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1927 Five Dollar Bill Value and Information

1927 Five Dollar Bill Blue Seal
1927 Five Dollar Bill National Currency Blue Seal Note
The 1927 five dollar bill national currency note was issued between 1908 and 1928.
If your 1927 five dollar note shows the month and date as 1927 then it's the charter date.
That means that the National bank listed in the title was given their Federal charter on that date.
The value of your 1927 five dollar bill is based on the bank that issued the note.
Notes from common banks can be found for a couple hundred dollars.
Notes from scarce banks or desirable states can be worth more than you might think.
Below I have listed all banks that issued 1927 five dollar bills.
If you have a five dollar bill from 1927 and want to know more about it please send me an email
and I will be happy to let you know what you have. If you are interested selling your note I will
give you an honest appraisal and make a serious offer.
Click on the name of a bank to learn more about it. Select a State to Filter on:
Charter National Bank Name Note Image
13097 Merchants National Bank of Mobile, Alabama
13029 First National Bank in Escondido, California
13028 First National Bank in Merced, California
13044 Bank of Italy National Trust and Savings Assoc., San Francisco, California National Currency
13098 National City Bank of Denver, Colorado
13038 Capitol National Bank of Hartford, Connecticut
13157 Sanford Atlantic National Bank of Sanford, Florida
13068 Citizens and Southern National Bank, Savannah, Georgia
13073 National Bank of Toledo, Iowa
13146 National Builders Bank of Chicago, Illinois
13144 National Bank of Witt, Illinois
13076 Thomas County National Bank of Colby, Kansas
13023 Second National Bank of Paintsville, Kentucky
13075 Becker County National Bank, Detroit Lakes, Minnesota
13078 Pioneer National Bank of Duluth, Minnesota
13096 Minnehaha National Bank, Minneapolis, Minnesota
13108 Central National Bank of Minneapolis, Minnesota National Currency
13081 Citizens National Bank, Olivia, Minnesota
13131 Midway National Bank of Saint Paul, Minnesota
13142 Exchange National Bank of Jefferson City, Missouri
13120 American National Bank of Camden, New Jersey
13129 Livingston National Bank, Livingston, New Jersey
13123 Lincoln National Bank of Passaic, New Jersey
13039 Security National Bank of Trenton, New Jersey
13047 First National Bank of Wharton, New Jersey
13126 First National Bank of Glen Head, New York
13104 West Hempstead National Bank, Hempstead, New York
13130 National Bank of Lake Ronkonkoma, New York
13074 National City Bank of Long Beach, New York
13027 Claremont National Bank of New York, New York
13035 Elmhurst National Bank of New York, New York
13045 Seward National Bank of New York, New York
13105 College Point National Bank of New York, New York
13149 Springfield Gardens National Bank of New York, New York
13145 Webster National Bank, Webster, New York
13150 First National Bank of Jewett, Ohio
13093 Lumbermens National Bank of Bend, Oregon
13133 Dublin National Bank, Dublin, Pennsylvania
13030 Elkins Park National Bank, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania
13026 Hatfield National Bank, Hatfield, Pennsylvania
13151 National Bank of Lansdowne, Pennsylvania
13032 Erie National Bank of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
13113 National Bank of Mount Airy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
13153 Forbes National Bank of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
13134 First National Bank and Trust Company of Waynesburg, Pennsylvania
13103 Third National Bank in Nashville, Tennessee
13056 First National Bank of Smithville, Tennessee
13046 First National Bank in Cooper, Texas
13067 Teague National Bank, Teague, Texas
13110 Peoples National Bank of Tyler, Texas
13057 First National Bank of Gig Harbor, Washington
13137 Washington National Bank of Vancouver, Washington

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