1905 $20 Dollar Bill Gold Certificate Technicolor
1896 $5.00 Dollar Bill Silver Certificate Educational Series
1869 $5.00 Legal Tender Rainbow Woodchopper
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Montana Territory National Currency Banks

Charter Bank Name City State Charter Year
1649 First National Bank of Helena, MontanaHelenaMontana1866
1960 Montana National Bank of Helena, MontanaHelenaMontana1872
1975 First National Bank of Deer Lodge, MontanaDeer LodgeMontana1872
2105 Peoples National Bank of Helena, MontanaHelenaMontana1873
2106 Missoula National Bank, Missoula, MontanaMissoulaMontana1873
2476 First National Bank of Fort Benton, MontanaFort BentonMontana1880
2566 First National Bank of Butte, MontanaButteMontana1881
2732 Merchants National Bank of Helena, MontanaHelenaMontana1882
2752 First National Bank of Miles City, MontanaMiles CityMontana1882
2757 Second National Bank of Helena, MontanaHelenaMontana1882
2803 Bozeman National Bank, Bozeman, MontanaBozemanMontana1882
2813 Montana National Bank of Helena, MontanaHelenaMontana1882
3006 First National Bank of Livingston, MontanaLivingstonMontana1884
3075 Gallatin Valley National Bank of Bozeman, MontanaBozemanMontana1884
3097 First National Bank of Billings, MontanaBillingsMontana1884
3120 First National Bank of Dillon, MontanaDillonMontana1884
3173 Dillon National Bank, Dillon, MontanaDillonMontana1884
3275 Stock Growers National Bank of Miles City, MontanaMiles CityMontana1884
3375 First National Bank of White Sulphur Springs, MontanaWhite Sulphur SpringsMontana1885
3525 First National Bank of Great Falls, MontanaGreat FallsMontana1886
3605 National Park National Bank of Livingston, MontanaLivingstonMontana1886
3965 First National Bank of Anaconda, MontanaAnacondaMontana1889
3995 Western Montana National Bank of Missoula, MontanaMissoulaMontana1889
4117 Livingston National Bank, Livingston, MontanaLivingstonMontana1889