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First National Bank Jamestown North Dakota Charter 2578

First National Bank, Jamestown (2578) National Currency Paper Money

The First National Bank, Jamestown charter number 2578 in Jamestown, North Dakota in Stutsman county was granted a charter in 1881. The bank only issued the one currency design shown below. The bank names on the notes below are not the same but the design is appropriate for the bank. North Dakota is a very desirable state for nationals so send me a scan of your note.North Dakota ranks as the 18th state for rarity in nationals.This bank only issued notes under one title.

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At this writing, this is an unknown bank. Discovery notes are valuable, if you have a note please contact me!

The First National Bank Jamestown North Dakota Charter 2578 issued the following types of bills
  • 1875 $5 Five Dollar Bill

    • Five Dollar Bill Series 1875 Territorial
      National Currency