BrinsmadeBrinsmadeNorth Dakota1907
8821 First National Bank, Turtle LakeTurtle LakeNorth Dakota1907
8881 First National Bank, McCluskeyMcCluskeyNorth Dakota1907
8886 First National Bank, SheyenneSheyenneNorth Dakota1907
8917 Merchants National Bank, WimbledonWimbledonNorth Dakota1907
8976 First National Bank, BowmanBowmanNorth Dakota1907
8991 First National Bank, HettingerHettingerNorth Dakota1908
8997 First National Bank of SteeleSteeleNorth Dakota1908
9005 First National Bank, SharonSharonNorth Dakota1908
9016 First National Bank of Glen UllinGlen UllinNorth Dakota1908
9075 Cavalier County National Bank, LangdonLangdonNorth Dakota1908
9082 First National Bank, MarmarthMarmarthNorth Dakota1908
9133 First National Bank, WalhallaWalhallaNorth Dakota1908
9161 First National Bank, MarionMarionNorth Dakota1908
9214 First National Bank, RyderRyderNorth Dakota1908
9287 First National Bank of NomeNomeNorth Dakota1908
9386 First National Bank, AmbroseAmbroseNorth Dakota1909
9390 Anamoose National Bank, AnamooseAnamooseNorth Dakota1909
9412 First National Bank of AnamooseAnamooseNorth Dakota1909
9472 First National Bank, StanleyStanleyNorth Dakota1909
9484 First National Bank, BeachBeachNorth Dakota1909
9489 First National Bank, MottMottNorth Dakota1909
9521 Farmers National Bank of EllendaleEllendaleNorth Dakota1909
9524 First National Bank, DrakeDrakeNorth Dakota1909
9539 First National Bank, BelfieldBelfieldNorth Dakota1909
9590 First National Bank, LintonLintonNorth Dakota1909
9622 City National Bank, BismarckBismarckNorth Dakota1909
9631 Ellendale National Bank, EllendaleEllendaleNorth Dakota1910
9684 First National Bank of ReederReederNorth Dakota1910
9689 First National Bank, PlazaPlazaNorth Dakota1910
9698 First National Bank of YatesYatesNorth Dakota1910
9714 Farmers National Bank, LamoureLamoureNorth Dakota1910
9754 Citizens National Bank of NorthwoodNorthwoodNorth Dakota1910
9776 First National Bank of New EnglandNew EnglandNorth Dakota1910
9778 First National Bank of GarrisonGarrisonNorth Dakota1910
10116 First National Bank, CavalierCavalierNorth Dakota1911
10405 First National Bank of ScrantonScrantonNorth Dakota1913
10425 First National Bank of East FairviewEast FairviewNorth Dakota1913
10496 First National Bank of ReynoldsReynoldsNorth Dakota1914
10596 First National Bank, CrosbyCrosbyNorth Dakota1914
10604 Merchants National Bank, MandanMandanNorth Dakota1914
10721 First National Bank of McVilleMcVilleNorth Dakota1915
10724 First National Bank, StreeterStreeterNorth Dakota1915
10741 First National Bank, HebronHebronNorth Dakota1915
10814 First National Bank, BuxtonBuxtonNorth Dakota1916
10864 First National Bank of AshleyAshleyNorth Dakota1916
10966 First National Bank, Van HookVan HookNorth Dakota1917
11069 First National Bank of KulmKulmNorth Dakota1917
11110 First National Bank of NecheNecheNorth Dakota1917
11112 Bathgate National Bank, BathgateBathgateNorth Dakota1917
11142 Northwestern National Bank of Grand ForksGrand ForksNorth Dakota1918
11184 First National Bank of MakotiMakotiNorth Dakota1918
11185 First National Bank of PetersburgPetersburgNorth Dakota1918
11226 First National Bank, ParshallParshallNorth Dakota1918
11297 First National Bank, AlexanderAlexanderNorth Dakota1919
11338 First National Bank of TuttleTuttleNorth Dakota1919
11378 First National Bank, NapoleonNapoleonNorth Dakota1919
11417 Security National Bank of Valley CityValley CityNorth Dakota1919
11555 Security National Bank, FargoFargoNorth Dakota1919
11599 First National Bank, ThompsonThompsonNorth Dakota1920
11677 Livestock National Bank of HettingerHettingerNorth Dakota1920
11712 First National Bank, WiltonWiltonNorth Dakota1920
12026 Dakota National Bank, FargoFargoNorth Dakota1921
12393 First National Bank, DrakeDrakeNorth Dakota1923
12401 Liberty National Bank, DickinsonDickinsonNorth Dakota1923
12502 Security National Bank of TaylorTaylorNorth Dakota1924
12776 First National Bank, LidgerwoodLidgerwoodNorth Dakota1925
12875 National Bank in WahpetonWahpetonNorth Dakota1926
13323 Merchants National Bank and Trust Company of FargoFargoNorth Dakota1929
13324 National Bank of Valley CityValley CityNorth Dakota1929
13362 First National Bank in CooperstownCooperstownNorth Dakota1929
13385 American National Bank and Trust Company of Valley CityValley CityNorth Dakota1929
13398 Dakota National Bank and Trust Company, BismarckBismarckNorth Dakota1929
13410 First National Bank, Glen UllinGlen UllinNorth Dakota1929
13454 First National Bank of CarsonCarsonNorth Dakota1930
13501 First National Bank in GarrisonGarrisonNorth Dakota1930
13594 First and Farmers National Bank of PortlandPortlandNorth Dakota1932
13790 First National Bank in Grand ForksGrand ForksNorth Dakota1933
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