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1861 Five Dollar Bill Demand Note Value and Information

1861 Five Dollar Bill Demand Note

The 1861 Five dollar bill was America's first $5 dollar bill.
Early examples have handwritten text and are hand signed which indicates how many were issued.
One particularly rare feature on some of these is that they have the hand written text "For The"
These examples are exceedingly rare and are pretty valuable.
In general these notes are worth between $1500 and $20000 based on city, condition and other features
The 1861 5 dollar bill was printed on very thin paper and so they are rarely found in high grades.
The average grade in the three most common varieties of this bill is a Fine 15.
The highest grade across all 1861 $5's is a CU 62.
High grade examples are mid five figures but there is an example of a bill from this series selling for over 100k.
You can see the city of issue under the large green five in the center. In the example just below it's New York.
The example below is Cincinnati. Cincinnati and St. Louis are the rarest cities.
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The 1861 $5.00 dollar bill was issued from the following cities:
  • Boston
  • New York
  • Philadelphia
  • Cincinnati
  • St. Louis
1861 Five Dollar Bill Demand Note

1861 5 Dollar Bill Front
1861 5 Dollar Bill Back