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1923 One Dollar Bill Value and Information

1923 One Dollar Bill Legal Tender Note

The 1923 One dollar bill Legal Tender is very common but still pretty with it's bright red seal and white fields.
This is a one year only type note and nice examples aren't that common. This red seal one dollar note
is much less common than the 1923 one dollar bill silver certificate pictured below.
This bill only came in one signature combination making the series easily collectible with only
two notes to get. The regular issue I have pictured and a star note.
Star notes are called this because they have a literal star next to the serial number.
They are much rarer than non star notes and are more valuable as a result.
In any case, these notes are valued between $75 and $1000 for Gem Examples.
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1923 One Dollar Bill Legal Tender Note

1923 One Dollar Bill Silver Certificate

The 1923 One dollar bill is the most common large sized note. If can be found in all grades
readily and is often the first large sized note a collector will buy.
While the note is plain to a seasoned collector, the first time you hold one in your hands
it's a memorable experience. They are so much larger than our modern currency and even
though they are considered plain for the time period the 1923 one dollar bill is still
an attractive note relative to our modern currency.
Again, the 1923 one dollar note is common in all grades and as such they are worth
between $15 and $250 for regular issued notes. The 1923 $1.00 note was issued in a star note
so those are obviously more valuable.

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1923 One Dollar Bill Silver Certificate

Signature Combinations on the 1923 $1.00 Silver Certificate

1) Speelman - White, the most common.
1923 one dollar bill Speelman - White
2) Woods - White, the second most common.
1923 one dollar bill woods white
3) Woods - Tate, the rarest.
1923 one dollar bill woods tate
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