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Series 1923 Legal Tender

There were only two note designs for series 1923 Legal tenders.
The $1.00 is a rather utilitarian red seal look alike to the 1923 $1.00 silver certificate.
The $10.00 is one of the most iconic notes in the hobby, the beloved Pokerchip note.
If you own a 1923 $10.00 pokerchip and are interested in the value please send scans.

Series 1923 $1 Legal Tender Red Seal Series 1923 $1 Legal Tender Red Seal
This note exists in great numbers and can be purchased in any grade for a reasonable price.
This note shares the design with the 1923 $1.00 silver certificate.
A fact that has to have hurt the value of this note.
The only difference is the seal color is red and for the silver certificate the seal is blue.
There are at least 3000 of these notes in collector hands so a mid-grade example can be had for a couple hundred dollars.
A range of values of this note would be between $50 and $2000 for a Gem perfect example.

Series 1923 $10 Legal Tender - Pokerchip Series 1923 $10 Legal Tender Poker chip note
The 1923 $10.00 Pokerchip note is considered to be one of the great rarities of the modern age of currency.
Issued in 1923 it would seem that there should be a ready supply of these notes but it's not the case.
The note by the numbers isn't rare by any stretch. There are over 400 known.
The thing is though, everyone loves the design on the back of the note such that collector demand isn't satisfied with 400 notes.
The note is helped along by having the coolest nickname in hobby, the Pokerchip.
A nice midgrade example of this note will set you back $2500 or so.
A full range of appraisal values would be something like $1000 to $30,000 in perfect condition.