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1885 One Hundred Dollar Bill National Currency Value and Information

1885 One Hundred Dollar Bill
1885 One Hundred Dollar Bill National Currency Note
The 1885 One Hundred Dollar Bill is more common than the 1875 series but still very rare.
A 1885 One Hundred Dollar Bill can be worth a wide range of values depending on condition and the bank of issue.
If you have an 1885 One Hundred dollar bill and want to know more about it please contact me.
If you're interested selling the note I will give you an honest appraisal and make a serious offer.
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Charter National Bank Name Note Image
3318 German National Bank of Little Rock, Arkansas
3321 First National Bank of Fresno, California
3284 First National Bank of Brooklyn, Iowa
3408 First National Bank of Moscow, Idaho National Currency   Postcard
3294 City National Bank of Dixon, Illinois
3413 Union National Bank of Richmond, Indiana
3290 Winchester National Bank of Winchester, Kentucky
3334 National Bank of Houghton, Michigan
3322 National Bank of Paris, Missouri
3332 First National Bank of Jackson, Mississippi
3418 First National Bank of Asheville, North Carolina
3411 Hillsboro National Bank, Hillsboro, North Dakota
3419 First National Bank of Blue Hill, Nebraska National Currency
3347 Norfolk National Bank, Norfolk, Nebraska
3343 First National Bank of Auburn, North Auburn, Nebraska
3372 Camden National Bank, Camden, New Jersey
3282 National Exchange Bank of Albany, New York
3330 First National Bank of Fort Edward, New York
3312 Fulton County National Bank of Gloversville, New York
3307 Peoples National Bank of Malone, New York
3415 Seaboard National Bank of The City of NY, New York
3309 First National Bank of Salem, New York
3315 Tiffin National Bank, Tiffin, Ohio
3402 Ainsworth National Bank of Portland, Oregon
3422 Commercial National Bank of Portland, Oregon
3356 First National Bank of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania
3367 Northern National Bank of Lancaster, Pennsylvania
3393 Minnehaha National Bank of Sioux Falls, South Dakota
3349 Citizens National Bank of Watertown, South Dakota National Currency
3346 First National Bank of San Marcos, Texas National Currency
3308 Citizens National Bank of Darlington, Wisconsin

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