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1882 Fifty Dollar Bill National Currency Value and Information

The 1882 Fifty dollar bill national currency note was issued between 1882 and 1901. If your 1882 $50 dollar bill shows the month and date as 1882 then it's the charter date for the bank. Meaning, the National bank listed in the title was given their Federal charter on that date. The value of your 1882 Fifty dollar bill is based on which bank issued the bill. With national currency, small banks in smaller towns are mor valuable due to the rarity of survivors. Below I have listed banks that issued 1882 Fifty dollar bills. If you have a Fifty dollar bill from 1882 and want to know more about it please send me an email and I will be happy to let you know what you have.
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An 1882 fifty dollar bill will be worth from $2000 to $25,000 depending on the bank and condition.

1882 Fifty Dollar Bill
1882 Fifty Dollar Bill National Currency Note

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Charter National Bank Name Note Image
2794 Stockton National Bank, Stockton, California
2637 First National Bank of Durango, Colorado
2841 Centerville National Bank, Centerville, Iowa
2695 First National Bank of Davenport, Iowa
2821 Iowa City National Bank, Iowa City, Iowa
2818 Lemars National Bank, Lemars, Iowa
2644 First National Bank of Newton, Iowa
2621 Ottumwa National Bank, Ottumwa, Iowa
2766 First National Bank, Villisca, Iowa
2676 Third National Bank of Bloomington, Illinois
2670 First National Bank of Chicago, Illinois
2826 National Bank of America, Chicago, Illinois
2688 Farmers National Bank of Springfield, Illinois National Currency
2681 Streator National Bank, Streator, Illinois
2734 First National Bank of Cambridge City, Indiana
2696 First National Bank of Centerville, Indiana
2692 First National Bank of Evansville, Indiana
2701 First National Bank of Fort Wayne, Indiana
2612 Peoples National Bank of Lawrenceburgh, Indiana
2747 First National Bank of Michigan City, Indiana
2680 First National Bank of Richmond, Indiana
2758 Exchange National Bank of Atchison, Kansas
2764 Chase County National Bank of Cottonwood Falls, Kansas National Currency
2777 First National Bank of Newton, Kansas
2646 First National Bank of Topeka, Kansas
2782 Kansas National Bank of Wichita, Kansas
2722 Farmers and Traders National Bank of Covington, Kentucky
2784 Fourth National Bank of Louisville, Kentucky
2770 First National Bank of Marlboro, Massachusetts
2699 First National Bank of Worcester, Massachusetts
2797 Harford National Bank of Bel Air, Maryland
2761 Home National Bank of East Saginaw, Michigan
2835 Fifth National Bank of Saint Louis, Missouri
2638 First National Bank of Columbus, Mississippi
2750 Lincoln National Bank, Lincoln, Nebraska
2825 First National Bank, Pawnee City, Nebraska
2672 First National Bank of Portsmouth, New Hampshire
2614 First National Bank of Albuquerque, New Mexico National Currency
2698 First National Bank of Akron, Ohio
2664 Second National Bank of Cincinnati, Ohio National Currency
2798 Queen City National Bank of Cincinnati, Ohio
2662 National Bank of Commerce of Cleveland, Ohio
2719 First National Bank of Geneva, Ohio
2620 Springfield National Bank, Springfield, Ohio
2693 First National Bank of Youngstown, Ohio
2828 Braddock National Bank, Braddock, Pennsylvania
2634 Fulton National Bank of Lancaster, Pennsylvania
2731 First National Bank of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2711 Commercial National Bank of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
2745 First National Bank of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
2834 Roberts National Bank of Titusville, Pennsylvania
2736 First National Bank of Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania
2819 First National Bank of Huron, South Dakota
2823 Sioux Falls National Bank, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
2796 National Bank of Bristol, Tennessee
2720 Clarksville National Bank, Clarksville, Tennessee
2658 Exchange National Bank of Knoxville, Tennessee
2617 State National Bank of Austin, Texas
2802 Gainesville National Bank, Gainesville, Texas National Currency
2783 First National Bank of Seattle, Washington
2725 Second National Bank of Beloit, Wisconsin