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1896 $5.00 Dollar Bill Silver Certificate Educational Series
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1864 Ten Dollar Bill Value and Information

1864 Ten Dollar Bill Compound Interest Treasury Note Ten Dollar Bill Compound Interest Treasury Note Series 1864
Compound Interest Treasury Notes are pretty rare and it's always nice to see a new one. These notes had a gold colored overprint
that didn't hold up well so notes with the overprint intact are always welcomed into the collecting fraternity.
Nice notes are worth many thousands and really prime examples can easily reach five figures.

1864 Ten Dollar Bill Interest Bearing Treasury Note Ten Dollar Bill Interest Bearing Legal Tender Series 1864
Interest Bearing Legal Tender Notes are also tough to find especially in higher grades.
These notes featured Salmon P. Chase a guy who got around as far as note designs go.
Nice notes are worth thousands and really pretty examples can reach five figures. Just don't see too many of them.

1864 Ten Dollar Bill Original Series National Currency Note 1864 Ten Dollar Bill National Currency Note
The 1864 National Currency ten dollar bill will have a date 1864 in the title block.
The design of the note is constant but the name of the bank on the title block of the note is variable.
These notes are relatively scarce as a type but the value depends largely on the name of the bank on the note.
Western and Southern banks are the most valuable due to the rarity of notes from these locations.
This note can come for each year between 1863 and 1874. The date refers to the date the bank in the title block
received their Federal Charter.

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