1905 $20 Dollar Bill Gold Certificate Technicolor
1896 $5.00 Dollar Bill Silver Certificate Educational Series
1869 $5.00 Legal Tender Rainbow Woodchopper
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Series 1906 $20 Gold Certificate

The 1906 $20.00 Gold Certificate uses the same design as the 1902 $20 Technicolor bill but most of the beautiful color stripped away. This made for a simpler note to issue but really lost the beauty the 1905 series displayed. These notes are readily available in all grades and represent a nice place to start collecting paper money. Because the 1906 $20 is so common its value can range from $150 to $3000. Star notes bring more. There are couple rare signature combinations in the 1906 gold certificate series, especially in the replacement varieties. The signature combination of Napier-Thompson is the rarest and there are no known replacement notes for this combination. They did issued them however so it represents a discovery if one is found.

Series 1906 $20 Gold Certificate

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