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1923 Five Dollar Bill Value and Information

1923 Five Dollar Bill Blue Seal
1923 Five Dollar Bill National Currency Blue Seal Note
The 1923 five dollar bill national currency note was issued between 1908 and 1928.
If your 1923 five dollar note shows the month and date as 1923 then it's the charter date.
That means that the National bank listed in the title was given their Federal charter on that date.
The value of your 1923 five dollar bill is based on the bank that issued the note.
Notes from common banks can be found for a couple hundred dollars.
Notes from scarce banks or desirable states can be worth more than you might think.
Below I have listed all banks that issued 1923 five dollar bills.
If you have a five dollar bill from 1923 and want to know more about it please send me an email
and I will be happy to let you know what you have. If you are interested selling your note I will
give you an honest appraisal and make a serious offer.
Click on the name of a bank to learn more about it. Select a State to Filter on:
Charter National Bank Name Note Image
12455 First National Bank of Auburn, Alabama
12340 First National Bank of Gentry, Arkansas
12291 Citizens National Bank of Harrison, Arkansas
12296 First National Bank of Holly Grove, Arkansas
12328 First National Bank of Bellflower, California National Currency
12320 First National Bank in Berkeley, California
12433 First National Bank in Grass Valley, California
12410 National City Bank of Los Angeles, California National Currency
12454 Pacific National Bank of Los Angeles, California
12385 Pasadena National Bank, Pasadena, California
12316 First National Bank in Redlands, California
12341 First National Bank in Richmond, California
12453 First National Bank of Sausalito, California
12364 Citizens National Bank of South San Francisco, California
12400 Peoples National Bank of Stamford, Connecticut
12404 Citizens National Bank of Barnesville, Georgia
12317 Hancock National Bank of Sparta, Georgia
12426 First National Bank of Berwyn, Illinois
12391 Jackson Park National Bank of Chicago, Illinois
12314 American National Bank of Gillespie, Illinois
12373 First National Bank of Jonesboro, Illinois National Currency
12386 First National Bank of Riverside, Illinois
12444 Old National Bank in Evansville, Indiana
12353 First National Bank of Onaga, Kansas
12346 Southwest National Bank of Wichita, Kansas National Currency
12295 Harlan National Bank, Harlan, Kentucky
12336 Federal National Bank of Boston, Massachusetts
12343 Middlesex National Bank of Lowell, Massachusetts
12362 State National Bank in Lynn, Massachusetts
12405 Safe Deposit National Bank of New Bedford, Massachusetts
12443 First National Bank of Mount Ranier, Maryland
12387 Merchants and Miners National Bank of Ironwood, Michigan
12288 American National Bank of Pontiac, Michigan
12395 First National Bank, Cokato, Minnesota
12357 First National Bank in Two Harbors, Minnesota
12333 First National Bank of Clayton, Missouri
12389 Telegraphers National Bank of Saint Louis, Missouri
12452 First National Bank of Steele, Missouri
12478 Commercial National Bank of Hattiesburg, Mississippi
12407 Midland National Bank of Billings, Montana National Currency
12461 National Bank of Forest City, North Carolina
12393 First National Bank, Drake, North Dakota National Currency
12465 First National Bank of Fairview, New Jersey
12397 Franklin National Bank of Jersey City, New Jersey
12378 Little Ferry National Bank, Little Ferry, New Jersey
12383 National Bank of America in Paterson, New Jersey
12402 West Englewood National Bank, West Englewood, New Jersey
12473 Bellport National Bank, Bellport, New York National Currency
12313 South Side National Bank of Buffalo, New York
12445 Riverside National Bank of Buffalo, New York
12449 First National Bank of Floral Park, New York
12460 First National Bank of Inwood, New York
12300 Hamilton National Bank of New York, New York National Currency
12344 National Bank of Bay Ridge in New York, New York
12352 Liberty National Bank in New York, New York
12398 Queensboro National Bank of The City of NY, New York
12406 United National Bank in New York, New York National Currency
12419 Bushwick National Bank of New York, New York
12476 Grape Belt National Bank of Westfield, New York
12294 Hewlett-Woodmere National Bank, Woodmere, New York
12446 Brotherhood of Railway Clerks National Bank of Cincinnati, Ohio
12332 Second National Bank in Youngstown, Ohio
12339 Federal National Bank of Shawnee, Oklahoma National Currency
12427 First National Bank of Wheeler, Oregon
12380 Camp Hill National Bank, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
12459 Liberty National Bank of Dickson City, Pennsylvania
12349 First National Bank of Mocanaqua, Pennsylvania
12414 Highland National Bank of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
12412 Columbia National Bank, Columbia, South Carolina
12319 First National Bank of Kingston, Tennessee
12467 Peoples National Bank of La Follette, Tennessee
12324 First National Bank of Lexington, Tennessee
12371 Texas National Bank of Fort Worth, Texas
12475 United States National Bank of Galveston, Texas
12382 Leonard National Bank, Leonard, Texas
12411 Rembert National Bank of Longview, Texas
12307 First National Bank in Quanah, Texas
12462 First National Bank of Refugio, Texas
12309 First National Bank of Taft, Texas
12311 First National Bank of Ferrum, Virginia
12290 First National Bank of Fries, Virginia
12477 First National Bank of Quantico, Virginia
12392 First National Bank of Longview, Washington
12418 Brotherhood's Co-operative National Bank of Spokane, Washington
12351 United States National Bank of Kenosha, Wisconsin
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1923 Five Dollar Bill Silver Certificate

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