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Connecticut National Bank Paper Money

There are 144 National Bank charters in Connecticut that issued paper money. Below is a list of every bank in Connecticut to issue national currency. Click on the name of the bank to learn what bills they issued including the types and general rarity. Use the filters on the right to narrow your search down. If you have any questions about Connecticut national currency please let me know.

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Charter Bank Name City State Charter Year
2 First National Bank of New HavenNew HavenConnecticut1863
4 First National Bank of StamfordStamfordConnecticut1863
65 First National Bank of NorwichNorwichConnecticut1863
121 First National Bank of HartfordHartfordConnecticut1863
186 First National Bank of RockvilleRockvilleConnecticut1864
196 First National Bank of New LondonNew LondonConnecticut1864
224 Second National Bank of NorwichNorwichConnecticut1864
227 Second National Bank of New HavenNew HavenConnecticut1864
250 First National Bank of West MeridenWest MeridenConnecticut1864
251 First National Bank of Mystic BridgeMystic BridgeConnecticut1864
335 First National Bank of BridgeportBridgeportConnecticut1864
361 National Exchange Bank of HartfordHartfordConnecticut1864
394 First National Bank of WestportWestportConnecticut1864
397 First National Bank of MiddletownMiddletownConnecticut1864
448 First National Bank of PutnamPutnamConnecticut1864
450 First National Bank of Killingly at West KillinglyWest KillinglyConnecticut1864
458 First National Bank of NorwichNorwichConnecticut1864
486 Charter Oak National Bank of HartfordHartfordConnecticut1864
497 First National Bank of SuffieldSuffieldConnecticut1864
502 First National Bank of South NorwalkSouth NorwalkConnecticut1864
509 Rockville National Bank, RockvilleRockvilleConnecticut1864
645 Mystic River National BankMystic RiverConnecticut1864
657 Thames National Bank of NorwichNorwichConnecticut1864
660 Southport National Bank, SouthportSouthportConnecticut1864
666 National Bank of Commerce of New LondonNew LondonConnecticut1864
670 Phoenix National Bank of HartfordHartfordConnecticut1864
686 Stafford National Bank of Stafford SpringsStafford SpringsConnecticut1865
709 First National Bank of LitchfieldLitchfieldConnecticut1865
720 Home National Bank of MeridenMeridenConnecticut1865
735 First National Bank of StoningtonStoningtonConnecticut1865
754 Fairfield County National Bank of NorwalkNorwalkConnecticut1865
756 Aetna National Bank of HartfordHartfordConnecticut1865
780 Waterbury National Bank, WaterburyWaterburyConnecticut1865
791 Citizens National Bank of WaterburyWaterburyConnecticut1865
796 Yale National Bank of New HavenNew HavenConnecticut1865
845 Middlesex County National Bank of MiddletownMiddletownConnecticut1865
910 Bridgeport National BankBridgeportConnecticut1865
919 Pawcatuck National Bank, PawcatuckPawcatuckConnecticut1865
921 City National Bank of BridgeportBridgeportConnecticut1865
927 Connecticut National Bank of BridgeportBridgeportConnecticut1865
928 Pequonnock National Bank of BridgeportBridgeportConnecticut1865
942 National Bank of NorwalkNorwalkConnecticut1865
943 Danbury National BankDanburyConnecticut1865
978 National Whaling Bank of New LondonNew LondonConnecticut1865
1013 First National Bank of PortlandPortlandConnecticut1865
1037 New London City National Bank, New LondonNew LondonConnecticut1865
1038 Stamford National Bank, StamfordStamfordConnecticut1865
1084 Saybrook National Bank of EssexEssexConnecticut1865
1093 Ansonia National Bank, AnsoniaAnsoniaConnecticut1865
1098 Birmingham National Bank, BirminghamBirminghamConnecticut1865
1128 Merchants National Bank of New HavenNew HavenConnecticut1865
1132 National Pahquioque Bank of DanburyDanburyConnecticut1865
1139 Deep River National Bank, Deep RiverDeep RiverConnecticut1865
1141 First National Bank of BethelBethelConnecticut1865
1165 American National Bank of HartfordHartfordConnecticut1865
1175 National Union Bank of New LondonNew LondonConnecticut1865
1184 New Britain National Bank, New BritainNew BritainConnecticut1865
1187 Uncas National Bank of NorwichNorwichConnecticut1865
1193 First National Bank of New MilfordNew MilfordConnecticut1865
1202 National Tradesmen's Bank of New HavenNew HavenConnecticut1865
1214 National Iron Bank of Falls VillageFalls VillageConnecticut1865
1216 Middletown National Bank, MiddletownMiddletownConnecticut1865
1243 National New Haven Bank, New HavenNew HavenConnecticut1865
1245 New Haven County National Bank, New HavenNew HavenConnecticut1865
1249 First National Bank of New CanaanNew CanaanConnecticut1865
1268 Mystic National Bank, MysticMysticConnecticut1865
1300 Mercantile National Bank, HartfordHartfordConnecticut1865
1314 Clinton National Bank, ClintonClintonConnecticut1865
1321 Farmers and Mechanics National Bank of HartfordHartfordConnecticut1865
1338 Hartford National Bank, HartfordHartfordConnecticut1865
1340 Central National Bank of MiddletownMiddletownConnecticut1865
1358 Norwich National Bank, NorwichNorwichConnecticut1865
1360 Windham County National Bank of BrooklynBrooklynConnecticut1865
1377 City National Bank of HartfordHartfordConnecticut1865
1379 Shetucket National Bank of NorwichNorwichConnecticut1865
1382 Meriden National Bank, MeridenMeridenConnecticut1865
1385 Tolland County National Bank, TollandTollandConnecticut1865
1477 Thompson National Bank, ThompsonThompsonConnecticut1865
1478 Jewett City National Bank, Jewett CityJewett CityConnecticut1865
1480 National Bank of New England, East HaddamEast HaddamConnecticut1865
1481 Merchants National Bank of NorwichNorwichConnecticut1865
1494 Hurlbut National Bank of WinstedWinstedConnecticut1865
1614 Windham National Bank, WindhamWindhamConnecticut1865
2250 Bristol National Bank, BristolBristolConnecticut1875
2342 Central National Bank of NorwalkNorwalkConnecticut1876
2388 First National Bank of WiilimanticWiilimanticConnecticut1878
2414 First National Bank of WinstedWinstedConnecticut1879
2419 Winsted National Bank, WinstedWinstedConnecticut1879
2494 Manufacturers National Bank of WaterburyWaterburyConnecticut1880
2599 First National Bank of WallingfordWallingfordConnecticut1881
2643 City National Bank of South NorwalkSouth NorwalkConnecticut1882
2682 First National Bank of New HavenNew HavenConnecticut1882
2814 Southington National Bank, SouthingtonSouthingtonConnecticut1882
3020 Naugatuck National Bank, NaugatuckNaugatuckConnecticut1884
3668 Mechanics National Bank of New BritainNew BritainConnecticut1887
3768 Fourth National Bank of WaterburyWaterburyConnecticut1887
3914 First National Bank of Stafford SpringsStafford SpringsConnecticut1888
3964 Thomaston National Bank, ThomastonThomastonConnecticut1889
5231 Brooks National Bank of TorringtonTorringtonConnecticut1899
5235 Torrington National Bank, TorringtonTorringtonConnecticut1899
5309 First National Bank of RidgefieldRidgefieldConnecticut1900
5358 Guilford National Bank, GuilfordGuilfordConnecticut1900
5499 Valley National Bank of SeymourSeymourConnecticut1900
7812 National Bank of New England of East HaddamEast HaddamConnecticut1905
8243 Greenwich National Bank, GreenwichGreenwichConnecticut1906
8511 Canaan National Bank, CanaanCanaanConnecticut1907
8936 Essex National Bank, EssexEssexConnecticut1907
9313 First National Bank of PlainvillePlainvilleConnecticut1909
10145 First National Bank of PlainfieldPlainfieldConnecticut1912
10289 Bethel National Bank, BethelBethelConnecticut1912
10796 Colonial National Bank of HartfordHartfordConnecticut1915
12400 Peoples National Bank of StamfordStamfordConnecticut1923
12637 Plantsville National Bank, PlantsvillePlantsvilleConnecticut1925
12846 City National Bank of New BritainNew BritainConnecticut1925
12973 Byram National Bank of East Port ChesterEast Port ChesterConnecticut1926
13038 Capitol National Bank of HartfordHartfordConnecticut1927
13704 Tradesmens National Bank of New HavenNew HavenConnecticut1933
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