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1890 Fifty Dollar Bill National Currency Value and Information

1890 Fifty Dollar Bill
1890 Fifty Dollar Bill National Currency Note
The 1890 Fifty dollar bill national currency note was issued between 1882 and 1901.
If your 1890 Fifty dollar note shows the month and date as 1890 then it's the charter date for the bank.
Meaning, the National bank listed in the title was given their Federal charter on that date.
The value of your 1890 Fifty dollar bill is based on which bank issued the bill.
Notes from more common chartered banks can be inexpensive as a couple hundred dollars.
Notes from rare banks or desirable states can be worth more than you might think.
Below I have listed banks that issued 1890 Fifty dollar bills.
If you have a Fifty dollar bill from 1890 and want to know more about it please send me an email
and I will be happy to let you know what you have. If you are interested selling your note I will
give you an honest appraisal and make a serious offer.
An 1890 fifty dollar bill will be worth from $1500 to $15,000 depending on the bank and condition.
Click on the name of a bank to learn more about it. Select a State to Filter on:
Charter National Bank Name Note Image
4220 First National Bank of Bessemer, Alabama
4394 First National Bank of Demopolis, Alabama
4287 Consolidated National Bank of Tucson, Arizona
4440 Arizona National Bank of Tucson, Arizona
4358 National Bank of Commerce, Denver, Colorado
4195 West End National Bank of Washington, Washington DC
4244 Traders National Bank of Washington, Washington DC
4376 First National Bank of Charter Oak, Iowa
4235 Corn Exchange National Bank, Sioux City, Iowa
4431 National Bank of Sioux City, Iowa
4313 Peoples National Bank of Monmouth, Illinois
4487 Home National Bank of Arkansas City, Kansas
4284 Central National Bank of Junction City, Kansas
4381 Inter-State National Bank of Kansas City, Kansas
4217 Clay City National Bank, Clay City, Kentucky National Currency
4260 Citizens National Bank of Covington, Kentucky
4337 Southern National Bank of New Orleans, Louisiana
4202 South End National Bank of Boston, Massachusetts
4218 National Howard Bank of Baltimore, Maryland
4285 National Bank of Commerce of Baltimore, Maryland
4327 Second National Bank of Chestertown, Maryland
4425 Joplin National Bank, Joplin, Missouri
4251 Aetna National Bank of Kansas City, Missouri
4232 National Bank of The Republic of Saint Louis, Missouri
4283 Silver Bow National Bank of Butte City, Montana National Currency
4256 National Bank of North Dakota Fargo, North Dakota
4270 National Bank of Commerce, Omaha, Nebraska
4276 Tecumseh National Bank, Tecumseh, Nebraska
4324 First National Bank, Tekamah, Nebraska
4211 Amsterdam City National Bank, Amsterdam, New York
4331 First National Bank of Canal Dover, Ohio
4443 National Bank of Commerce of Columbus, Ohio
4286 Merchants National Bank of Massillon, Ohio
4347 First National Bank of North Baltimore, Ohio
4348 Guthrie National Bank, Guthrie, Oklahoma
4374 Butler County National Bank of Butler, Pennsylvania National Currency
4479 Citizens National Bank of Corry, Pennsylvania
4205 First National Bank of Delta, Pennsylvania
4192 Northern National Bank of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
4236 First National Bank of Gallatin, Tennessee
4442 Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Union City, Tennessee
4322 American National Bank of Austin, Texas
4193 Ballinger National Bank, Ballinger, Texas
4198 First National Bank of Brady, Texas
4386 Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Cleburne, Texas
4415 Ninth National Bank of Dallas, Texas
4490 First National Bank of Eagle Pass, Texas
4291 First National Bank of Fairfield, Texas
4294 First National Bank of Georgetown, Texas
4269 Groesbeck National Bank, Groesbeck, Texas
4350 South Texas National Bank of Houston, Texas
4463 Planters and Merchants National Bank of Houston, Texas
4208 Gibbs National Bank of Huntsville, Texas
4311 First National Bank of Ladonia, Texas
4266 First National Bank of Luling, Texas
4361 City National Bank of Quanah, Texas
4309 Provident National Bank of Waco, Texas
4379 Waxahachie National Bank, Waxahachie, Texas
4432 American National Bank of Salt Lake City, Utah
4477 Dominion National Bank of Bristol, Virginia
4470 First National Bank of Blaine, Washington
4229 Seattle National Bank, Seattle, Washington
4375 National Bank of Commerce of Seattle, Washington

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