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1896 $5.00 Dollar Bill Silver Certificate Educational Series
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1896 One Dollar Bill Value and Information

1896 $1.00 One Dollar Bill Silver Certificate

The 1896 One dollar bill is a striking member of the educational series.
The 1896 One dollar silver certificate is the most approachable denomination in the series
because they are over three times more common than the $5 in the series.
This note wasn't issued with a star.
The 1896 $1.00 note is highly sought after specially in high grade.
This note can run from about $100 to $3500 in perfect condition.
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1896 $1.00 One Dollar Bill Silver Certificate

1896 One Dollar Bill Varieties

The 1896 $1.00 bill came in two signature combinations. (Tillman - Morgan) and (Bruce - Roberts)
The Bruce Roberts signature combination is more rare than the Tillman Morgan so it tends to bring a small premium.