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First National Bank Tobias Nebraska Charter 3725

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The First National Bank, Tobias (3725) charter number 3725 in Tobias, Nebraska in Saline county was granted a charter in 1887.
The bank issued 2 types of notes as shown below.
The bank names on the notes below are not the same but the design is appropriate.
This is a bank that should be readily available but might still be valuable.
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Nebraska ranks as the 38th state for rarity in nationals.
This bank only issued notes under one title.

The First National Bank Tobias Nebraska Charter 3725 issued the following types of notes:

  • 1882 $10 Ten Dollar Bill
  • 1882 $20 Twenty Dollar Bill

First National Bank, Tobias (3725) National Currency Notes
The notes below represent the types of notes First National Bank, Tobias issued.
First National Bank, Tobias (3725) Ten Dollar Bill Series 1882 Brownback
Ten Dollar Bill 1882 Brown Back
First National Bank, Tobias (3725) Twenty Dollar Bill Series 1882 Brownback
Twenty Dollar Bill 1882 Brown Back